Inbox goes mobile in the Asana iPhone app

At the beginning of September, we launched version 2.0 of our iPhone app. The new app was a total overhaul. We gave it a fresh new interface, a host of new features and a big boost in speed.

Three weeks later, we are pleased to announce another big upgrade: mobile Inbox is here. Inbox in the Asana iPhone app works like Inbox in Asana on the web, grouping changes in the status of the tasks and projects you care about and making the information easy and fast to consume. With mobile Inbox, you can pull out your phone and scan to get up to speed, or tap to dive into the details and take action on a task.

If you already have version 2.0 of our iPhone app installed, there’s no need to visit the App Store for an update: mobile Inbox is already there. Just open the app and look for the Inbox icon in the upper right corner. Tap this icon and your Inbox appears.

We’ve been using mobile Inbox internally, and have found that it’s our favorite feature of the app. We hope you like it as much as we do.

Take it for a spin and let us know what you think.

If you haven’t downloaded the new app yet, you can get it in the App Store here.

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  • Richard
    It’s great!!! The update is super fast. Tks
  • Ian
    Sounds great, but please, where are the ipad and android apps?
    • mr.fed
      I too am waiting for the ipad!!!
      • Rhys
        An iPad app is critical for me to fully adopt this system for collaborative work
    • Steve
      Double plus. Android app please. I could dump Google Tasks altogether if Asana offered me a mobile version..
    • Ygor Lemos
      +1 for ipad
  • Tevya
    …but still no Android app. If you look at the stats, Android dominates with 50 – 60% market share in the US, Europe, and other areas. Apple comes in 2nd with 29 – 33% depending on the location, etc. How is it that in-spite of this, us majority Android users have to keep watching as asana updates it’s iOS app with great new features, revisions, etc and there’s still no Android app, period? Not even a crappy, first-round beta for us to try….?
    • Cafeine
      Because Android share =! power users. Android dominate because it’s full of 9$ phones used by people who will NEVER update ou download and app.

      THAT SAID, I do want one too. I have to review android phones and I hate that I miss so many apps when not using my iPhone. ;)

      • chong
        How u can say that?
        • Guillaume
          This is silly. Everyone at my high tech job uses Android phones. I’d argue that Android users are probably even more “power users” than iPhone users since one of the selling power of Android is its flexibility and customization possbilities.

          Anyway, I don’t want to have an iPhone vs Android debate in here. I am eagerly waiting for a native Android app.

          • Robert
            While you raise a good and valid point, his overall point still stands. Out in the world there are more people using an android phone because it was free or $20.
      • Mike
        Just a point of reference. I’m a software engineer and on my team I only know of one guy that has an iPhone, everyone else uses Android.

        I think we qualify as “power users”.

      • Teo
        Sams Galaxy X = 9$?
    • Bella
      You can use mobile Inbox through the browser on Android. I’m an Android user, and I think mobile Inbox is great in the browser too.
      • Tevya
        Yes, I’m aware. I noticed it before I noticed this blog post. However, the web version is slow and clunky at best. Perhaps the iOS version is no improvement (from what people are saying). But if that’s the case, why not just do a quick webapp “wrapper” for Android as well? Just to make your Android users feel like we’re not 2nd class?
    • Michael
      Ready too for the Android App!
  • Andre Yubinousky
    Awesome! I gave it 4 strars now it’s 5 stars!!
    I do not need Android or iPad, so awesome work.
  • Simon Kelly
    Looking forward to Android App
  • Designing Studios
    You are doing a rocking jobs. Congratulations to all the team out there. Be always 1st like you are now, no 1 can defeat U. Ofcourse Asana proved as the best management tool.
  • Judith
    :( you should do the android app
  • Michael
    Awesome! A seriously productive month!
  • Chris
    App looks clean and nice but still can’t re-order tasks! Neither your iPhone app nor the mobile version of the site will let me re-order or create new tasks under sub-headings! Unless I am missing something?
  • Evan
    I honestly just want the iPhone app to be full screen on my iPhone 5…
  • Will
    OMG all people do is complain. This is a great release Asana. Congrats.

    For all the android users (I am one myself) umm the mobile web version works perfectly well. bookmark it, shove it on one of your home screens and pretend like they made an app just for you too… it functions just as beautifully

  • Stephen Scott
    Android pls. Not great to launch anything one platform these days. Akin to launching a site that only works in one browser.
  • Madhu
    Android support please :)
  • Rob
    Android users can’t have much on their lists if they all have time to just moan on unrelated blog posts about the fact that there isn’t a native version.

    It works perfectly well in the browser since – IT’S A HTML APP! As far as I have seen, Asana isn’t using any of the native iOS bits either (notifications, contact integration, social integration etc.) so you aren’t really missing anything. The “App” is just a wrapper around a [really nicely done] mobile web site.

    Just visit it in the browser and add it to your home screen.

    Back on topic – big congrats on the release guys. Looks great. Keep em coming!

    • Ash Menon
      Actually, my desire for an Android app isn’t so much about the app itself (because, as you mentioned, the mobile website is plenty sufficient) but more for a widget. I’d love to be able to have a quick glance at my most urgent tasks on my homescreen.
    • Tevya
      Rob, by that same logic, iOS users must not have much on their lists if they have time to go around complaining about Android users’ “moaning.” Doesn’t make sense.

      The webapp doesn’t work perfectly fine. There is much you CANNOT do in it. I use it regularly, and it’s simply no substitute for a real app. Constantly having to login, no way to set a due date when creating a new task, and no offline mode, are among the top annoyances.

      If that’s all the iOS app is, then why can’t they duplicate for Android? I mean really, if there’s absolutely no advantage to it, then 1. why did they build it for iOS (seems like a waste of resources if iOS users could just use the web version too), and 2. why can’t they do the same for Android? I know that wrapping a webapp in an Android app is quite easy actually.

      • Mike
        Well said in terms of the shortcomings of the browser version.
    • Steve
      I’m actually hoping for an Asana task app on my phone (android) that works off-line. So HTML5 without some specific design effort won’t work.

      I currently use a Google tasks third party app that works off-line, and while I’d like to move everything to Asana, until I get off-line mobile support, I’ll be a split customer..

  • Sandro
    Android App and Asana will be great… :)
  • Leonid
    unfortunately this application doesn’t work on iphone 4.3.3 :(
  • bob
    the app need a upgrade to ios 6 & full screen (iphone 5)
  • Khairun
    mine is ginger bead, I can not open asana through installed opera.. :)
  • Mohammed
    Ok well that explains the weirdness the other day and yup I did notice that Inbox had been deployed without an update to the app that did disappoint me a little.

    Few things we really need for iPhone app:
    ** iPhone 5 screen support
    ** Ability to re-order tasks (just copy the Apple Reminder App!) + create new tasks under sub-headings!
    ** App Notification system for Inbox, new tasks, comments etc..

  • Alistair Vince
    Love Asana. Would love it more if…

    1. Could re order tasks (by date) on app
    2. Could click phone numbers within tasks and it would call them

    Great work so far.

  • James
    +1 for the Android app please :-)
  • Rafael Santos
    Android app please :-)
    In our company at least 50% use Android phones
  • Dani
    Excellent guys, looks and feels amazing.
  • Philippe Dame
    Nice addition for sure.

    I generally recommend dropping the font size in the iPhone app or making that a preference as you can read a few words before it’s cut off (portrait orientation for sure). Drop the grey margins and you’ll have even more space. The inbox’s very large font is the worst offender of the font issue bit all type can be smaller, easily.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Don
    I’m delighted to have recently discovered Asana, and am setting up a client of mine, a multi-million dollar a year construction company, on it.

    Some department heads and project managers have Android phones, as shocking as that may be to some.

    So here’s another vote for an Android app for them…and for my phone, too.

    • Don
      …but, yes, the mobile inbox is great to have…until there’s an Android app. :-)
  • Nikita
    Works really well! Can you make title tasks in the inbox a bit smaller. Long titles take a lot of space.
  • Ryan
    Works great. Love this update! Can’t wait to see what else you have in store!
  • Mark James Progano
    Full Screen Support for iPhone 5 (4″ Screen)
  • BayanQ
    I’ve been using it for a couple of days and didn’t realize it was a new feature. :)
  • Tim
    Android app? c’mon, I really like Asana, but it makes me think this is just another Apple fan-boy application.
  • Jim E
    Does the app do push notifications for the InBox. If not, that feature would be awesome! Please add
  • Dennis
    I’m an android user, but I do understand why people don’t like coding for Android. Some key reasons would be:
    – Multiple screen sizes
    – A lot of different flavors of android (HTC Sense, Moto blur)
    – I feel like there are lot more versions of android out there as well (i.e. gingerbread, ICS, jelly bean, etc.)

    But yeah, I do agree, I would like an android app, but given that so many companies code for iPhone, I’m getting swayed to switch over to the dark side.

    • Tevya
      There’s been some studies on this, and the logic doesn’t hold up. iOS fragmentation is just as bad as Android, especially now with a new screen size and format on the iPhone 5. Apple is just really good at spinning it, so people think it’s not bad.

      Then next there’s the “so many phones and flavors” argument. When most companies launch an iOS app they don’t support all the iPhones, iPod Touch’s, and iPad’s out there. Asana is a great example, it’s not a native iPad app, and from what other commenters have said doesn’t support either the new iPad with retina display, nor the iPhone 5 with it’s widescreen-format screen. Yet that didn’t keep asana from building an app for some iOS devices. Same thing should apply to Android: start with the latest versions of the OS, on the most common phones, then work your way to whatever OS and screen resolutions are most common. There’s actually a ton of Android devices (both tablets and phones) that use 1280×720 resolution, making it easier to build an app that works on both tablets and phones, than on iOS which has different resolutions and screen widths on different devices, and even different versions of the same device.

  • Mark E
    Nice, love the speed. Fast access to tasks.

    Still looking for a good way to view and manage today’s task from all my workspaces at one time.

    BTW had a problem. Installing on a new iOS 6, iPhone 5, but after updating and logging in got the three dots loading for a long time before I finally closed the app (red minus), restarted and now have no problem.

  • KC
    Thanks for the improvements. I trust you’ll take all the grumblings re: Android, iPad, etc in stride. To tweak a quote from Bjarne Stroustrup: There are only two kinds of apps: those people always bitch about and those nobody uses.
  • Peter
    You guys are making great strides. Just a question on when/if there will be a specific iPad app. If Safari didn’t force me into a mobile browsing experience there would be no need for an ipad app as the iPad screen is big enough.

    Anyway, can you let me know if/when you will be releasing an iPad app for Asana?

  • groxx
    The new app is pretty nice, and the more-complete feature-set is *hugely* useful. Many many thanks for the improvements! I don’t use the inbox much, but glad to see the app approaching parity with the site.
  • groxx
    Unfortunately, it seems to have downloaded only a partial update, or something. I’m missing images for buttons, I had a blank feed when I first signed in and updated, that kind of thing. Any suggestions?
  • Jeff Franchetti
    Great addition. I’ll throw a +1 for n iPad version. My team of 70+ is deep with Asana and our workspace has close to 100 projects. I need a really tight and compressed way to work with so much data during my commute and in meetings.
  • Rıza Selçuk Saydam
    What about Android app? At least you can make basic one.
  • Jason
    Champing at the bit for an Android port. Pretty please?
  • Shesha Marvin
    Next up! In app search please. Also notes and comments showing on the app PROJECTS would complete it for me.
  • Kolja
    The App and especially commenting on inbox tasks is slow. But awesome feature!
  • Ruslan
    when you make a normal mobile application?? Substandard enough to wrap a web interface in phonegap! ipad version is a month of work.people love your applications on the desktop but on ios is just awful! Collecting and do it!!!
  • Alex
    As much as I love the Asana web interface, I am always on the go with my android. Any.DO has an app that works great on Android and has a chrome extension. Makes adding tasks and getting reminders super easy. This will have to do for now until Asana makes the Android app.
  • Jonathan Wegner
    GANTT charts and resourcing management now, please.
  • Nik
    Great release! Looking forward to the Android App!
  • kat
    Unfortunately the mobile page (I’m on android) has not worked for me or my husband for months. It refuses to sign in, so we have to use asana through our computers only. :(

    Android app desperately needed. I’d be more than happy to pay.

  • Ann
    An android app PLEASE!!!
  • Imperative Ideas
    Mobile OS market share as of Sept. 28, 2012:

    Android: 52.2%
    iOS: 33.4%
    RIM: 9.5%
    MS: 3.6%


    Why? Android development has so much in common with Java. It’s generally considered the easier market to develop for even if the money for game developers is still in iOS. At this point Asana has built an iPhone app and completely refreshed it while Android hasn’t even seen an early alpha test. Why? No really … why?

  • Dan
    +1 for a native Android app!
  • Teo
    ANDROID Please!
  • Justin Thomson
    Well, it’s really great to know about the Asana iphone app which one really works like Inbox in Asana on the web.
  • Alex
    Why there is no way to copy a task?
  • Andrzej
    Check out MyAsana! It’s a native Android app for Asana! Now in Google Play.
  • manjunath
    Check out MyAsana! It’s a native Android app for Asana! Now in Google Play.
    myAsana – full version
    MyAsana trial version
    My Asana beta version
  • Peter
    Would love Asana iPhone app to import from Reminders app… effectively giving Asana Siri support. This is the approach taken by Things app.
    • Rob
    • Nico
      Yes!!! Asana Siri support is a big feature to add!!
  • André
    Bring this app for android please…. And for iPad :(
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