Create Repeating Tasks for your Recurring To-Do’s

We’re happy to announce one of our most requested features: recurring tasks. Now you can set how frequently your tasks should repeat and Asana will remind you when they’re due.

In addition to the normal schedules like daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly, you can also choose “periodically” for tasks that should repeat based on the last time the task was completed.

For example, I like to send the team a summary of customer feedback every week. I can set the due date to Monday, and have it repeat 7 days after completion. If I have a busy week and don’t write the summary until Thursday, when I mark it complete it will create the next task for next Thursday. This is really nice because my tasks don’t get crowded close together, and get scheduled for just when I want them.

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  • Derek
    We just started using this feature and have a request to do recurring weekdays or recurring 7-days. For example, I have someone on my team do a task each morning at 8:30AM M-F, but when I use the daily repeat, this task repeats 7-days a week versus 5 days.
    • Em
      All you have to do is select the days of the week on it, and it will set up to repeat on those days only. I believe you can select daily and then select which days you actually want it to repeat. I know that it’s possible, and I hope this helps.


  • Marcus
    I agree with the above comment. A good way to restructure the repeat tasks module is to have it match what Google Calendar provides.


  • Andre
    I really enjoy the way you crtaee and also the theme on your blog. Did you code this oneself or was it carried out by a specialist? I’m very especially impressed.
  • Dan
    Great feature. Is it possible to set up recurring tasks for the last weekday of a month?
    • Alistair
      Recurring on the first weekday of the month is what I need…
  • Ryan Heathcote
    I may be missing something, but I would love for recurring tasks or tasks with due dates marked for later or upcoming to come into the inbox or in some other way remind me of their existence when they come due. Otherwise, the recurring stuff is great.
  • Drew Cottrell
    Is there a history of some sort to see how many times a task has been completed? Any type of log to keep track of how many times a recurring task has been completed?
  • Drew Cottrell
    Just tested with a daily task. I marked it complete, and it showed up in archived tasks as expected. Then the task was duplicated and showed up as active again.

    By showing or hiding the archived tasks, you can see how many times a task has been completed.

    It would be nice to have a quicker way to get a metric on this. Ideally, even filter to see how many times a person performed a task.

  • Drew Cottrell
    I realize this is a bit of an edge case, but if you mistakenly mark a recurring task as complete, and the time period specified has passed and a new event is created, it won’t be deleted if you uncheck or “un-complete” the original task (accidental click, perhaps, it happens). You have to manually delete the new task that was created because of the recurring setting. It would be nice to have an undo feature here, or like I said edge cases where you reopen a task and want to avoid duplicates.
  • Valerie Clouse
    Would be great if there were a few more options in the repeating tasks, as suggested above. For me, I have some tasks that I do once a month, but always on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th Monday for example. I don’t set any of my tasks up to be completed x # of days after completed the first time, because if I was late the first time, I will just continue to be late, rather than be later one week and then back to timely the following week.
  • Michael
    I agree with the sentiments above.

    There should be an option to repeat on certain days of the week only. Like repeating only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

    Checkboxes perhaps.

  • Roumen
    Great feature. I was just looking for that and there it was :)
  • Sean
    Love to see recurring tasks for just workdays – is this on the roadmap?
  • Tony
    Over a year later and we still can’t distinguish between 5-day (Work week) and full 7-day week for repeating.
  • Kenny
    This feature just because useful to me now. I’m still trying to get people to ‘heart’ each other. Kinda hard for people in SE Asia to adopt…I guess there ain’t no love in the office environment over here.

    : (

  • Qaed
    Have we gotten any response to these? Like everyone else, I’d like to see the following:

    – Repeating tasks that work the way Google Calendar does, where we can choose what particular days of the week a task will be repeated. Currently, to do something say, 4 times a week, I have to create 4 tasks.
    – Periodic tasks should have an option to repeat after completion or repeat after set date, so that I don’t have to complete a task for the next one to start counting down.
    – 5 day week feature

    But other than that, Asana has been the best task management system I’ve worked with so far, so kudos for that! Hope to see this issue resolved soon.

  • BedInaBox
    It would be great to only repeat tasks on weekdays :)
  • Matt
    Ditto on the weekdays thing. Many of our tasks repeat monthly, but we don’t work weekends.
  • atypicalbiz
    First of all, I just discovered this feature as I was trying to figure out an easy way to duplicate individual tasks (not whole projects) with all subtasks and notes. Though I would still like to have that feature as well, this will do the trick for the most part as the only reason I can think of that I will want to duplicate individual tasks for now is for recurring items.

    However, I give a very strong +1 for the weekdays only option. Better yet, when we select the “weekly” option, let us choose which weekdays we want it to be repeated on. So, if I can make one task repeat just M,W,F and another repeat just T,R if I want.

    For now, I’ll have to either create several of the same task, making each one repeat on a different day of the week, OR remember to change the date on the new task that is created after I complete the current task. Both options are a pain, but will have to do until Asana listens to us and adds better functionality for repeating on only certain days (plural) during the week.

  • John
    Please add Quarterly as a frequency option.
    • Jana
      yes please!
  • BC
    Ditto the above comments. I would like to emphasize that emulating Google Calendar’s repeat options would solve almost all of our commenting requests.

    I especially would like the option to choose monthly options like “3rd Friday of every month” or even “2nd Wednesday every TWO months” (or 4 months to make it quarterly).

    Allowing us to select, “repeat every X number of days/weeks/months/years” is critical for alot of repeat tasks too (like filing quarterly tax statements, or watering office plants every 3 days, etc).

    I personally can’t really use Asana (efficiently) without these options. The programming for these enhancements isn’t that difficult (in fact, code for complex repeat date functions can be found on the web for free), so it seems unwise to let these necessary functions go missing for so long…and especially foolish to not communicate with us about when we might expect to see this functionality in Asana.

    It’s been almost a year since this post about repeat tasks being a feature….and almost a years since the first comment noted how weak the repeat options are…

    • rgjmark
      Ditto the request for 1st of the month. Would be very helpful.
      • Mike
        I agree, I would like tasks that repeat fortnightly not from completion (which is useful in itself) but the recurrence is only weekly, monthly etc
  • Konrad
    It is quite sad that we are not getting an official response on this issue. There has been not one statement by the asana team in the comments.

    What’s going on. Like BC said, it can’t be that hard to implement!?!

  • John R
    This is pretty typical of Asana – they’re building toward a great product but they seriously lack the manpower they need for support. Comments requesting improved recurring periods have been going on for a year and nobody from Asana has even acknowledged that it might be on a roadmap somewhere. At least if we had some hint, we could decide whether to stick it out with Asana or keep looking for the right fit. Tech support seems to be their Achilles heel. It would be a shame if it’s their downfall.
    • Kenny Van Zant
      John – thanks for the note. Sorry we don’t get back to these older posts to review comments as often as we should. It’s an opportunity for us to do better.

      We agree that there are more options we should add to our recurring task features, and that Google Calendar has done a good job covering a lot of use cases. I don’t have a date for these improvements, but I’ll be voting for these in our next polish week for sure!

      • John
        Kenny – Just knowing that it’s recognized as a needed improvement and something that will be addressed is helpful. I understand not being able to commit to a date. We just need to know that these kinds of features that make it a usable tool for us haven’t gone unnoticed.

        Thanks for the response!

      • Lisa
        Please do! It would be helpful to know what asana team members are working on, and giving priority to. For example, Trello provides public access to what’s next on their development.
      • Henry Reith
        Awesome. I could really do with these as well.
  • Lisa
    I’m grateful there is some recurring feature, but definitely needs improvement:

    ~ EVERY 3RD MONDAY, for example.

    • Lisa
      Accidentally hit enter.

      More flexibility and customization in the recurring feature would be much appreciated.


  • Ken
    I am looking forward to an update on this. More flexibility in setting repeating tasks is vital. The ones I am looking for is ‘every 2 weeks’ and ‘first Thursday of the month’. It would also be useful to be able to set ‘every 15 days from set date’. I know a lot of these can easily be done in google calendar, however having Asana as the control room would make these things a lot easier to manage.
  • Bart
    It would be nice to have a strat date on recurring tasks. If I complete a task that caons once a month or even quarterly, the next one pops into existence and is in my tasklist, even if I can’t complete it for the next weeks or months. With a start date it will only sufface when needed.
  • Bart
    Sorry about the typos: Second attempt:
    It would be nice to have a start date on recurring tasks. If I complete a task that comes once a month or even quarterly, the next one pops into existence immediately and is in my tasklist, even if I can’t complete it for the next weeks or months. With a start date it will only sufface when needed.
    • Sara Himeles
      Please send this request to Thanks!
  • laj
    Is the recurring task ability currently an option? Unfortunately I can neither see nor find the graphic depicted at the top and not been able to find anything that would suggest it can be done. Just happy with a basic daily/weekly reminder system. Thanks.
  • Alí
    I can’t see the recurring task option. Is this still available?
    • Josh Torres
      Recurring tasks should be available as an option in the due date menu. If you’re not seeing this, please contact us at and we will be happy to look into this for you!
  • Abe


  • Sarena
    I too vote for being able to choose a reoccurring day rather than date each month, such as the second Wednesday of the month. We have a monthly meeting that requires a lot of prep and without this feature I will have to create the same tasks every month. I am considering stopping using Asana as a result of this. Thanks.
  • Lacey
    I need quarterly reminders for something. Specific dates would be awesome – the options right now don’t work for me at all. Gmail seems to have a handle on this – copy what they do :).

    Thanks and we LOVE Asana btw.

  • Adam Goff
    Yes I would like to see weekdays added too please let me know when that happens.
  • EB
    I’d like to have tasks recur within a specific date range. For example, rather than having a particular task recur every M-W for the life of the project, it can be set to recur every M-W for six weeks.
  • Nicole
    Does this feature only show up for paid subscribers? Because it is not available to me. Thanks!
    • M
      Click the arrow for side-panel to show up on the right and then at the top you can set the due date and choose if you want it to repeat
  • Kate
    Is there a way to set several tasks at one time to repeat? Right now I’ve been going through them one at a time and it’s time intensive.
  • Tyler
    I would also like to +1 the often asked for request for weekday recurring. Do not want daily reminders on weekends!
    • M
      click “weekly” for repeat, and put “1” for every 1 week … and then for the bottom row where you check off the days of the week, check off all days M-F and just don’t check the boxes for Saturday & Sunday
  • Marina
    If you create a subtask under a repeating task it will be a repeating subtask or not? Because Im having a issue of getting many times the same task and I think it is because it is inside a repeating task. Can someone help me?
  • Wells
    I need it to have a bi-monthly feature. I ended up having to make TWO tasks for the same job: paying people. Because we do that bi-monthly, so on the first and 15th of every month. If there were a little feature under “monthly” that would allow you to select an additional date that month, that would take care of that. Or just put bi-monthly on the drop-down list. It is a fairly commonly used interval in business accounting.

    And the first time I was looking for a recurring tasks feature a week ago it was so hidden that I could not find it. I had to ask my boss who had to refer me to this blog post and I still had a hard time finding the tiny “set to repeat” link!

  • O
    I choose a task to repeat daily, however, it doesn’t show up daily! in fact you have to complete a task for the next one to show. Why can’t Asana have the same daily task just be listed on the calendar all at once? (instead of one day at a time, after the completion of today’s task)

    Supposedly once you click the task to be done, it will show up for tomorrow. Well, say I complete Monday’s task on Wednesday. I still have to do Tuesday’s task, but then nothing shows up for Tuesday or Wednesday, and the next task that shows up is Thursday.
    Help would be much appreciated! Thank you!

  • Danielle
    Hello, is there an option to have a task repeat monthly on the first Tuesday of the month? We have monthly recurring tasks that don’t take place on on specific dates but on specific days. I see that you can do this for weekly recurring tasks but not for monthly. Do you have plans to add this feature anytime soon? Thanks!
    • Arun
      I agree – having a task repeat on say the ‘2nd Tuesday of every month’ would be very practical. Please can you give an estimated time by when this would be implemented? Thanks
    • Andrew Aponte
      I agree, we need this feature as well. It seems like it would be fairly easy to implement now that they have the recurring date logic already in place.
  • Andre
    My recurring tasks don’t appear on the team calendar view? Anyone knows why and how to solve it? Thanks.
  • LaToya
    I have to agree with many of the comments here. My biggest issue does center around not being able to say that something occurs on the 4th Tuesday of the Month and so forth. It’s hard to say good by to Google for some task management when the calendar feature in Asana is not as dynamic as it should be.
  • Lisa
    When I assign a project or a task due date, I don’t have the option anywhere to “repeat” it. Am I missing something?
    • Evan
      I also do not have this option in my Task Due Date.
    • Bon
      same here
  • Jamie
    As others have said – the repeating tasks really need to show on the calendar. Some users may not even want to have emails come to them (I personally work completely in Asana and don’t use email reminders). If the repeating tasks don’t show up on the calendar I won’t know about them. There is little point to having it repeating if it’s not visible within Asana (neither on the task list or the calendar). Until this is fixed I will have to add each one individually. Would be great if you could please fix this. Also adding an end date for the repeating would be super! Thanks!
  • Linda Seiler
    Why can’t Asana duplicate what Outlook does and allow you to repeat a task on a certain day of the month (like first Wed of every month)? I need to have tasks that repeat monthly and quarterly on certain days of the month–can’t believe such a great program like Asana can’t do what Outlook does…
  • Karolina Partyka
    Yep, just adding on to what everyone is saying, being able to schedule things for more than one day a week (mon, wed, fri), and being able to allocate time brackets (eg. morning) would also be hugely useful!
  • pha
    Completely useless when they don’t show up on the calendar.
  • Vivian Reuel Spencer
    I just found this feature, just what I needed. There are a few improvements which would be great:
    1. Have the option to show all recurring dates on the calendar, having it optionally will reduce calendar clutter if you have a lot of recurring tasks
    2. Include the set to repeat option in the calendar dropdown to remove the need to edit the date again after setting it; less clicks
    3. Show the dates for subtasks on the calendar
  • Bit by Tick
    The fact that sub-tasks do not update to the date re-occurring pattern of the parent task is a significant problem. When a parent task is checked off it rolls the parent date to the next re-occurrence but leaves the subtasks at the old date. This could easily be addressed by rolling the sub-task date consistent with the parent pattern.
  • monicaweintraub
    Have you guys seriously not updated a crucial/simple feature like recurring tasks showing in our calendars? What’s the point of them recurring if they do not show on the calendar to remind they are due?
  • MacGoo
    NEED to be able to see all of the repeating tasks on the calendar. A month-wide calendar view is absolutely useless if you can’t see the tasks planned for the upcoming weeks.
  • Beth @ Goldsmith Cardel
    All I can do is echo what I read here.. seeing recurring meetings on my calendar is critical! When can we expect this update?
  • Brian Hoffman
    You guys need bi-weekly recurring tasks.
  • Tracey Sandilands
    Is there a way to set reminders (say, for public holiday notifications) as a template that can be applied to all projects? I seem to be able to create a PROJECT template but not a SECTION template. They don’t recur regularly so the recurring tasks thing doesn’t work, and setting public holiday reminders for the full year for 10 different projects/clients is a real mission if i have to do it one by one.
  • Sam Breach
    I am currently assessing Asana and it looked promising until I started to try and repeat tasks. I googled the issues I ran into and and came to this post. It concerns me to invest in a service where the creators haven’t implemented these essential tools to allow repeatability of tasks that were requested over two years ago. I was ready to drop some dollars, but think I am going to do an about turn now and look for an alternative project management system.
  • Robert Zgoda
    I am looking how to set a repeatable task but cannot find it. Can sb tell where this feature is? Thanks!
  • Jon
    I do wish we could control when the recurring task was recreated. We use recurring tasks for agenda items in a weekly meeting, but that means as soon as we mark them off they show right back up with the due date being next week. I’d greatly prefer that task how up 6 days before the due date…
  • Rey D. Hernández S
    It would be great to be able to view recurring tasks in my calendar, e.g. If its daily its on everyday of the week instead of how it is now where it only shows as a single task.

    Are you planning to include this anytime soon?