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Guest Accounts: Asana for Clients, Contractors, and Consultants

Editor’s note: We’ve made some updates since this post was published. Learn more about new admin functionalities to manage users.

Since our launch in November, teams have been using Asana to collaborate, work more effectively, and stay in sync on what matters. Of course, it’s not just coworkers who need access to task and project information. Often, you need to share project details with collaborators and stakeholders outside of the company. Starting today, you can share specific Tasks or Projects with anyone — without sharing your entire Workspace with them — with Guest Accounts.

Here’s how it works:

  • Adding Guests
    To add a guest to a Project, click the “Share” button at the top of the Project and type their email address where it says “Add a person.” Then select “Only this Project (Guest).” The guest will get access only to that specific Project, not the whole Workspace.
  • Guest Account Capabilities
    Guests can add, edit, assign, and follow Tasks in the Project, but they can’t delete the Project. Guests can also add other guests to the Project – so if you’re working with an external team, you can invite just one person from that team and they’ll be able to invite their colleagues.
  • Collaborating with Guests
    When you use Guest Accounts, you can keep all of your company’s Tasks in one Workspace – no need to create a separate Workspace just to work with someone new.

For example, if you work at an advertising agency, you can create one Project for each client. You’ll see all your clients in one place, but when a client logs into Asana, they’ll see only the Project you shared with them. Now you and the client can collaborate on tasks together, and have a shared understanding of your project’s status in real-time.

Collaboration is the heart of Asana, and Guest Accounts are just the latest development in our ongoing work to help you share exactly what you want with exactly the right people. By keeping you in control of your data, Asana enables you to collaborate seamlessly with everyone you work with — inside and outside your company.

Interested in the more advanced privacy controls we’ll be launching soon? Click “Make Private” in the Share dialog, and then click “Notify me when Asana Premium is Available.”

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