Introducing Kenny Van Zant

Justin and I are excited to welcome Kenny Van Zant as the newest member of the Asana team. Kenny will be leading functions outside of product and engineering, and serve as a key driver for Asana’s marketing and corporate strategy.

Until now we’ve focused primarily on developing the Asana product into the best of class solution for task management and project execution. Encouraged by positive feedback from the early adopters in our beta program, we’re now preparing for the company’s next phase — bringing this technology to the rest of the market — and we can’t imagine a better partner than Kenny to drive this strategy and build a strong organization to support it. At SolarWinds, Kenny helped pioneer the bottom-up distribution model for selling software and SaaS into enterprises and small businesses — a sales approach we plan to develop further at Asana. This experience, together with an almost uncanny overlap of values, made it clear that Kenny is the right fit.

While finding Kenny concludes a long search for the right leader of Asana’s business operations, we are continuing to grow the team, looking for passionate designers and engineers to join us in our common purpose: using software to help groups of people work together more effectively.



Kenny Van Zant is a technology entrepreneur with leadership experience in start-ups and public companies. Kenny was most recently the SVP and Chief Product Strategist for SolarWinds (NYSE: SWI) from 2006 – 2010, where he was responsible for products, marketing, and corporate strategy. At SolarWinds, Kenny helped pioneer a disruptive business model for selling software and SaaS into the enterprise and SMB segments from the “bottom-up”, using inside sales, online marketing, free products, and a loyal user community. Based on a unique combination of growth and profitability, SolarWinds enjoyed a successful IPO in May of 2009.

Prior to SolarWinds, Kenny was the EVP of Marketing and GM of the Communications BU for Motive (NASD: MOTV) and the co-founder and COO for BroadJump (acquired by Motive), where he managed the company’s growth from start-up in 1999 to over $60M in revenue and 350 global employees within 3 years.

Kenny has a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.


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  • Matt Mireles
    Congrats Kenny! Dude, sounds the perfect role.
  • Evan Sturdivant
    Welcome Kenny! Now if you could only figure out how to get me into the beta… :)
  • Mark Chambers
    Great News! I am hoping this means an announcement is forthcoming that those of us who are “waiting patiently” to be able to use Adana will have the opportunity soon? Kenny! Throw us a bone!
  • Greg Slovacek
    Hi Mark – We appreciate your patience, and we really do wish we could give Asana to everyone who wants it. We are gradually inviting organizations to our beta from our list, based on how well we think our current offering will fit expectations. The best I can do is advise you to fill out the beta application ( and continue to be patient …
  • Jason McKenzie
    Badass! Kenny is the man! Congrats Asana for snaggin’ him up.
  • Yeison
    The overall exeieprnce was awesome, for me any way! If you don’t get motivated by these guys you might want to check your pulse!By the way, I’m taking Mike’s advice! I’m raising my prices to 20 thousand for my minimum package, how about you? LOL