Polish Week

One week before our public launch last November, we knew we had only a few days left before a lot of people would be seeing Asana for the first time. So, during that last week, we put our larger roadmap projects on hold and focused on making lots of small improvements to the product. We squashed bugs, sanded down rough interactions and added new visual touches, redesigned the signup pages and built a new support site from scratch. It was a fun and satisfying week for our team, and by the end, the improvements combined together to produce a substantially better experience for our new customers.

When we work on a mission and product as ambitious as Asana, it’s important to spend most of our energy on bold changes (like Inbox, our new iPhone app and Subtasks). However, we recognize that the finer details of a product are what bring delight to our users, so we built in time this episode to spend a week doing only product polish. We chose last week (almost the same dates as last year) for our Polish Week, and spent it in a fluid, fast-moving dedication to the really small stuff. One of the rules of Polish Week is that your code had to ship – so all of the things on this list are already in your hands. Taken together, we think the 60+ small changes we made over the week add up to a big step up in Asana’s, well, polish. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Image Thumbnails. We added image thumbnails to task comments and the Inbox. Whenever someone uploads an image (jpg, png, gif) to a task, it will appear as a small thumbnail in the task’s comments and as a larger image in the Inbox.

Drag-And-Drop Subtasks. We’ve made it easy to make an existing task into a subtask (and vice-versa). To demote an existing task to a subtask, simply grab it by clicking on the “drag handle” on the left edge of the task, and drag it into the subtasks area of the right pane for the parent task and drop it in. To promote a subtask into a standalone task, grab it from the subtask area and drag it into the center pane.

Project Notes in the Center Pane. We moved project notes from the right pane to a new field under the project title in the center pane. With this change, every project’s notes are always visible to your team, giving you a great place to explain what the project is, how it’s organized, and how it should be used. This notes area also supports Hypertext, so you can conveniently “@-link” to relevant people, projects and tags.

As part of this change, we decided to remove comments at the project level. If you had projects with existing project-level comments, don’t worry, we didn’t delete them. They are now in a completed task entitled “Project Comments: <Name of the Project>”. You can find the task in the project itself or search for it.

Better Firefox Support. We now support copying and pasting a list into Asana in Firefox (Chrome has always had this feature). We also play nicer with Firefox keyboard shortcuts.

Stripping email subject prefixes. We strip out all the “Fwd:” and “Re:” prefixes from the subject line of emails you forward to x@mail.asana.com, so the subject becomes a cleaner task title.

Copying tasks with links. When you highlight and copy (using CMD-C) a list of tasks, the copied tasks include hyperlinks to the Asana tasks, so you can include them in other documents or emails.

Many more improvements, including…

  • Subtasks and Task Comments are now included when you print your project list.
  • A small circle before the name in the browser tab indicates a new Inbox notification for the workspace.
  • You can add a task to multiple projects when creating it via the Asana API, all with one API call.
  • Search and Hypertext don’t show Archived projects in results by default.
  • Email address links work in comments and notes.
  • Clicking the Asana logo takes you to your My Tasks view.
  • Clearer indication of read/unread state in the Inbox.
  • Your Later list of tasks is now collapsed by default in your My Tasks view.
  • Projects that are private to you now show the privacy icon when you type them in the Add Project field.
  • Better support for right-to-left languages.
  • Empty tasks don’t credit the creator until someone adds content to it.
  • Multiple “<3″s now print as multiple hearts in comments (popular in the Asana office)

If you have other ideas for product polish, leave us a comment, and we’ll capture it for the next Polish Week at Asana.

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  • Mickey
    Great updates! Moving the project description from the right pane to the top threw me off briefly, but it was a good move.

    The one big missing piece is items that become due on today’s date, yet can remain buried in “upcoming” or “later”. If a task is sitting out there somewhere and the due date finally arrives, it should be automatically put in “today” to make sure the user is aware of it. From there, they can tuck it back into later or upcoming if they want, but at least the odds of inadvertently missing it go way down…

    • Kenny Van Zant
      You are about to be in luck ;)
      • Rob Cooper
        Excellent! This makes me happy :)
      • Mickey
        Ooh, that would be awsome!
      • Sanjay
      • Ronen
        • CJ
          Wonderful idea
      • Mike
        Will this feature carry over into the iPhone App? I don’t use the app because all of my tasks are sorted differently.
      • Rachel Farris
      • Matt
        +1 Indeed
    • David Tam
      How about fixing the rich text issue? Sometimes I need to copy and past emails into the notes for a particular task so I can keep a history.

      Right now I have to “Forward” the email, copy and past into the notes sections of Asana. Even after that the txt comes out in terrible and hard to read formatting…

      • Emily Kil
        I second this
      • Kent Schrock
      • Sebastian
        Yeah, that’s pretty anoying. Richtext would be more than awesome.
      • Charlie
        Handling markdown syntax would work great for my team. Love image thumbnail update by the way!
        • AniG

          has anyone heard from the asana team on implementing Markdown support?

        • Ygor Lemos
          +1 for Markdown
        • Bruno
          +1 form Markdown on task descriptions!
      • Terran
        Yep, rich text would be hugely helpful with just the following formatting options:

        – Tab-key indenting
        – Bullet points (ul, ol)
        – Bold, italic, unerline, strikethru

        • Yvette
        • Rob
          +1 would be super helpful with just @Terran’s included
        • Ygor Lemos
          Markdown solves all those and adds even more :)
        • Joshua Pinter
          +2 for Markdown.
    • Ethan
    • Cem Vogt
    • Andrew
      I agree with this – and in a similar manner, it would also be VERY helpful to be able to sort my Tasks by Priority AND Date (or any other combination of 2 things). Or even just do this by default when sorting by Priority, ie automatically then sort by Date too.

      That way, my “Today” bucket of Tasks can stay at the top of my view, with its Tasks already sorted into the order I should perhaps do them (ie the ones that are already overdue will be at the top). But even more importantly, when I look down into my “Upcoming” bucket, those too are already sorted in Date order, making it easy to pick out the next items to move into “Today” because they are sorted by Date.

      This, combined with the automatic move of Tasks that are due today into the Today bucket, will make it much less likely for Tasks that are either due or coming due to be missed, when they are buried away somewhere in the big “Upcoming” pile.

      I can’t imagine this being a difficult change to implement, especially if just doing it be default on any Sory by Priority.

      • David Revel
    • RE
      I’d love to see my dated tasks in a list Calendar, kind of like the iPhone Calendar list view.

      And am I missing a way to just calendar subscribe to a Workspace so I don’t have to keep adding projects to Calendar?

      • Richard Esposito
        I second both of these!

        And what about being able to add a time!

    • Marcin Banaszek
      That’s really good. I’m waiting for time tracking in Asana or at least timesheets. That would be awesome! Great to work in a group on one project.
      • Nick
        I agree with Marcin – time tracking would literally make this software untouchable.

        It’s an incredible product, with a great team behind it.

    • Andy
      good one… i noticed the same thing…
    • Oleg
      Project Description isn’t included in the printable version of the project – That needs to change.
      This is the reason I always create a task called Project Overview on any new projects and add the notes/description there, instead of the Project Description area.

      I am glad, though, that subtasks are now included in the printable version.

    • LMirabile
    • Jim
  • Simon Kelly
    Great updates for the polish week nice work!

    Would love to see new users and new workspaces not have daily emails enabled by default, or perhaps somehow a global option.


    • Ulises Genchi

      I’m used to add several tasks at the time, and then I assign those to a team members, but they get an email for each task, so it would be better to have an option where I can send notifications after making changes to a project, so it triggers all the notifications summarized.

      The updates you made till now are great, nice job!!

  • Rob Cooper
    Nice work on the update guys – is “All of My Tasks” on the list any time soon? (So I just have one view for all tasks, across all my workspaces).

    Pretty please! :D

    • Mickey
    • Henrik
      Asana, any update to this feature request?

      Would be nice to know if this in on your short-term road-map..

    • kesteloo
      +1 Badly needed!!!
    • Nick C
      + 1
    • Mel
    • David Mackey
      If you look at the People view (left pane alongside Projects & Tags) I think you achieve what you are seeking? Anyway – that’s how I do it and it seems to work fine.
      • Sebastian
        No, I don’t think so. Can you see there all your tasks from all your workspaces? I just cannot.
      • Rob Cooper
        Nope – this views the people in the workspace. I want all *my* tasks across *all* workspaces. Therefore, it needs to be in the top-level “Workspace Overview”.

        TBH, I really don’t understand why it’s not in there already :S Asana don’t seem to like replying to comments much :)

    • Adam
      YES! I want this too!
    • Sebastian
      +1000000. Damn needed. Great work, guys!
    • Glenn
    • Ram
    • Travis
    • Joshua Jacobs
      This is definitely a much needed feature. Having the workspace overview allows me to fully move off Basecamp. But I still struggle with see a consolidated list of all my commitments!

      <3 <3 <3

    • Alex
      This is also for me a big issue. It´s pretty confusing to get an high-level overview (even only with three different workspaces at the moment).

      Please implement something….please, please, please!

    • Terran
      “All my tasks” would be the cat’s meow – a huge missing feature IMO
    • Kelly Laurence
      If you assign the task to yourself (“Assign to me”) it will show up under the “My Personal Tasks” section. It takes an extra second to do, but that’s how I’ve gotten around it so far.
    • Julie
      • Brett

        In my opinion, this is the single largest glaring omission for using Asana effectively in a buiness that has multiple customers, each customer with multiple projects, that has tasks. If I have 50 customers, each with 5-10 projects, I am definately going to want to use workspaces per customer, and invite my customer to that workspace. However, my staff want a quick view of all tasks across all workspaces. We don’t want to click and have to visit each workspace. That is very inefficient.

        The second biggest missing piece is the ability to move a project from one workspace to another, or a task from one project in one workspace to another. This is annoying when you don’t realize you are in the wrong workspace, spend 10 minutes flushing out a entire project with tasks and subtasks, and then realize its in the wrong workspace. I would like to see copy/paste or a “Move/Copy to…” and have it allow you to pick a workspace (for a project) or a Workspace.Project (For a task).

        • Josh
        • Philippe Dame
          +1 Agreed!
    • Steven Rosenfarb
      (1) Yes! All unified My Tasks and Inbox that pulls the user’s data across all workspace of which the user is included in People is essential. Would be great to leave Asana up and watch my tasks get pushed into my unified Taskbox then having to manually check each workspace every hour.
    • Susan
      Would REALLY appreciate this view. It is probably the one barrier that limits my full adoption.
    • Felix
      Yes, great idea! At the moment I have to hop from workspace to workspace to see different tasks. A little annoying and sometimes easy to miss tasks.
    • Abe
      I agree. Desperately needed. Waiting for this since the day Asana went live.
    • DG
      This would be very useful, indeed, thanks! Alternatively, or as the next step, smart search (similar to this functionality in Finder) would be very helpful as well!
      • Marshall
        This has been requested by a ton of people for over a year, and no response from Asana? Are there any features more in demand than this one?
  • robin
    Nested tasks/sub-tasks in the main (center) pane, and the ability to show/hide sub-tasks, like in an outline-view organiser.

    That would be killer, and VERY popular amongst Asana users.

    • Rob Cooper
      Personally disagree – would be too busy in the centre pane. Why bother with the right pane?

      In my mind – centre pane is for organising/prioritising – right pane is for focus when actually working the tasks.

      If you need subtasks to appear in the centre, just assign them to self, that’s what I do.


      • robin

        Check comments here for some thoughts!

      • Nick C
        I agree with Robin – nested sub-tasks are logical and how most other task management systems work.

        The ‘assign to self’ doesnt work at all if actually they need to be assigned to another team member.

        Centre pane is indeed for organising / prioritising – that’s exactly why nested sub-tasks need to be visible there, otherwise they get missed.

      • RE
        would like to see subtasks nested in the center pane. if not than place at the top of the right pane above any notes.
      • Jared Parmenter
        I agree with Rob. I don’t think I want the sub-steps nested or shown in the center view. I like keeping that a clean list of the overall steps for the project.

        I DO, however, wish that if you are working in your “My Tasks” and you are viewing a Sub-Task that it would not only show you the Task it is a sub of but also the project.

        I have a lot of Sub-Tasks that are duplicates in text as they are procedural steps for any similar Task and it can get hard to trace that Sub-Task back to the root for some users.

        • Brian Murray
          Absolutely. The center pane gets incredibly cluttered and hard to go through when there are tons of duplicate subtasks.
    • Peter Tjeerdsma
      Yes, because subtasks aren’t visible in the center panel, you can’t easily get the entire scope of a project. They’re visible when you print, so why not offer that view in the panel as well?
      1) If a task has subtasks, replace the Complete checkbox with an expand/collapse arrow gadget. (Checking a parent task complete makes no sense if any subtask is not complete.)
      2) Add Expand / Collapse all subtasks options to the project view dropdown.
      Thanks again for all your great work… It is changing how we work.
      • Josh Abraham
        I like the idea – there is a lot of demand for it here. I would personally also be OK if we could at least see some summary of the subtasks when looking at a task. For example, just seeing that a task has 6 subtasks before the title or something like that would let you know visually that you may need to dig deeper.
    • Ronen

      nested sub-tasks gives you a better view of the whole. If you can collapse them then @Rob will not have a problem either.

      • Rob Cooper
        Disagree, I don’t want to have to collapse things are see “Expand” all over the central UI.

        The central pane is for organising, the right pane is for details.

        Hell, if you just want nested lists all at once, use Workflowy.

        • Ian
          It should just have nested subtasks that are collapsed by default. This works fine for both parties.

          Rob, disagreeing with this is like saying pants shouldn’t come in the elastic variety because you prefer the buttoned style. If the buttoned pants fit you, the elastic will too!

        • Terran
          Yes, to nested subtasks in the centre column (and retain them in the right column too).

          Sometimes when I review my overall task list, I just want to see the top level items (overview)

          When I want to be able to review everything with fine-grain detail, however, clicking on every task, one by one, is laborious.

          @Rob, the interface does not have to be cluttered to add this in. I’ve noticed that they do have some pretty slick interface designers at Asana… ;)

          This feature could have a “Show/Hide All subtasks” toggle, and then just a simple Plus sign or Arrow to expand/collapse subtasks on each main item in the centre column.

        • Bruce
          Make it an optional feature. I won’t use subtasks until they’re less hidden which to me means the ability to work with tasks and subtasks in a single view. Rob would pick always collapse while others would pick always expand.. I trust asana will figure out how to make the expand/collapse ui unobtrusive. Heck even just expand/collapse all subtasks up in the project menu would be a good start.
    • Richard Esposito
  • Mohammed
    Awesome guys! Just a few for the Polish week that should be simple changes:

    – ability to change when the daily notification emails are sent out for us that are not based in the US : )
    – Ability to add colour to labels/projects/tags simply to allow easier differentiation ala Gmail, take inspiration from the coloured name tags, makes a massive difference to clarity
    – Ability to highlight all tasks marked as Today with colour, just so that it stands out when you look at it among other tasks
    – Ability to create phantom users (e.g. when I assign a task to a user NOT using Asana at least that I know who is working on the task, i currently achieve this using tags)

    In terms of major feature, still really looking forward to the
    – One Tasks list to rule them all
    – One Activity feed to rule them all
    – Internal IM system for chat
    – GANTT chart support if possible

    Also wondering in the blog you guys mentioned that there were 60 changes, can we get a full list of changes to check out? :P

    And yes I LOVE ASANA! :D

    • Mickey

      That’s a great idea. It’s kind of a pain to view a big list of tasks and have to hover over each one to see if it’s marked for “today” or not. Cool idea, and I hope they implement it.

      • Mickey
        Ok, it stripped my quote. :) I was referring to “Ability to highlight all tasks marked as Today with colour, just so that it stands out when you look at it among other tasks”
      • Jackie Bavaro
        Mickey, if you look to the right of the task row you’ll see the Today icon on tasks that people have marked for today.
        • Mickey
          Jackie — Ahh, I missed it. Thanks!
  • Karkuvel
    Yes, pls give us a complete list of the 60+ changes, so that we can use them.

    Could be a major update(maybe already on your list):
    Now that the project pane description is bought right under the project name, that leaves the right side blank, this can be used to, summarise
    – Total tasks under the project
    – Total tasks completed and yet to be completed this can calculate the percentage of work done on the project
    – People wise tasks on that project
    – Project due date
    – Story of what is happening in the tasks under that project
    – and the list can go on………………. thats a lot of real estate to use productively (THE RIGHT PANE of the PROJECT)

    • Lisa
      Awesome idea Karkuvel! I would love this feature +1 +1
    • Josh Abraham
      This could also be a good location for an outline view if Asana doesn’t feel like sticksing it in the center pane is a good idea.
  • Jarod Karns
    We are desperately waiting the launch of drag and drop attachments instead of having to upload from a local drive.
    • Mohammed
      This use to work brilliantly in Chrome previously but then they changed it to current format where you need to click on it. You can currently drag and drop single files one at ta time and get it to upload (in Chrome) hope that helps but I agree reverting to the previous system would be great.

      How exactly do we create an account here for posting? i ask so that I can get notifications when people reply? Cheers

      • Tevya
        Agree and agree! Drag and drop like in Gmail would be best of all. However, even the old upload button worked. The new one is just a pain.

        It would be nice if our asana account were integrated here on the blog, or at least we could setup another account or check a box to be notified of replies.

        • Emily Kil
          I agree. I currently drag and drop one file at a time via Chrome. Wastes time and is annoying. Please allow me to drag and drop for upload simultaneously. Also an indication of how far along the upload is would be nice. Basecamp has this feature which I like
    • Lisa
  • Rick F
    Awesome work guys!

    I love the picture appearing in the comments / task notes. Already making use of this.

    One suggestion – give us the ability to paste an image into the task notes (kind of like you can do with gmail or google docs). That would be huge!

    • Lisa
      +1 to the pasting images
    • Sash
      +1 for pasting images as well, my workflow for documenting new functionality/bugs is to do a screen cap to clipboard and paste it. At this point I think this is the only thing I miss about Jira, everything else is 10x better.
    • Erik Osterman
      It’s a year later. This feature would be incredibly useful and not tricky to implement.
  • Daniell Robertson
    Awesome updates! Keep them coming. Any chance of time-specific reminders/notifications being added in a future release?
  • robin
    Suggestion: dependency notification

    Put simply: be notified when a task has been completed.

    If the task has sub-tasks, when they have all been completed, the main task’s status changes to completed, and if there’s a notification in place, it is triggered when the last sub-task is completed.

    This is a killer feature for teams undertaking tasks where something can’t start until something else has been completed.

    Of course, it dovetails into GANTT and other pm stuff.

    Thanks Asana!

    • Tyler Cote
      Doesn’t following a task get you all the notifications you could need?
      • Ash Menon
        I thought so too. At least I always get notifications when my teammates finish projects/tasks that I’m following…
  • robin
  • Kim
    Hi there. I was hoping to replace Evernote with Asana. However, I use Evernote in place of a legal pad to take daily notes. Is there a way to add this feature or use it for that now?



    • Mickey
      Kim — My two cents; I love Asana, but it can’t do what Evernote does, as they serve different purposes. Asana is great for tasks and projects, but not for general notekeeping and searching. I’ll continue to use Evernote for notes, then use Asana to make sure the actionable items are all lined up and ready to go.

      The one place where Asana has replaced Evernote is when I’m on a “here is what still needs to be fixed” phone call. In that case, I open up Asana and type in new tasks as they come up on the phone. For all other notes, both business and personal, I use Evernote quite extensively.

    • Sash
      Kim– try workflowy.com, it’s like asana for notes.
  • Hhideyuki
    Great work. Would love to see;
    1) ability to “hide” from the center pane tasks which have unaccomplished sub-tasks. For me, the tasks with sub-tasks are not actionable items until their sub-tasks are all completed and I want to see actionable task only in the center. Would be even better if the tasks “reappear” once all their sub-tasks are completed.
    2) ability to see my own comments and updates in Inbox – this would be useful when I want to review all my actions at the end of the day just by looking into Inbox.
    • Nick C
      +1 – In GTD terms a filter for tasks that are:

      Next Action (the next action in a sequential project)

      Available (not the next action but not dependent on a prior task so can be completed out of order. Tasks that are dependent on other uncompleted tasks are excluded.)

      Remaining (Any uncompleted tasks)

      All (includes completed)

      • David
        I would love to see this as well.
        So many things are dependent on others. While @ linking helps, the dependent tasks can take up space when they’re not actionable, and it’s hard to remember/track when task the first task gets done so you can move onto the second one.

        Not sure how/if you guys could implement this, but I trust you.

        Keep up the great work.

  • Tim Molinari
    For the next polish week, I’d like to see a fix to the display of the daily email on the iPhone. For some tasks, the text of the task is displayed with only a few letters per line and does not use the full width of the display.
  • jafon hakkinen
    How about subtasks inheriting tags & projects from their parent tasks? If they needed to be isolated / changed, it’s easier to delete then add. Then, there would not be a ‘No project’ header when looking at My Tasks.


  • Andy C
    Bulk image uploading, please!
    • Emily Kil
  • Deryk Wenaus
    At first I thought it was Polish week, and you were all squashing bugs from Poland. lol!
    • Ash Menon
      +1, I actually thought it was some sort of highlight story for developers / power users in Poland. Was going to check if it was national day or something there.
      • Joshua Jacobs
        Me too! I was getting worried that the dev’s were going on vacation in Poland!
  • Tevya
    How about pushing completed tasks to the bottom of projects. They’re completed, done. There’s no reason to give them the prime real-estate at the top. Have them pile up like they do now, just at the bottom.
    • Mickey
    • Julie
      Oh, that’s a great idea! I don’t want to hide them (since they are often a handy reference, especially with a lot of moving parts), but unless it’s a rather small workspace the list becomes unwieldy really quickly.
  • Frank
    My single request is for the ability to sort tasks in the mobile apps.
    • Devin
    • Brant
  • Gobi Manickam
    Love to see colors and themes. Great updates, btw. Bravo team!
  • Jason Diller
    I fucking love this company. You guys kick so much ass.

    Cheers from Jersey!

    • Simon
  • Mark Thomas
    Sent you guys this one via Twitter today:

    Would be great to say “Completed task(s):” as the first thing in the subject line for email notifications that tasks were completed.

    • Ash Menon
      This! This! AND THIS!
  • Kat
    Thank you!
  • Eder
    Great changes. Thank you !
    Here is my list of requests for the next debugger week you guys have. : )

    – Subtasks in the center (main) section with a way to collapse them.
    – A way to search archived tasks or projects without having to unarchive everything
    – Formatting capabilities on the comments section (at least basics like tab, carriage returns, etc…)
    – Visible indicator when tasks have comments in them
    – Tags need to only show info on active tasks. They currently show archived tasks as well.
    – Different way to handle email notifications. I currently get an email for every comment that is added and handling multiple projects with multiple tasks with multiple people at the same time floods my email inbox on a daily basis. Maybe sending a report per project (that has new comments) once a day.
    – A way to collapse the “recently viewed” section or to enlarge the projects section. I deal with 20+ projects at any given time and the small window is not very practical.

    • Robb
      “A way to collapse the “recently viewed” section or to enlarge the projects section.”

      I’ll ‘Amen’ that.

      (…I’m lovin’ Asana BTW!!)

      • Jon
        Yes, collapse-able recently viewed please!
      • Alex Jones
        +1 for Collapsable Recently Viewed, clutters up the sidebar
  • Ash Menon
    You guys are doing awesome work, and might I say this site has the single best keyboard integration I’ve ever seen. Bar none. The reason I’ve split my task management across multiple systems is that I can’t bear to give up Asana’s keyboard input.

    I’d love to see the “All tasks across workplaces” feature in the future, I think it’s something that would be wonderful for all involved.

    Also, for the subtasks, is it possible for us to batch-assign Projects to them, the way we can batch-assign Assignee ? Right now I batch-assign them to me, then batch-assign the project (works just as well, I guess).

    Actually, maybe you guys should use a feature request system (I think Bugzilla does this, right?) so that users can put their requests there. I see a lot of great features here, and it’d be a shame if some real gems got lost in the crowd.

  • Steven
    I just wanted to say THANKS!

    Asana Rocks!

    • Devin
  • Andres
    Contacts!!! if Asana would feature contacts (per project or per task) it would be perfect. Export/Import of contacts would be great in the future too
    • Lisa
      I want a like button on these comments :-)
  • Erick Xavier
    Im in love with this webapp…

    oh, the link, on this post, to the API is wrong! ;)


  • Erick Xavier
    Any news about the Android App???
    • http://earthman.ca Earthman Web & Media Consulting
      +1 – Still eager for an android app….
      • Mark
        Very eager for an Android App here too
    • joey
      +1 This is most important feature missing for me.
    • Will
      Yes – please!! This is the only thing that’s missing.
  • Mark Payton
    This sounds fantastic, but Im confused – I got the bar notifying me of the changes, but none of them are visible in my Asana….
  • Aaron
    It would be great if it was possible move task to another project and projects to another workspace from your own.

    Thanks and congrats for this fantastic application.

    • Glenn
      I’ve been asking to move tasks specifically between projects since day one. I add many / most of my tasks via email and I have multiple email addresses. I get tasks for multiple workspaces to the same email address. Now I can’t forward to Asana to add it which means it has to stay in my email until I am at my desk so I can open Asana and the email and cut / paste to create the task.
      • Mickey
        Set up separate addresses, then configure your email client to be able to “send as” those addresses (it’s easy in Gmail). Now if I need to forward an email to Asana, I just choose the appropriate “from” address and it arrives in the correct workspace.
  • Evan
    I was skeptical when you guys first launched, but with every release since then you’ve changed my mind one feature at a time!

    You guys are having a real impact on how my team works and collaborates on projects!! Really impressed how Asana works for individual task management as well as group tasks.

  • Jeroen
    Loving Asana so far guys! I’d just like to second calls for a unified “All Tasks across all workspaces” view, as well as the option to have an email address for each workspace (instead of projects) or the option to have a single “Catch All” from where you can assign new emails to a workspace & project.

    Now I need to find the project email, and send it there (or if there is no project, make a project, get the address, then send it).

    Keep up the good work!

  • Adrien

    Now, let’s react:

    > “A small circle before the name in the browser tab indicates a new Inbox notification for the workspace.”

    You should update the favicon. Cause this will be useless for people pinning Asana in their browser.

    There is missing a way to unarchive tasks. Especially since it’s impossible to retrieve those tasks via the API. They are definitely unavailable.

    Keep going!

  • Dave
    Yeah, great job in Poland guys. joke.

    – How about the ability to move projects and tasks across workspaces? drag and drop them while viewing all the workspaces.

    – Some sort of calendar view.

    – Native App for Mac or PC.

    – Growl notifications.

  • Artem
    Thanks for improvements.
    It’a amazing how fast you move in creating of task management system and how much you care about user interface.

    What I miss a little bit is cross-projects due-date view, where it is possible to see what actions globally is overdue or on due soon.

  • Antonio
    Drag and drop tasks-to-subtasks and vice versa = amazing!
  • Mattias Nordin
    I miss three features:

    1) A field to store “Requested By”.

    2) If subtasks is used it would be nice to see progress on the partent. Like (50%) completed.

    3) It would be awsome if we could have a better overview of what has been done. Not only what needs to be done. Can we get a tool to filter out completed tasks for a specific user.

  • Vincent
    I keep using Asana, it helps me to keep a clear mind.

    I would really like to be able to change the time for the email reminders. I need those at the beginning of my work day to remind me tasks exist that I need to work on.

    Kind regards,

  • Josh Abraham
    I’m not sure if this is simple enough to go in to a polish week but I think it would be helpful. I’d like to have an easy way to see all of the tasks that I’m following rather than just the ones that I’ve been assigned. This would make it easier to see what tasks I have assigned to others for better follow-up.

    The drag-and-drop subtasks feature is great and I have to say that I think Asana is a great product overall! Great work!

  • Glenn
    How about attachments at the project level? Currently I am making “label” tasks to store these but it is a workaround. Another use for all the empty screen real-estate to the right when on a project.
  • Amit Bhaskar
    I wanted to inform you about a bug in Asana from quite some time, but was procrastinating it. But now ’cause I came across this post, thought perhaps this is the best time for this reporting. I come across this bug quite a lot:

    Whenever I log-in to Asana (this only happens the first time when you log-in), while adding a new task or editing an old one under Tags (on the right) in the drop down, there isn’t the complete list. The list is only limited to a few out of all the Tags already added to Asana.

    I have found a workaround for this as well: Whenever this happens, I click on Tags header on the extreme left (next to Projects header), it has a few there & it loads the others. I wait till it loads all. Then I go back to the Tags on the right side & now in the dropdown all my tags are there!

    Though it is not such a big deal, but for someone who does not know the workaround, it is annoying. Moreover, from a PERFECT (I love it!) application like Asana, any bugs of this sort is not acceptable.


  • Amit Bhaskar
    I don’t know if this come under polishing: If there can be an option of Time alongwith Dates for creating tasks. I really miss it!
  • Jeppe – Germany
    we find that when a task is completed its removed from the heading and pushed up into no where. this means we cant see the completed taks in order of heading anymore which results sometimes in repeated task requests.

    would be nice to view the sub tasks in the main page of tasks .

  • gaston
    Asana, is a revolution!
  • Paulette
    We use Asana to manage our product roadmap and Engineering tasks. We use subtasks & tags as part of this. A few things would make this easier to manage.

    First, it would be great to see subtasks underneath its corresponding task in tag view. Currently it displays all tasks & headers first followed by all subtasks.

    Second, I would like to sort/view the subtasks by due date in tag view. We have weekly review meetings and want to see a list of Q4 tasks by due date so we can monitor progress.

    Third, color-coded subtasks to highlight critical or in-progress items would be nice.


  • Brian
    A few suggestions of feature I’d REALLY love to see:

    1) It would be great to have subtasks on the center pane below their respected parent tasks. These subtasks would then be indented to the right.

    2) The ability to tie a header (task with colon) to a group of tasks so that no matter where you view them (project pane, my tasks, etc) the tasks have appropriate headers with them.

    Great update all around!

  • Josh
    I can’t get the list of tasks to copy over to other documents, and have hyperlinks appended. I assume that I should be able to just select the list from with an project and Apple-C, but I get an error sound every time I do. Could this be a browser issue? I am using Safari.
  • gaston
    We would really appreciate:

    -Android App
    -Multiple File uploading
    -Drag and drop file uploading


    PS: If you have your reason for not doing it we still love asana. It´s just great.

  • Juan Martitegui
    Great Work guys! Thanks
    How about you can drag and drop attachments to the tasks?
  • Diana
    I’d love the option to follow ALL changes in the project so that anytime a new subtask is added, I’m auto-added as a follower
  • Michael Argentini
    Okay, so let me get this straight… You’re celebrating Polish Week with some platform upgrades. I can’t wait for Italian Week!
  • Frank Patrick
    All in all, a great set of updates…

    …except one.

    Including subtasks in printouts of a project makes sense, but including comments makes for a very cluttered, tree-killing piece of output. If you can’t make comment printing optional, I’d strongly prefer it was reverted to just tasks (and subtasks).

    • Sebastian
      More printing options would be surely a solution.
  • blatanville
    I fail to see what any of this has to do with Poland, it’s people, or it’s culture.


    • Jared Parmenter
      Break out the kielbasa and pierogis! I love Polish Week!
  • Sebastian
    Ability to adjust right pane width manually. Then everybody could use space much more efficient!
  • Ian
    Speaking of polish, the link to developer.asana.com has a typo. ;)
  • Mike Ringger
    Some iPhone app enhancements would be:
    1. re-order tasks
    2. Create subtasks
    3. badge app icon for overdue items

    Great work. Thanks

    • RE
      Please let us reorder tasks!!!!
  • Jared Parmenter
    I love the new changes guys! I am really liking the Sub-Tasks more and more.

    I would like to see the ability to set Sub-Tasks as either Sequential or Coincidental. If they are Coincidental then all parties are notified and can work on theirs simultaneously but in cases of Sequential or “dependent” tasks, the person with step 2 is not notified that the task is assigned to them until step 1 is complete.

  • RE
    would live to be able to move projects into different workspaces. Or have the ability to combine workspaces.
  • alice
    I get the feeling I might be missing something since this hasn’t come up yet, but I would love (or love to know how) to assign automatic ticket numbers to each task. This would help immensely!
  • Nate
    Great work.
    Please add 1) Drag-n-drop for ‘Attach a file’ and 2) Make the ‘Sort’ sticky ie – I want to select Sort by Assignee and have it stick when I leave and come back.
  • Jared Parmenter
    I wish that if you are working in your “My Tasks” and you are viewing a Sub-Task that it would not only show you the Task it is a sub of but also the project a little more clearly.

    I have a lot of Sub-Tasks that are duplicates in text as they are procedural steps for any similar Task and it can get hard to trace that Sub-Task back to the root for some users.

    I know the project the Task is part of is listed at the top right but if it is very long it is cut off and the tree structure of Project > Task > Sub-Task is not super clear from the way it sits now.

    Also, some unique identifier in the “My Task” view that would show you if something is a “Task” or a “Sub-Task” would be really helpful.

  • Matthew
    I was hoping there could be a general Task list that compiles ALL the workspaces in your account, rather than just one.
  • miranda
    It would be great if a whole task, including subtasks and subtasks of subtasks, could be easily duplicated as a new task in any project. For instance, if each tasks is a client and the subtasks are standard steps that need to be taken each time for each client, instead of re-creating it all for every new client, we could duplicate and then edit accordingly.

    Also, it would be great if there was a way you could easily see all the tasks you had assigned to others, to keep track of what you were waiting for.

    We LOVE Asana! In just 2 weeks it has changed the way we work. And of course the more we use it we tend to find little things that we would like to add to improve. But it’s a great program!

  • Paul
    Thanks for <3 =)
  • Yaniv
    The best task manager today.

    add a color to a task/project/asignee
    add a duration time for a task + when selecting multiple tasks – show sum(duration).
    multi-workspace viewing
    optional subtasks view in the central pane.

  • Brittany
    We would love to be able to assign multiple people to a certain task.
    • Francis
      I agree with Brittany:

      “We would love to be able to assign multiple people to a certain task.”

      I will also add that there are many times when one task needs to be assigned individually by lots of people in the organization. i.e. CLEAN YOUR DESK TODAY, or BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER. This is something that each person has to check off individually. The job is not marked as done if just one person does it. There should be a “CLONE TASK” feature that assigns it individually to everyone added to the task so they can each mark it off when they finish.

  • JP Foerster
    I echo — great “polishing” work! I am waiting with bated breath for your Android Client (Android is more popular in the marketplace than iOS, BTW– [ http://bit.ly/XkBERT ]), so I can truly become an Asana power-user! //jp
    • joey
      Yes Android app is a no brainer
  • Danilo Amaral
    Guys, 4 big improvements you need to make:

    1) The app need to be FAST! It’s really annoying the time you take to go over the tasks;

    2) Having to search in each workspace for a specific word or task is painful;

    3) The whole purpose of the tags is to allow the user to see his tasks by sort of category, as put on David Allen system; if you have to click in every workspace and then click in a specific tag instead of the other way around, it’s a silly process;

    4) Notes for a project is not visible in the app; you move from comments to the center, but not allowed us to see in our phones.

    Aside from that, Asana is doing a good job.

    But PLEASE, fix this quickly. “DO” is already in your back and do not want to change you guys for them, but you really need to improve these issues faster.

    Thank you,
    Danilo Amaral
    Trindade Investimentos

  • Colleen
    How about seeing the Project level comments when you print? I use this area for high level project information.
  • Christian
    sorting projects – alphabetically, by date created, etc…
  • John
    Achievement unlocked: Project Management Level 3
  • Luke Scott
    I want to be able to hide “Recent Projects”. I end up clicking on every project, so I end up with two lists of projects, which takes up a lot of vertical space.
  • Dean
    My biggest request “still” is to add “Due Time” to Due Dates. It would be so helpful to be able to add a time of day something is due as well as just the date. Right now I manually type it in but it would be great if it was selectable and also synced nicely when shared with google Calendars. I basically have stopped entering things into Calendars and instead enter it into Asana and allow it to sync with Calendars. Love It.
  • Alan
    I just tested the following update:
    Empty tasks don’t credit the creator until someone adds content to it.

    Adding a new task still generates an activity feed automatically.

    Am I missing something?

  • Ingmar
    I’d love to be able to paste from the clipboard into an Asana task and have Asana convert it a task attachment. Not sure if this can be done, but it would be great!
  • wapplay
    Thanks for update!
  • Stephen Irvine
    love it. great job asana
  • Rosie
    Asana is lovely to use. I like it a lot.

    One thing that I’ve noticed the past couple of days that I think should work slightly differently – Recurring tasks: I set it to Today, then when ticked completed, the new task with new due date appears also in Today – maybe it should sit in Upcoming or Later depending on how far away the due date is?

  • g stein
    Twice in the last day, I and another user have replied to a task comment thread via e-mail, but have not seen the comments show up on the website. This is probably why I read this blog entry as “Polish” (the ethnicity) week, not “polish”(the action) week. :)
    • Rob G
      Now I feel better … I saw the blog title and started looking for some relevance to Poland, though I couldn’t imagine how there could be a connection, however contrived! ;-)
  • Andy
    I would love to be able to track hours on certain tasks. This is the only thing keeping my agency from using asana. Also, it would be awesome if when tasks were completed, they didn’t all shoot up to the top and mix with each other. I would like to see them checked off in a different way but still stay in line with the other projects. Maybe “gray” them out or something?
  • Steve
    I might be missing something in the way I should be using Asana, but I am not able to find a way to see ALL unassigned tasks at once. I just added a new project and a few tasks, but didn’t assign them to anyone because I’m not sure who should do them yet. Then I went to “my tasks”, where they did not show up, and, unlike when I view individual projects, there’s no “sort by assignee” view, precluding an “unassigned” section at the bottom.

    This seems potentially dangerous because, unless I remember to go through each project, I will lose track of those unassigned projects. If it just assigned it to me by default it would show up in the My Tasks view…or if there were simply an “All Tasks” view that we could look through it would help as well.

    Am I missing something here?

  • Don
    please let me archive or hide projects in my project list without affecting visibility to other workspace members. how is everybody getting around this? my project list is becoming very cluttered.
  • Adam
    Printing Options would be SO helpful.
    I regularly need to print up a top level list of tasks to take into a meeting – just task headings – it would be great if when we select print if we could check a box to say whether we want just headings, +subtasks and/or +full task info.
    At the moment I have to take screen grabs and scroll
    • joey
      Agreed. I need the tags to print out with the tasks, and having the option would be awesome.
    • DG
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  • Silia
    Is there any hope of us uber-uncool Android owners to ever get our own app? Pretty please? :-)

    Thanks, guys & gals!

    PS: According to comScore, Android‘s market share in the U.S. rose from 50.8% to 52.2%, while Apple’s iOS grew from 31.4% to 33.4% in the quarter ending July 2012. (Just sayin’ ;-)

  • Eric
    Minor clean up item: you don’t have the Asana logo as your “favicon” on the blog.

    Just a little detail :-)

  • jb
    I miss a feature to filter messages.
    A Filter should be saveable and may contain:

    – exact dates (like 2012/11/09)
    – relative dates (like: today, this week, this month)
    – tags
    – projects
    – persons
    – etc

  • Steve
    Drag and Drop sub tasks! There is no going back now!!
  • Loic
    How about being able to set reminder emails for specific date (i.e. send email 2 weeks before due date…) and being able to integrate this reminder/event in app such as iCal/google calendar.
  • Andrew
    Thanks for your commitment to the product. Great updates!
  • Adam
    Is offline availability for the mobile apps on the roadmaps. Asana is by far my favorite productivity tool, but I am mobile and I often end up in places where I do not have connectivity. This means I no longer have my tasklists on my phone.

    Allowing the Asana mobile app to keep a local copy of the list and then sync once it is connected again (like MS’s OneNote or Apple’s Reminders) would let me throw out all my other tools!


    • Jon
    • DG
      Very important for the app, indeed!
  • Rick
    Great changes esp. the notes at the top of the center column. One thing that would be great for me is for you to do some major changes on the mobile version. Not being able to changed due dates… is driving me notes. I work from an iPad about 20% of my day.

    Thanks for the great work.

    • Samuel Brandstaetter
      Absolutely agree! An absolut MUST as a task manahement solution will be intensivly used mobile!
      The aame counts for
      – adding/editing phases of projects in app/mobile version
      – changing tasks eg from next to today in app/mobile
      – generally ipad support formthe ios app
  • Edditoria
    Awesome update on awesome app :D

    Please bring the web app (PC) an offline mode.

    BTW, you’ve missed a colon in the url on “Hypertext”

  • Leigh Donnelly
    Automatic Calendar Sync Would Be Good

    PLUS A section on the Site displaying Applications that Use the Asana API and that you guys think are Good

  • Aaron Wheeler
    Awesome! Love the constant improvements you guys have been making. Great stuff. My only request: sub-teams within a workspace. We like to have everyone at our organization see what all the departments are working on, but there’s no way to create a mini-workspace!

    For example, our customer service department is within the operations department, both of which are under the SEOmoz workspace. I want to be able to see projects specific to my department (customer service). There are workarounds: favoriting team members and using tags for our department, but I’d love something more baked-in!

  • Eric
    Whee my suggestion made it!

    – Empty tasks don’t credit the creator until someone adds content to it.

  • Jessi
    I would like it if there was a function to duplicate a individual task, with all of its subtasks, within a project, rather than having to duplicate the whole project
  • Sonia
    I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or if I am just completely missing it, but it would be nice to have task set to repeat daily but on weekdays only and not on weekends.
  • Alex
    Great work!
    +1 for Andoird (again) :)
  • Mitra Ardron
    Nice changes, but not keen on losing project level comments as presumably if you use your trick and put in a “DOne” task then when you archive done tasks you’ll lose them.
  • JM
    Thank you for your wonderful product, commitment to development, and for listening to your users.

    Best of luck with continuing development.

    –Happy User

  • Lívia
    Loved the updates, but it would be great to be able to index severeal files at once.
    drag and drop files as well.

    extra love because of <3

  • Avery
    I love how flexible the product is, but i REALLY wish we could sort tasks alphabetically. Pretty please.
  • Paul
    +1 for customising when the daily emails are sent, or take our timezone settings into consideration when triggering them.
  • Chris
    Due time with push alerts for the iPhone app! I live and breathe from my iPhone and those push alert task reminders would come in handy!
  • Tim
    My big request is for you to undo a recent change, namely to give back the ability to see and manage a list of tags. That along with what was mentioned above, that you should be able to view unassigned tasks. It seems totally bizarre to me that you have to search on a task to find it or to search on a tag to find that. That risks losing track of things. i also want to know exactly what tags are out there so I can avoid doing near replication of similar tags. Please give that feature back!
  • Narain Bhatia
    I have begun to use Google Drive a lot because it has higher free storage and has more tools for document editing, creation, sharing as well as power point and spread sheet functions. Can you consider a feature to also save in Google Drive as you do in Dropbox…Thanks
  • Carmen
    Thanks for a great, easy-to-use product, I love it!

    I need to see all comments for different tasks on a project (as the Project Manager) and the ‘Project Comments’ is not always there for some reason (even if there are comments under tasks). I need to be able to go into a project and with one click of a button, know exactly what is going on with the project to give feedback to clients. At the moment we use ‘Project Comments’ to add any comments, we don’t use comments in tasks at all. When ‘Project Comments’ is not available, I can’t do that?

  • Marek
    Polish users enjoy “polishing” done during “Polish: week:)
  • Shunan
    Need a better Android and iPhone app, until then there is no point in using this application for me and our team!
  • Jayne
    I also wish that there was some way to bcc your asana email address when you are replying to an email if you need to follow up on it. Sometimes when I need reminding to do a particular task mentioned in an email I prefer to just be able to flag that email somehow for follow up. What would be ideal is to just be able to blind copy my reply to everyone else with my x@mail.asana.com email and have that show up as a task for me without assigning it to everyone in the “To” or “Cc” field. Just a thought! Maybe a separate email address that just adds a personal task? Like me@mail.asana.com?

    As a workaround I currently blind copy myself and then forward the new email from my inbox to Asana. It’s just a few extra steps that are cumbersome and would be nice to avoid.

    I also second the need for a view where I can see all my tasks across all my workspaces. It’s really cumbersome to have to switch between them. I work from home and have two young kids so for me I have to plan my day so that I can get everything (home and work) accomplished.

    Otherwise, I love it! You have made my working life much smoother.

  • cellulosa
    I also vote for a more WYSIWYG-like flexibility in comments! So to be able to add and other general formatting (bold, bullet points, etc)
    • cellulosa
      (the comment got a bet fuzzy because i wrote the code tag as something it would be nice to have in the Asana comments)
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  • Her Mann
    Hi, great app1 For me would be very interesant that the week could start on Mondays and not only on Sundays and also improve the search box. When I´m looking e.g. camión I should found the words camión and camion. Yes, I´m spanish. ;) Bye!
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  • Henk Lok
    As far as I tried and understand, it doesn’t seem possible (yet) to make use of HYPERLINKS to external webpages. As in MS Office word for example, that you can cover the endless URL’s with just a brief set of keywords you can write yourself. Could somebody maybe please inform me about this?
  • http://oakley.com Adam
    For some reason large .jpg, .png don’t generate thumbnails within task panel or attachments screen.
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