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Jim Renaud

Asana works seamlessly with many tools you and your team use on a daily basis, but we realized there was no easy way for you to discover these Asana integrations.  So, we decided to create a simple place for you to find the tools and apps created through our API and partnerships:

We knew from day one at Asana that building a tool that allows teams to collaborate more effectively would itself require collaboration. So, we designed and built Asana as a platform, where specialized tools could be integrated easily.  A year and a half ago we launched our API, so developers with new ideas and teams with custom feature needs could build their own integrations. Since then, many great tools have been created for bug tracking, scheduling, dashboarding, charting, and even for getting a personal assistant to do your tasks. We’ve also added several great tools into Asana, like file sharing from leaders in the industry: Google Drive and Dropbox, and our latest integration with Harvest, which brings time-tracking into Asana.

Harvest Dropbox Drive

We are very proud of the great products we’ve incorporated into Asana and are equally excited by the new services and tools built by others. We look forward to adding more integrations to our library to facilitate teamwork for any team, at any company.

Check out our collection of integrations. Then, let us know in the comments what integrations have been most useful for your team and what tools you’d like to see integrated with Asana.

    1. avatarJim Renaud Asana Team Member

      The team at Freshbooks does really good work and create a nice service. We do not have an integration on the current roadmap, but good suggestion.

      In the meantime, you should check out a service like Zapier that has some Asana < – > Freshbooks integrations.

  1. avatarMatt Frandsen

    The integrations are great, however, it’s really inconvenient to have to create an account with each new app. Why can’t our Asana account be used in those situations?

    1. avatarJim Renaud Asana Team Member

      There are some integrations where you can use an Asana log in, but using an Asana log in for many services would require those developers to change their whole sign up and log in process and that is just not feasible. Most of the integrations like Harvest, Google Drive and Dropbox, you only have to sign in once or once every so often and it’s pretty much done.

  2. avatarSteve

    We have been using Asana’s task and project app. Is there a way to have it linked to our gmail accounts so I can sign into gmail and access my asana tasks without having to sign directly into asana ?

    1. avatarKenny Van Zant Asana Team Member

      I’m sure we’ll add support for other time tracking apps. Toggl is the second most requested, so that would make sense.

  3. avatarDmitry Gorshkov

    Hi Jim,
    We are thought about building a few Asana integrations for a while – but weren’t sure we’ll get any exposure.
    Can I talk to someone about our roadmap and ways to get our apps on ?

  4. avatarAJ

    Hi, I am trying to make a case for my communication team to adopt Asana. One of the questions that came up was who else uses it. Wondering if you could share that info? Ideally, non-profit organizations or examples from the communication sector?

  5. avatarPaul

    I recognize that this is a ridiculous request, but my organization is wedded to sharepoint, and that is unfortunately not going to change. Anything you could do to help integrate my Asana workspaces into a sharepoint environment would greatly help me make my case that Asana is the way to go and is far more usable than the default sharepoint platform for project management.

    1. avatarJoe DiFeo

      Second this request…would also be great to be able to embed a project into a webpage, sharepoint or otherwise. Looks like there is ability to do this in a wordpress site, so it should be do-able…

  6. avatariLeo

    Love the Asana, been using it for quite some time and really enjoy it.

    However, these few day seems I didn’t receive any notification to my iPhone apps, and missed some message from colleague.
    Can you please figure it out?

    Thanks a lot!

  7. avatarTim Rolls

    I would love to see closer integration with email in Asana.
    Todoist currently does a great job of this, with a Gmail plugin that allows you to link emails with tasks, so you can reference it.
    Helping people clean up their inbox would also go along with your “teamwork without email” slogan ;)

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