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From journalism to bug tracking: how The Information runs its newsroom in Asana

Kasey Fleisher Hickey

The Information team

We’re big fans of The Information, a subscription publication that delivers technology news to professionals around the world. You can subscribe to it here.

Jessica Lessin founded The Information, a subscription technology business publication, last year, after spending years in a traditional newsroom (at The Wall Street Journal, specifically). We sat down with her to ‘talk shop’ about her profession, her publication, and how technologies like Asana help give her team a competitive advantage.

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How Udacity uses Asana to empower people through education

Kelsey Aroian and Joey Dello Russo

Udacity was born out of a Stanford University experiment in which Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig offered their "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" course online to anyone, for free. Now Udacity is a growing team of educators and engineers on a mission to change the future of education by bridging the gap between real-world skills, relevant education, and employment.

A new way of delivering education
Jennie Kim is a Program Manager at Udacity and runs their partnership with Georgia Tech.
Jennie Kim - Udacity Program Manager
I joined Udacity because I believe in empowering people through education, and so does Udacity. At Udacity, we’re focused on providing high quality education at scale to students anywhere in the world.
Stuart Frye leads Business Development at Udacity.
Stuart Frye - Udacity Business Development
There’s a white space in accessible and relevant education. Udacity aims to close that skills gap by offering free classes and affordable support for a fraction of what it costs to receive a traditional education.
Jennie Kim - Udacity Program Manager
In the beginning, our team had an opportunity to fundamentally rethink how online courses were put together. A web browser can now be a very engaging and interactive classroom.
Stuart Frye - Udacity Business Development
Creating a new way of delivering education was a big undertaking. While creating the first courses, spreadsheets and documents got unwieldy and inboxes overflowed. As we grew our courses, our system at Udacity was like a shaky house—you knew it wasn’t going to last much longer. To help us achieve our mission, we needed something we could depend on, a system and process that would allow us to deliver these classes in a greater capacity. We realized Asana could be the solution we were looking for.
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Q&A: Rising Realty Partners builds their business with Asana

Kelsey Aroian

When deals happen in real estate, they happen fast. Wasting time on file management or hunting for the right email can mean the difference between winning a deal and losing big bucks. Marc Gittleman, Senior Vice President Management Solutions, and Matthew Ahrens, Senior Vice President Finance, from Los Angeles development firm Rising Realty Partners, shared with us how they used Asana, and our integration with Dropbox, to close a massive ten-property deal.

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Q&A: Nyaya Health uses Asana to launch the Crowdfund Health Campaign

Sara Himeles

Nyaya Health is realizing the right to health for Nepal’s rural poor by delivering transparent, data-driven healthcare. In September, Nyaya won the Sappi Ideas That Matter Award, which came with a $42k prize and a massive challenge. Tasked with using the funds to run an advertising campaign, Nyaya needed an ambitious team with the right set of tools to develop, collaborate, and execute.

Many months in the making, Nyaya announced the launch of its global Crowdfund Health Campaign today. Mark Arnoldy, Executive Director at Nyaya Health, shares how Asana helped the team make it all happen.

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Harvard Classroom

Using Asana on campus: Q&A with Peter Boyce, Harvard Class of 2013

Emily Kramer

For students, keeping up with classes, social life, activities, and everything in between can be challenging.  Staying on top of assignment deadlines, exams, and group projects is a massive headache and one that Peter Boyce, a class of 2013 grad from Harvard University, made a point of avoiding. Peter chatted with us about discovering Asana while starting a student group, “Hack Harvard”, and how Asana became the place where he organizes everything−his school work, personal tasks, activities, and now his work day.

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How Micello “maps the great indoors” and manages customers with Asana

Emily Kramer

Micello is transforming the way people explore and experience “the great indoors”. It’s magic is in developing software that rapidly maps out any building, anywhere in the world. Today, Micello’s coverage spans over 30 countries with maps of over 15,000 venues including shopping malls, airports, retail stores, museums, businesses and more. To make this possible, Micello needs sophisticated technology and an agile team that can operate quick on their feet.

Ankit Agarwal, CEO at Micello, shares how Asana helps them remain nimble and discover new ways to get things done: Read More