Box & Asana, a new way to keep files with tasks

Greg Slovacek

We’ve added another way for you to attach files to tasks, through our new integration with Box. Keeping attachments with your work is essential to making Asana your place for teamwork, and many of our largest customers use Box to securely share their files. So, we recently partnered with Box to allow you to seamlessly choose Box files and add them to the relevant work in Asana.

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Q&A: Rising Realty Partners builds their business with Asana

Kelsey Aroian

When deals happen in real estate, they happen fast. Wasting time on file management or hunting for the right email can mean the difference between winning a deal and losing big bucks. Marc Gittleman, Senior Vice President Management Solutions, and Matthew Ahrens, Senior Vice President Finance, from Los Angeles development firm Rising Realty Partners, shared with us how they used Asana, and our integration with Dropbox, to close a massive ten-property deal.

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Introducing Calendars

Josh Smith, Vanessa Koch, Annie DuBois, Cliff Chang, Jackie Bavaro, and Michael Huang

Today, we’re excited to launch Calendars in Asana. Built automatically from your team’s tasks and projects, Calendars give you views of your work over time, to help your team see what’s next and how it all fits together.

Visualizing the tasks and milestones that make up your goals increases clarity and confidence in your plans. Everyone on your team will spend less time in email, catching up on threads of updates and questions about whether you’re on track.

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My experience as a Designer-in-Residence at Asana

Tyson Kallberg

Over the past year, we’ve partnered with the Designer Fund for Bridge, a program that connects experienced designers with top startups in San Francisco. For the most recent Bridge session, Asana welcomed Tyson Kallberg to our team as our second Designer-In-Residence.   

It was a crisp August night on a turf field in the Bayshore, and I’d just skinned my knee trying to keep a ball inbounds. I landed in San Francisco a few hours before and found myself playing offense on the Asana soccer team the night before my full day of on-site interviews at the office.

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The best advice I have for leaders and teams

Justin Rosenstein

Recently I spoke at Chicago Ideas Week, where I distilled some of the best advice I have after ten years of studying and leading teams. We’re excited to share the video.

The first half of the talk is about the purpose of work, and how I’ve found a deep sense of personal satisfaction from doing work in service of helping humanity thrive. The second half (starting at 7:10) provides three concrete strategies, which I’ve found make teams wildly more effective in accomplishing their goals – all by achieving clarity. I hope you enjoy it.

Culture at Asana: A group of peers on a bold mission

Emily Kramer and Sara Himeles

Doing great things requires more than a great product, it requires a great culture and team as well. At Asana, we’ve assembled a group of peers who are motivated by our core values and mission: to help humanity thrive by enabling all teams to work together effortlessly.

We’ve compiled many of our best practices and values in the below presentation. From Episodes and Polish Week, to our office perks and hiring principles, it’s all in there! Yesterday, this presentation was featured in SlideShare’s Culture Code Campaign; visit the SlideShare blog to see how other companies approach office culture.

If you’re interested in joining our team, check out our job openings.

Our plans for completed tasks

Jackie Bavaro, Phips Peter, and Jack Heart

We are changing the way completed tasks work in Asana. We think you’ll like what we’ve done, but we want to tell you what’s coming before we launch the changes, since this might affect your workflow.

Keeping track of the tasks you’ve completed is often just as important as knowing what tasks are next. Completed tasks include conversations, attachments, and notes that are essential to your team’s work and communication. It’s no surprise that teams frequently ask to keep completed tasks in their Sections, and for better ways to view those completed tasks. Over the next few weeks, you’ll see updates that deliver these improvements.

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5 powerful tactics we use to achieve great teamwork

Sara Himeles and Joey Dello Russo

Earlier this year, our co-founder Justin gave a talk about Asana’s values and practices as part of Stanford’s “Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders” series. Following the positive feedback on our recent video post on the Asana way, we wanted to share a few excerpts from Justin’s talk more broadly.

These videos highlight the values and cultural practices that have led to great teamwork at Asana. We hope a few of the ideas resonate and you can adapt them for your own team. If you enjoy the videos below, you can check out the complete talk.

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Q&A: Nyaya Health uses Asana to launch the Crowdfund Health Campaign

Sara Himeles

Nyaya Health is realizing the right to health for Nepal’s rural poor by delivering transparent, data-driven healthcare. In September, Nyaya won the Sappi Ideas That Matter Award, which came with a $42k prize and a massive challenge. Tasked with using the funds to run an advertising campaign, Nyaya needed an ambitious team with the right set of tools to develop, collaborate, and execute.

Many months in the making, Nyaya announced the launch of its global Crowdfund Health Campaign today. Mark Arnoldy, Executive Director at Nyaya Health, shares how Asana helped the team make it all happen.

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Video: When Conversation met Task, a love story

Emily Kramer, Joey Dello Russo, and Farbod Forouzin

For our annual Thanksgiving Hackathon, “Thankshacking,” we broke out the glue and cardboard and strayed from our normal video format. The result? A love story about Conversation and Task, and their baby, Asana.

What better way to kick off the holiday season than with a slightly-goofy, spandex-infused, warm and fuzzy Asana video? We hope you  it!