Guest Accounts: Asana for Clients, Contractors, and Consultants

Since our launch in November, teams have been using Asana to collaborate, work more effectively, and stay in sync on what matters. Of course, it’s not just coworkers who need access to task and project information. Often, you need to share project details with collaborators and stakeholders outside of the company. Starting today, you can share specific Tasks or Projects with anyone — without sharing your entire Workspace with them — with Guest Accounts.

Here’s how it works:

  • Adding Guests
    To add a guest to a Project, click the “Share” button at the top of the Project and type their email address where it says “Add a person.” Then select “Only this Project (Guest).” The guest will get access only to that specific Project, not the whole Workspace.
  • Guest Account Capabilities
    Guests can add, edit, assign, and follow Tasks in the Project, but they can’t delete the Project. Guests can also add other guests to the Project – so if you’re working with an external team, you can invite just one person from that team and they’ll be able to invite their colleagues.
  • Collaborating with Guests
    When you use Guest Accounts, you can keep all of your company’s Tasks in one Workspace – no need to create a separate Workspace just to work with someone new.

For example, if you work at an advertising agency, you can create one Project for each client. You’ll see all your clients in one place, but when a client logs into Asana, they’ll see only the Project you shared with them. Now you and the client can collaborate on tasks together, and have a shared understanding of your project’s status in real-time.

Collaboration is the heart of Asana, and Guest Accounts are just the latest development in our ongoing work to help you share exactly what you want with exactly the right people. By keeping you in control of your data, Asana enables you to collaborate seamlessly with everyone you work with — inside and outside your company.

Interested in the more advanced privacy controls we’ll be launching soon? Click “Make Private” in the Share dialog, and then click “Notify me when Asana Premium is Available.”

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  • Leena
    I think that Asana has some great strengths but for a PM to take full responsibility they need to be able to assess what an external customer adds, edits, amends. Is there a function (in the future maybe) where an external customer can add a task or edit one but it is highlighted and is not added or assigned until the official PM approves this? Otherwise we could (as a company) end up working on changes not quoted for.

    I also think that a customer list where you can store and easily find a contact would be beneficial. An import feature for this in the future?

    • Chantilly Patiño
      As a web designer and consultant, I am really looking forward to this update as well.
      • Kelvin Huggins
        …Me too. They need to make changes faster.
  • Nikita
    Is it possible to add some kind of viewers? Such guests, who has no any permissions, but only view tasks, or projects?
  • Bob Vanasse
    This is an idiotic suggestion because if you create a “project” for each client then that means each actual project you do for that client has to be a task which means you’re just going to create a giant mess. The drawback of Asana is they have not figured out how Asana should be used in a consulting or law firm where you want to be able to group clients’ work together. We are doing it by creating a different virtual team for each client, but it’s rather silly because the same team actually works for multiple clients.
    • Guest
      Hi Bob,
      Although I feel its too late in commenting on this post, but i recommend ScribLeaf to solve your problem. It is a social collaboration platform for workplace. Check it out at
      • Lauren Lawton Perfors
        Are you having fun trolling Asana’s blog to advertise a competitive product under an anonymous login? Sketchy.
  • Geoff Brandt
    How does this change for Organizations – specifically free Organizations? Can I add project specific Guests to an Organization? I never see the “for this project only” option. In fact, it only appears I can add “external” people to the Org itself or a team.

    Or is every “external” email address added at the Team or Org level automatically considered a guest?

    When looking at a member box, I never see a “guest” moniker – only a globe icon.

    • Guest
      Hi Geoff,
      A lot of people face this problem. For once you should try ScribLeaf and see the difference. Visit at
  • Nodws
    There is no longer a “share button”
  • Alastair McDermott
    Hey guys, this one needs an update! No “Share” button available any more. Is it still possible (or advised) to give guest access? How else can I share project with client?
  • Jacob Machado
    This is late to the conversation and I don’t know if it will help.

    If you go to add someone to a project and invite them you have the option then to share the whole workspace or simply the project.

    Furthermore, if you invite someone from the task level you have the option to share with them the task, the project, or the whole workspace.

    I hope this helps some people in the future.