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Until recently, we’ve focused most of our energy on the browser-based version of Asana. But, in the last few months, even as we’ve launched major new features in our web application, we’ve been putting much more time into improving the mobile experience. In June, we made several meaningful architectural improvements to pave the way for bigger and better things and hinted that these changes were in the works.

Today, we’ve taken the next step in that direction: Version 2.0 of our iPhone app is in the App Store now. We are really proud of this effort – almost everyone at Asana played a part in this release. This new version is a top-to-bottom redesign that really puts the power of the desktop web version of Asana right in your pocket.

Version 2.0 highlights:

  • A totally new design
  • A new native interface for adding and editing tasks
  • The ability to add or edit due dates, notes, tags, followers, recurring schedules and projects for any task
  • Teammate photos
  • More speed

A few more shots of how it looks:

Asana's iPhone App Screenshots

And we have more on the way. In the coming weeks, we will be adding more features (like Inbox) and iterating on the design. Our ultimate goal is a mobile experience that matches the craftsmanship, elegance and power of the desktop web app. We think this version gets a long way towards that goal, and we hope you agree! So get the new Asana Mobile app and let us know what you think.

– the Asana Mobile team

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  • Laurent Raufaste
    I’m on Android so I can’t test, but do you have plans for an offline mode ? Apps are usually most useful in the subway, where you don’t have any network.
    • Ondrej Prostrednik
      The new app works offline as well!
      • Daniel
        Sadly, this is not true. Hopefully an offline version of the app will be available very soon! thanks so much for the improvements!

        Also, please update ipad app! thanks!

        • Alex
          iPad app coming anytime soon?
          • Drew
            +1, please make this a universal app with iPad compatibility.
          • mr.fed
            +1 for iPad
        • Ygor Lemos
          +1 for iPad…

          I can’t believe there isn’t a nice Asana app for the iPad yet (coming directly from Asana of course).

      • Rolando Brown
        wow. That’s special. #Grow
      • Ricky Zinn
        That is awesome!!! Thank you!!!
    • Earle
      I’m have an Android smartphone as well. Do you have any plans on building an Android app?
      • PiefF
        +1 Android app would be great :|
        • Johnboy
          +2 for the Android and iPad apps.
    • Kaarolus
      Woiuld love an android version, please…
    • Shannon
      Looking forward to an Android release soon as well. Any plans Team Asana?
  • Pablo
    when will come to android?
    • Eddy
      what ^^^ said…
    • Enrico
    • Kody
    • Jeff
      +4 –yet another vote for android.
    • Bob
    • Bob
      Btw, 42 mentions (in 97 posts) of Android in a blog post about iPhone. And then I am not even couting the “+1’s” for Android.
      • Judith
        I need it for android :(
        • Ryan
          +1 for android
    • Pete F
      +1 — I’m starting to feel I really chose the wrong platform for our project — I very rashly assumed that Android support would be on its way soon. Lack of mobile support is a big drawback to an otherwise excellent product. (I made the mistake of taking a colleague’s recommendation without noting that we use different phone platforms…)
    • DocWilco
    • Denis
      +1 need for android :(
    • Ian
      • Henrique
        +1 for Android
    • CK
      Android.. Android… Androids…
  • Juan Carlos
    Great! I will download right away!
    But yep, like the other comments, an Android app it could be really cool… I don’t remember how works on the iPad (over the web browser Safari or Chrome), but it could be cool if you made an app for it to, but just for the “nice to have”.

    Excellent job Asana team!

  • tommy
    looks sharp, +1 for android >4.0 version.
  • Jeff Douglas
    Looks cool but unfortunately most of us are on Android. We’ll wait somewhat patiently. Thanks for the great app!
  • Jay
    Ipad version will be a sweet thing to do too! Waiting for it.
    • Dane
      +1 on the iPad version. At least an enhanced web version for mobile devices.
      • James Fletcher
        +1 iPad app/optimized web.
    • J-dogw
      +1 for iPad update! (Or better yet, let the ipad access the browser version through Safari!)
    • Tillman Zschucke
      +1 on the iPad version -> and indeed the new iPhone version is a BIG step forward. Thanks for that!
    • Ian
      +1 for iPad app – needed to allow progressing with our userbase
    • Florante Valdez
      An iPad app will be a great addition. +1 on that!
  • Bob
    Great update. All 40 of our asana users are iPhones 4/4S. Do wish it had Inbox feature.
    • Kenny
      On its way ;)
  • Tyler Cote
    Any thoughts toward HTML5? That could eliminate the platform gaps.
    • Kenny
      We do have an HTML5 version, so many of the new features in this update are also available now on Android or mobile webkit users, too! Give it a shot & let us know what you think.
      • Dane
        I was hoping for updated mobile web features but I can’t seem to find anything different. Am I missing something?
      • David
        +1 Android +1 Offline. HTML5 version does not have offline capabilities. Asana would be 50x more useful to me if there were and Android App and true offline functionality for both the Android version and the browser/Mac desktop version. Thank you for your hard work on the iPhone version though!
    • Drew
      HTML5 is terribly slow on mobile devices and is in no way a substitution for a native app. Facebook has made this mistake and it took them 2 years to correct it. Don’t go down this path, Asana.
  • Abraham
    Can you post target date for Android app release?
  • Nick Smith
    This is a massive leap in functionality, I just wanted to say thanks. I’m using it in x2 mode on my new iPad, it’s really usable even there.
  • Slawek Agata
    Ohhh, great…. but i’m Android user , so from now I choose Trello :P bye
  • Travis Clark
    I freaking love the update to the app. Great work!
  • kane reardon
    love the update however will this be coming onto the ipad as well?
  • Sanjoy
    Need an iPad version urgently; come on, you can do it…
  • Bernie
    Well done on the iphone App guys, I am totally in love with the web version but my love was being tested with the mobile…..

    Major leap! Very impressed with the shiny new iphone app ;-)

    An ipad app would be great, however a better off-line capability is the most urgent, even with a weak 3G signal the new app is very sluggish – as Laurent says in the first comment here “Apps are usually most useful in the subway, where you don’t have any network.”

    • David Lyman
      I second Bernie on priorities. I love Asana but was seriously considering leaving because of the iPhone app. Offline mode should give the added benefit of quick navigation through task lists. Skinning it up for the iPad would be a huge plus.

      +1 android

      • URRGENT
        +1 to PALE RED
        +1 to iPAD
        +5 to offline work!
  • sk
    +1 android

    + laugh at pale red background urgent haha

  • Rob
    +7 for Android
  • Jeffrey Korn
    GREAT work! Really appreciate the thoughtful design. Can’t wait for the inbox — my favorite new feature! :-) Keep it up!

    – Jeff –

  • Ash Menon
    Looks fantastic, and yes, like all the other commenters, I’m waiting for the Android version :) But if you guys can replicate this on the Android, it’d be awesome.
  • Mike
    Just echoing the call for an Android app. Been dying for one since day one. Bonus points if it supports Android tablets.
    • Brandon Nolte
      here here!
  • Matthias
    Great work.
  • Thai Lam
    When will you guys make it for Android? The number of Android users is getting higher now
  • Stephen Scott
    Yep Android! Enough fluffing of iO/s pls : ) Make the app for the #1 mobile platform.
  • Mike
    +1 on adding imbox to iphone app. Is there any plan on using notifications for iphone instead of email?
  • annie
    really nice work guys! i would really love an option to see the image thumbnails next to each task. i’m so used to viewing by project and browsing people’s initials/thumbnails.
  • thomasb
    Nice work! Been wanting this for ages. Just tried it out and must admit it’s way more than a level up, more 5x!

    I think the biggest missing feature for me is the ability to change the order or items in a list. Or am I missing something?

  • Giedrius
  • Anton
    i want android!!!
  • Chad
    +1 for Android.
  • Wojtek
    How can I mark task for today, upcoming or later in new iphone app?
    • Steve
      +1 for this feature. I want to be able to move my tasks between today, upcoming or later on the mobile app!
      • C
        +2 for this feature.
  • Milan
    Great app…now you’re doing it right ;)
    keep up the good work.


  • Brett
    How about a Blackberry app???

    We’re not dead yet!

  • Bobinson K B
    Really happy about this announcement ! looking forward for an Android version too.
  • Björn Strömbacka
    +1 for Android
  • Dave Jenkinson
    +1 for iPad app. Love the iPhone version but to make full use of the larger screen size on the iPad would be perfect.
  • gsounsdgood
    an android app is a must
  • Mohammed
    New iPhone app is awesome! It really helps and makes the process much much more usable than it was before and with a much faster loading time as well! Now all we need are the Inbox and Offline feature with Push notification and alerts on the iPhone : )

    iPad app after that would be sweet as well, I can almost get rid of other apps now, when will subtasks be rolled out for all users? I an see it if I create a new workspace but want it on all existing ones.

    Also, are subtasks supported on the iPhone app?

  • Steve
    How do I move tasks between today, upcoming and later on the mobile app?
    • Cecil
      I can’t find a way either. Choosing Today/Upcoming/Later is critical for organization.
      Also, adding a new task should be enabled even before anything is loaded or downloaded as nothing is as annoying to wait for something you don’t care about in order to input something you do.
      Otherwise, fantastic work! Kudos!
  • Sanjay Samani
    Big improvement, that is really appreciated. Also appreciated is the speed of development and new versions that are coming from you.

    +1 for iPad app
    +1 for offline mode

    Plus would like to see the Sort by Due Date option from the webapp make it into the iPhone. Can’t currently see my due / overdue items. (And yes, I use proper GTD with minimal due dates). If you could steal OmniFocus’s Forecast view from the iPhone app, I’d be able to finally merge my home & work life.

  • Leonard
    Android please!
  • MihA
    iPad is a must … cant understand what keeps you not to do it?
  • Paul
    Love the new app and look forward for the inbox feature and ofline mode. In het html5 version that i have been using till now there is also no inbox feature i hope it will get there also.
  • Bob
    Can’t wait for Android release :D keeping rocking team!
  • Vincenzo Vecchio
    Nice UI, but you cannot use it offline :(
    Also I was expecting notifications to finally work…
  • Benoit
    THANK YOU!!!!!
  • Jorge
    +1 Android > 4.0
  • Guillaume Lerouge
    Great update!

    I mainly missing the fact that I can’t see archived tasks and cannot filter tasks by due date / assignee.

    As for offline, it’s tough to get it right so it’s not really a surprise that it’s still not available: http://www.quora.com/Asana/Why-is-it-taking-months-for-Asana-to-deliver-a-native-mobile-app-with-offline-support

  • Robert
    This is great! I use it a lot. Is there an iPad app in the roadmap? We use our iPads in meetings to go over tasks and see which has the priority to who, so it would be nice to have an iPad app.
  • Chris Healy
    +1 for Android. Nice screenshots and some features are visible on HTML5 webkit. Why not do offline using XML local storage?
  • Mike
    Thanks!! You guys rock!!
  • Dave Ferrara

    IPAD APP – this little iphone screen is almost painfull

  • ALQ
    +1 for Android
  • John Wolpert
    Looking great. Getting new company acclimated to Asana. Am I missing something or is it still not possible to change the order of tasks in a list (or move them into or out of super tasks – the ones with colons at end) in iPhone version?
  • Karim
    please build an iPad one too :-)
  • Chad Ehlers
    Looks great. Really seems to be working more as I would like it to. But now get it on the iPad.

    iPhone is nice but typically use an iPad in meetings not the iPhone.

    Good work though. Keep it up

  • Jochen Fette
    A big step in the right direction!
    What I am missing the most, is to sort the Tasks by due date like in the Desktop-Application.
    And … iPad … no more Words ;-)
    Greetings from Germany
  • Jaz
    Great update. Would like to be able to upload/manage photos
  • Dana
    Thank you! The mobile issue has been a big roadblock for me to adopting asana for everything (we use it for work)

    Two things that would help enormously:
    1. offline storage and sync (this would also improve speed?)
    2. move items to today, upcoming and later.
    3. easy to switch between workspaces
    4. see tasks across workspaces (all tasks..for desktop too!)
    5. badge for today task count across workspaces

    • Tony
      Heavily agree. A unified view of all tasks regardless of workspace is a big usability feature I’m surprised is missing. The badge count for today tasks is also a big one.

      Basically mimic the way Things is set up, except have a real collaboration solution.

    • Johnboy
      Also, need a way to add a new task to a general Inbox, so that I can brainstorm on work and personal items, then sort them out later. This is the most basic part of the GTD methodology for a reason! I always think of personal things I should be doing while at work, and vice versa.
  • jason
    Thanks for iPhone update…can you please let iPad users access browser version on Safari!
  • Benny Lava
    Yet another Andorid comment…

    Yeah, get it out on Android. Do it right like you did you web app and make it run correctly on tablets and phone.

  • Oscar
    +1 Android
  • Stacey
    love Asana, can’t wait to get the IPad app!
  • Tevya
    Would sure be nice if you stopped treating Android users as 2nd-class patrons. How about an Android app already?
  • Logan
    Love to see the ability to reorder tasks, and move tasks to different headings. This is a killer feature of Asana. Really unique, simple, and powerful. I’m surprised that it’s not been a high priority on the mobile side, since it’s so critical on the desktop side. Almost all the how-to videos incorporate moving tasks to different headings to manage workflow.
    • Gary
      +1 to this! Reorder is the #1 missing feature for me.
    • Tony
    • Foo
      I use the iPhone app much more than the web client. I hate being in meetings, writing priority changes on a post-it note so that I can update projects later via the web client.
  • Coronus
    Unfortunately, this doesn’t help my organization at all, since none of us use iOS devices. Am I missing the Android app in Google Play when I search ‘Asana’? If not, then I’m struggling to understand why a second version of the iPhone app was so much more important than getting something available for Android users.

    Back to the web app for our meetings…

  • Alex
    Just made my day, props!
  • brant
    Great work! SUGGESTED FEATURE 2.1: Search Window for mobile. We’ve got lots of items in workspace, would be nice to find on the fly when out of the office-
  • Rob
    Love the new version.

    Care a lot about offline
    Care a bit about iPad
    Don’t care about Android (though I understand why others do)..

    • Mark
      + 1 to everything Rob said.
  • Ian
    Stupid iPhone….I need an Android App….
  • Chris Pratt
    Android +1
  • Chris
    Thank you. Love the speed/performance improvements.
  • Zen
    Android +1
  • Bud
    New mobile app is a great step forward! I’ve tried just about every app on the market, but Asana works better than most – fast too.

    Feature request for mobile – ability to add picture or voice notes to a task. Omnifocus & Flow have it & I find it very useful.

    • Erin
      +1 adding image
    • Slava
      Loving 2.0, but being able to add images from mobile is CRUCIAL to productivity. Please add!!

      Thank you Asana.

      • Rob
  • Szabi
    Congratulation guys! It’s awsome! Great job!
  • Jay Mann
    vote for Android app.
  • Deivinson Tejeda
    Hi Team,

    I have a Android and I can use it as mobile app, but I like more the idea that I can run this as native app.

    Kudos :)

  • Mike Epp
    I really like the new app. Thank you for all the hard work.
  • Greg Martin
    Out of 10 people in our department that use Asana every day for managing our software development, 8 use iOS. We have only 1 Android user, and 1 diehard Blackberry user who refuses to accept the inevitable. ;-)

    How about a WP8 version when you’re done with Android?

  • AJ Chan
    This is awesome! iPad app?
    • Tony
      +1 iPad App
  • Luke Whiteman
    The smart people use Android and smart people use Asana. Where is the love for all your smart users? :)
  • Karen
    Great app! Thanks for launching!
  • Ramsey
    Hey Asana, what is the word on creating an Android app? Are there plans for that, and if so, when?


  • Michele
    Need this app for my samsung tablet – android platform.
  • Stephen
    Jumping on the Android bandwagon! My boss keeps flashing around her iPad in meetings, I’d like to break out my Nexus 7. But I don’t expect miracles, it’s not like I pay for the service…
  • George Babu
    You guys rock :) LOVE the new app.
  • 1uca5
    To those wanting an Android “app”:
    The HTML5 experience is excellent on Android via web browser, tablet is a particularly good.

    Haven’t seen new iOS app, but I preferred the browser experience to the old app.

    The need for an ‘app’ in Android seems less important than offline access (needed.. desperately.).

    Would like a dark skin though.

  • Sergie
    Really great app! I love the experience with asana. Keep rockin brohams and ladyhams!
  • Charles
    Android, would be awesome.
  • Thomas
    HTML5 experience in iPad is not that good as in PC… Just not sure why there is no iPad version :(
  • Mindon
    Love Asana.

    +1 Offline
    +1 Android

    HTML5 version for pad is not good enough …

  • Thomas
    Android is missing – we are a MAC free household with DIY-built computers…(just kidding, no flames please) :-)
  • Brett
    +1 Offline
    +1 Android

    Maybe a survey of “What devices/OSs do you use?” would be useful?

  • Issac
    Android version please.
  • Alex
    Another vote for Android. So that’s more than half of the comments now?
  • Djordje
    Great for iPhone, non tech users! What about us developers? We need Android app!
  • Jon Brown
    Yay! I like the new app… Almost identical to the mobile website just faster. Only grip is it’s way to easy to mistakenly mark something complete. I’d think better UI would be something like iOS typically does with an edit button up top to enable bulk editing. Just my 2 cents.

    I don’t understand all the Android complainers… I’m sure you have analytics on who actually was using the mobile site. I’m not as sure but suspect there are way more iOS users than android hitting that site. Further it’s not like the app as functionality (that i’ve found) that is unavailable on the mobile site. Sliding panels left/right in iOS is nice, but it’s hardly a deal breaker.

  • sk
    The use case is as follows:

    1. Start using asana on web
    2. Start using asana on mobile
    3. Fail at making changes due to poor connection on mobile
    4. Stop using asana completely

    Fix offline access please.

  • Hugo Aguilar

    Thank you SO MUCH! for giving us Asana lovers this gift! I have been anxiously waiting for this update. Thanks to your product, my company is much more productive and collaborative than ever.

    Much appreciated!

  • Man
    +1 for ipad
  • Marty
    I really like the app, and I am switching my personal tasks over to it. The biggest item that needs improvement is the ability to sort tasks. I can’t find an easy way to do it on the mobile app. That would be extremely helpful – especially if you can find a way to have the ability to drag tasks in different order similar to the app any.do.
  • Jesus
    Hi, the HTLM5 on android/chrome is good. A bit slow.

    Thank you very much!

    • Jesus
      I mean “the HTML5 app” is good.
  • A. Jelinek
    still waiting for “true” offline mode
    which means close to 100% functionality of online mode
  • Patrick
    I’d like to add yet another request for an Android version. 3/4 of my team right now is using Android. I’m the one trying to sell them on Asana being amazing (which it is), and a killer Android app would go a long way to making that sell happen.
  • Dmitry

    It’s seems really strange to see 2 things:

    1. non-clickable screenshots. Fail. Just fail.
    2. no tab bar and no controls in the bottom. You have to reach top left corner, which the hardest to reach. Make be this looks better, but without hardware buttons like on Android (Back. Options) this sucks.

  • Kristi
    iPads are what the whole team is using and we really need the iPad app, please???
  • Dylan
    ipad app?
  • Brian
    Useless to me without the ability to prioritize the tasks by moving them up/down in the list as on the web
  • Boris
    Yet Another Comment About Android =)
    Really need it!
  • CruSherFL
    How about a WP8 app?
  • spg6611
    I am looking around for CRM resources. Just started using the web version of Asana on a colleague’s recommendation. Would love an android app for phone/tablet.
  • Mark
    A crucial outstanding feature is the ability to reorder tasks by moving them up or down on the list. When will this be implemented on the iPhone?
  • Ivan
    We need Android app emergently, that should be your priority!
  • Yury
    Did anybody ask about an Android app?
  • KristenO
    +1 for Android!
  • mr axilus
    +1 for android
  • Dave
    Android.. Android… Android…
    • Lee FG
  • Lee FG
    Why no Android app? :(
  • Aly Badawy
    The app is just great. However, it just needs the ability to sort the tasks and create tasks inside an existing category. because right now, it only adds tasks to the beginning of the list only.

    Except this thing, the app is just great!!!!

  • Ian Bert Tusil
    +1 for iPad
  • David
    New app is light years better than the old one. Great job!
  • Alex
    Lots of requests for offline. People, what are your top 3 scenarios when offline mode is critical?

    During flight
    In the subway
    In poor cell coverage areas

    What else?

  • Itsme
    How about my tasks appearing in the order in which they are due and completed tasks at the BOTTOM instead of the top???
    And yes, and android app too please.
  • Itsme
    And offline capability, and contexts, and a mobile web app with some functionality. I keep coming back to asana…but I keep leaving for all the above reasons. You would think that if you need some time to build an android app you would at least get the mobile app going top-notch so as not to lose the business in the meantime. Need to be able to assign due dates. Push notifications instead of emails too. The point of asana for me is to uncluttered my inbox, not increase the volume of emails I receive.
  • Rick
    +1 for offline mode
    +1 for Android
  • Diana
    Great app! Would love to be able to sort tasks between today, upcoming, etc. thanks!!!
  • Frank
    Itsme: ‘Push notifications instead of emails too. The point of asana for me is to uncluttered my inbox, not increase the volume of emails I receive’.

    Exactly. THE reason why my company is searching for an online task management tool, is to get rid of the countless of emails that one receives in our email boxes nowadays. At the moment we are investigating Trello and Asana. Even if Trello seemed to be more appealing (also visually) at first glance, I think Asana will suit much better to the way I work. I am not familiar with the ‘cardboard’ way of working (Trello), so I am more drawn to Asana.

    Anyway, back on topic… I am indeed also really surprised there are apparently no push notifications available in the iPhone app? Even an app like the wonderful Wunderlist has this, so it’s quite remarkable that a more sophisticated teamworking tool like Asana simply doesn’t have it.

  • Greg
    ANDROID +1!!!
  • David Bangs
    The new iphone app may be an improvement, but it is very slow and I have to log in periodically. When I have an important idea to keep track of, I want to record it instantly, but your app is way too slow to do that. I have an iPhone 5 with LTE – but have to hassle for a long time every time.

    Also, I can’t sort my tasks by due date. What kind of task list can’t show me what’s due and overdue? Really – you have a lot of work to do still.

  • ipad 2
    I found your weblog web site on google and verify a couple of of your early posts. Continue to maintain up the very good operate. I simply extra up your RSS feed to my MSN Information Reader. Looking for forward to reading extra from you later on!…
  • Stephen
    +1 for Android!
    • P
      +1 Android!!!!!
  • Andrzej
    Android users, check out MyAsana – Android app and widget for Asana! Search for MyAsana in Google Play!
  • Klarisa
    MyAsana has been working perfectly on my phone and tablet. Problem with an Android app solved!
  • Taras
    Hi, I like to use Asana as web app but without push notification mobile app absolutely useles for our organization.
    Add it please even as payd extension.
  • Marco
    Hi from Italy,
    offline mode on iPhone would be very appreciated.
    Thank you
  • Ricky
    iPad + proper offline functionality would be so awesome. Please do it.
  • LeFlea
    +1 offline Android
  • Joe
    Do you have an ETA yet for release of an iPad app? Using the iPhone app on my iPad is like pulling teeth. The iPad is now my defacto notepad so having the ability to generate tasks during meetings on the iPad would be a huge plus.
  • John Colucci
    When will Asana’s iPhone app offer:

    -Sorting by date just like on the desktop version
    -No hidden tasks (seems that tasks w/o a date are hidden)


  • Adolfo
    iPad + offline functionality PLEASE!
  • Sheehan Alam
    We just launched our very own asana app called Tappsana. It’s super fast, and works great offline.

    Available in the iTunes App Store:


    Available in the Google Play Store:

  • Kevin Eaton
    It would be great if we could use the CalDav service to add tasks directly from Siri (Remember the Milk Offers this). I know…can’t have everything! (and Asana is so much more evolved than RTM in most ways!)