Organizations in Asana


Today, we’re excited to be launching a collection of new features aimed at helping companies use and support Asana across their entire enterprise. We call it Organizations.

Since we began, Asana has been on a mission to help great teams achieve more ambitious goals. We started 18 months ago with our free service, targeted at smaller teams and even individuals – helping them get and stay organized.

When we launched our first premium tiers six months later, we enabled medium sized teams and companies – think 10s to 100s of people – to go further with Asana. In the year between then and now, we’ve been continuously amazed by all the places and ways Asana is being used to organize a team: in industries as diverse as education, healthcare, finance, technology, and manufacturing; in companies from two-person partnerships to Fortune 100 enterprises; and in dozens of countries representing every continent but the frozen one. There’s a lot of important work being organized in Asana.

But we’re still just getting started – there remain teams that we haven’t been ready to support: the largest teams, those that grow from 100s to 1,000s of people. While it would be remarkable if it only took a small number of coworkers to design and manufacture electric cars, synthesize DNA, or deliver healthcare to villages across the globe – these missions are complex, and require more people to be involved in them to succeed. Many of the teams using Asana today are inside these bigger organizations, and they’ve been asking for Asana to work at enterprise-scale. So for the past several months, we’ve been working on just that.

What’s new in Organizations

When we talk with bigger teams using Asana, we find they share common themes. The first is that they have multiple different teams working together, each doing their own work, but depending on each other in important ways. The second is that there are more people who are in multiple teams – especially management – who need to see across those teams at the same time. The last theme is that they often have dedicated IT professionals supporting them, with security and data access requirements. With Organizations, we’ve addressed each of these areas.

There are four new things you’ll see in Asana when you’re in an Organization:

Teams are groups of teammates inside your Organization and the projects they are working on together. We’ve seen that teams don’t always map to a strict company org chart, so anyone in your Asana Organization can create a new Team, and invite existing or new Asana members to it. The Teams in your Organization are listed in the left pane, in an area we call the Team Browser. Premium Teams can even decide how their membership is controlled, and whether the Team is visible to others or not. The options include:
Team Browser

  • Public – the team is open for anyone in that Organization to join immediately
  • Membership by Request – an existing team member approves new members
  • Hidden – the team is invitation-only and isn’t visible in the Team Browser

Unified my Tasks, Inbox and search across all Teams
If you work with many separate teams at the same time – as managers, executives, project managers, and client services teams do, just to name a few – we’re making your world much better. Within your Organization, you have a single view of your tasks, a single Inbox, and can search and save your searches across the entire Organization. This will keep you connected to more of what’s going on, with less effort.

Auto-joining your Organization
Now, new users who sign up for Asana on their own, using their email address, will be automatically joined to your Organization. They’ll be shown all the teams listed in the Team Browser, and can join or request membership to any of those, or create a new Team. This will be a much quicker start for new teammates, while also answering the common question “are there other teams in my company using Asana already?”

Centralized administration
A big part of supporting bigger teams is making it easy for IT to support. Organizations on premium plans can now can designate “admins” for an Organization, who are able to configure some security settings, manage users, and centralize billing. Admins can also see account activity, easily remove users from the Organization, and require access to Asana through Google Accounts.

How do I get started?

Starting today, Organizations is built into Asana for everyone. New users who are the first from their company to sign up, will be creating their first Team inside a new Organization. Over the next day or so, we’ll let most of the existing teams convert their Workspace to an Organization themselves, so you start creating Teams right away. If you have multiple Workspaces you want to merge into an Organization, or any questions about converting your Workspace, you can read more in the Guide, or contact us.

We’ve also made it easier for companies to decide when and how they want to upgrade Asana. You can upgrade any Team by itself, starting at only $50/month for up to 15 users. Or you can upgrade your entire Organization, making all your Teams premium. There’s no difference in the price, and we have the same user tiers for both. All Asana premium plans give you private projects, public and private teams, unlimited guests, and an higher level of support, in addition to more users. Upgrading your Organization also gives your IT teams the administration capabilities listed above.

We’ve also strengthened our free tier with this update. Free Organizations offer unlimited projects and tasks, and unlimited Teams up to 15 members each, with most of the features listed above, including Teams, single view of My Tasks, single Inbox, and auto-joining for new users.

Another step

With Organizations, we’ve addressed the most important requirements of bigger companies, an important piece of the larger puzzle. But over the next several months, we will continue to launch new features that make Asana an even more powerful way to coordinate your team, organize your work, and track progress towards your goals.

Our goal is to be the tool all the world’s best teams rely on to do great things, and we won’t rest until we’re there.

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  • JB
    Wow, this is fantastic. Thanks for the incredible drumbeat of features.
  • rotsap
    My company uses domain (Poland national domain). Did I need to use ‘.com’ domain to got Organisation feature?
    • Jackie Bavaro
      Domains lik will work. The only emails that won’t work are ones for Email providers (like, or schools (like
      • Phil G.
        Thanks. While I’d say “universities are organizations too”, I can understand your caution. But then again, many universities around the world don’t use the *.edu address (which is of course their fault if they don’t leverage the chances available this way).

        So I am curious, (how) do you work with (Higher) Education institutions?

        • Kenny Van Zant
          The reason we don’t automatically do this for .edu, is so that the thousands of school projects don’t get grouped together. We have many University customers, and many thousands of students at top universities using Asana for classes, student groups and projects, so we’ll continue to look for ways to support them better. We also currently offer a larger free tier to student groups when they request it.
  • Tyler
    Looks like this post got you guys a ton of well-earned good press! Seeing it all over Google News. Solid update. Joining a new company soon and hoping they’ll embrace your product.
  • Kevin
    This is really impressive. I wouldn’t have designed it any other way. Congrats Asana!
  • Adriel Hampton
    The teams feature is great – thanks!
    • Dan Kaplan
      Thanks, Adriel, for all your support.
  • Jay
    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve been longing for a unified inbox, the ability to group projects, and admin abilities.

    Converting my workspaces to teams and upgrading my organization to premium tonight!

    Can’t say it enough – thank you!

    • Dan Kaplan
      Great to hear!
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  • Jeremy
    I’ve created teams, based on the departments of our company… but how do you change the order of them?? I would like to be able to put them in a specific order that reflects the structure of our organization…
    • Jackie Bavaro
      Great Request – this will be coming soon.
    • Claire
      I’m absolutely loving “teams” – it’s made all the difference, and we’re not a very big company. HOWEVER, I am with Jeremy as I want to have teams in an order that follows specific “business units”. Fortunately, I’m not too far into creating all my teams that I can’t set this up largely as I want but what if I want to change or add something?? I hope that this really is coming VERY soon.
  • yalcin
    great work people!
  • Tiffany
    This is exactly what we have been looking for! THANK YOU ASANA!!!
  • alec
    well done well done!
  • Bobinson K B
    Well, this feature solves my biggest problem – switching between tech & marketing teams of the organization. This is really cool feature to have. Thanks.

    I have a feature request:

    right now when someone replies via email to a task, it often creates a new task.


    taskname will be : task1

    it will be mailed to the one to whom its assigned & followers I think.

    In some cases, when they reply, it adds Re:


    Re: Task1

    Asana ends up creating a new task with the name Re:Task1

    (I think this problem exists when we create the task via email, I know Asana is trying to reinvent email, but, the use case is still valid as there are cases like automated email alerts from other softwares which will become tasks. )

    It will be really great if this can be sorted out.

    • S. Alex Smith
      We use the “In-Reply-To” header to determine if a message is a reply to an email we sent out. My best guess is that one of your email clients is not preserving this field, although if it’s on our end then we definitely want to fix the problem. If you’re using gmail, you should be able to see these headers by selecting “Show Original” in the dropdown towards the upper right of the message; and you should compare the “Message-ID” of the original message to the “In-Reply-To” of the outgoing message.

      In general, I encourage you to send in bug reports like this to — you’ll get a fast response, and we can triage the bugs appropriately.

      • Bobinson K B
        Thanks Alex. Just saw your reply. I will test the issue & report via support URL you have provided.
  • Patrick
    Somehow it used our domain name as organization name which is weird. I am not allowed to change that. Please tell me how that can be done. Thanks.
    • Patrick
      Not sure if anyone from Asana saw my question, but it would be great if you could tell me how to change my Organization name?
      • Jackie Bavaro
        The Organization name will be your domain name in a free organization. You can change the Team Names from the gear menu next to the name.
        • Roger
          I have two teams/workspaces at different companies… and it picked up the wrong one as my Organization. Can I change it? Or have both recognized as an Organization?
        • Neil Kelty
          Seems that its “grayed out”…is this only available for upgraded accounts?
        • Steve
          I have the same problem. We are a small start-up, changed our name, but are stuck with the original organization name. Is there not even a one-time manual fix for this given that this new hierarchy surprised many users? Thanks.
    • Andrea
      I’m having the same problem…..I accidentally changed a project name to be the organization name and now I can’t change it back. Anyone know how?
      • S
        I want to change the organization back to a project as well. I don’t like the email restrictions put on organizations. But it won’t let me change it back! How do I do it?
        • Casandra
          Hey everyone. I was able to solve this problem by deactivating my account and signing up again with my Google account. This time I was promoted to name team whatever I wanted.
  • Wichard Hulsbergen
    Can’t see it on our workspace yet. Domain is
    Is it slowly being enrolled perhaps?

    And how does this step effect the free plan for 30-member workspaces?

  • Alex
    Its Impossible!!!
  • Christiaan
    Onwards and upwards.
  • David Hughes
    Hi Asana – you are doing wonderful, amazing things to make our lives and the lives of so many others easier and more productive. Thank you!

    Do you have a non-profit/educational rate?

    Many thanks,


    • Rick
      +1 – Would love to see this.
    • Dan Kaplan
      Hey David,

      We do not have special pricing for non-profits at this time.

      • Jason H.
        +1 for that. I’d love to see non-profit pricing.
        • Katja
          +1 from me -> as a charity we’re fighting local poverty and we do this through lots and lots of volunteers who come in from as little as 2 hours per week. They all need an account to maximise the use of Asana which is a real stretch with a 30 people limit, but we can’t justify the current expense of a premium account as a charity… Love to see a discounted rate been made possible! :)
      • Daniel
        Hey Dan!! -> as a non-profit veterinarian student association we would love to use Asana for our organization. It would be great if you offer Asana to non-profit organizations for free, or even increase the number of free accounts from 15 to 50 or 100 . We can’t justify the current expense of a premium account as a non-profit organization. Love to see you have been made this possible! :) If this won´t be possible we sadly have to search for another solution.

        Would be great, because we are very happy with asana while using it from the very beginning with my profit organization..

        kind regards Daniel

        • Kimberly Snodgrass
          Hey Daniel, the reason our product is free for 15-members is to allow teams at non-profits, small businesses and charitable organizations to use it. You will be limited to 15 members, but those members can change as you use Asana. Please let me know if you have any additional questions!
  • Claire
    Thank you so much – I’ve converted my whole organisation to Asana in the hope you’d get consolidated task lists and inboxes, but this was better than imagined! Thank you for making our work run so smoothly – you’ve made our communication not just easier but far more enjoyable!
    • Dan Kaplan
      That’s awesome, Claire. Thanks for the kind words!
  • Dave Mackey
    This is killer awesome! Thanks so much! Keep up the great work!
    • Dan Kaplan
      Thanks, Dave. It’s always nice to see you in the comments.
  • Josh
    “and track progress towards your goals”…time tracking? You’re teasing me! Great release guys and gals – as always, you have taken a great product and made it even better!
    • Claire
      Yep, a “start” date would be great in addition to a “due date” along with progress tracking.
  • Sebastián
    Hi Asana, this is good but I have a question….

    What about multiple organizations? I work in different organizations with different or shared teams. We use separated Workspaces. They must be independent and now I can’t create new Workspaces, only new teams in the newly created Organization. I have a different email address in every organization.

  • Dean
    Is there any benefit for a 1 person freelancer to switch to Organizations. The way I am thinking about it is even though I am a one man company at the moment I consider my suppliers part of the “Group” and would love to get them in on the Asana trend. For Example if I switched to Organizations and invited some of my suppliers that would have other domains for there emails could they be added to different Teams within the Organizations. For Example I would have a Team for “Print Production” where different companies could be invited.
    • Jack Stahl
      That makes sense to me!
  • Caio
    Great feature!
    however, all my projects are in the default team that you’ve created for me. How can I move a project to a new team?
    • Jack
      Drag and drop the project from the default team seciton onto the new team’s title!
  • Amie
    Am I correct in thinking that this change means that free accounts have gone from 30 members down to 15?
    • Kenny Van Zant
      You can now create as many of those teams as you want in the same organization, but yes, each individual new team is free up 15 members.
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  • Jorge Mendoza
    Me gusta mucho vuestro software, I know English but my team not, Will be nice to translate the software. I am developer and I like the software to control my Soft projects.
  • Gregory L.
    Does it mean that with new organizations and teams free option would allow only 15 users instead of 30?
    • Schalk
      Has there been an answer to this?
    • Jeff C
      In my experience so far, YES. Since associating my work email address with our new Asana Organization, all workspaces I create SEPARATE from the “Organization” only allow 15 members.

      Pre-existing workspaces still allow 30, but new ones are limited to 15.

      Great Asana gurus– is this intentional, or perhaps an oversight that can be rolled back? :-)


  • Aaron
    Love Asana. I use it for work, for personal, and for entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • jwjb
    Wow, Asana you take my breath away with these latest updates!

    I am just flabbergasted in a great way and know it will take some time to absorb all of these wonderful additions and how best to use them.

    This is just great! I feel so fortunate to have found you guys and have now converted all of our projects since the New Year into your workflow.

    Thanks so much for having such a great product with all these powerful features that us indie and freelance developers can use to hopefully put us one day in your premium paying tier to finally give something back in a financial sense to you guys instead of just our thanks, gratitude and kudos for all of your hard work.

    You guys are right up there in the top three tier of companies I have ever used a product or service from with not only your awesome software and its ease of use and powerful functionality, but also in your wonderful responsiveness to customers and all your fantastic product updates, blog postings, etc and finally to your continued support for us small independent developers who could never financially afford your software if you did not have a free tier.

  • Miranda Singley
    Our company has three different domains as we are technically three companies but we like to collaborate on projects. Can we join them together to give access to the same organization to the three companies?
    • Jack Stahl
      Please email and they can help you with this question.
  • Chad
    Hi folks,

    Only one of my workspaces prompted me to convert to using teams and organizations. All the rest are stuck as workspaces and i can’t figure out how to change those to teams in the organization. All the same corporate email domain.


    • Jackie Bavaro
      Email Support following the instructions here:

      We’ve got a bit of a backlog, but we’ll get to you as soon as we can.

      • Chad
        Thanks Jackie! I’ve submitted a new request as per those instructions.
  • Dustin Groff
    Is it possible to have a project be under two different teams? I can’t seem to find a way.
    • Jack Stahl
      No, not currently.
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  • James
    Our small marketing company has been using asana for just over a month now and I have never come across anything so intuitive and feature rich. I’ve found that it has streamlined our processes to a great degree and being able to temporarily add contractors like video production and photography teams and seeing their progress in real time has just been a godsend. Thanks very much! I do have one request though when you get time for it; Please make the Asana app work offline! Africa has poor reception in many places and being able to assign and create tasks and have them sync when I get to a wifi hotspot would be A+.

    Once again, thanks for providing such an amazing service!
    Later – James

  • Adam
    Is there a way to delete a Team? We’ve been experimented with the structure and decided to consolidate a few.

    thanks Asana gang

  • tcklisa
    I’m loving the idea of the ‘teams’ however, I’m not finding the option to do so on our workspace. Is the ‘teams’ feature only for paying organizations and not the free users? My group is a small start up company (less than 15 members), but we have different teams for different projects, so the ‘teams’ feature would be awesome to implement.
  • Toni
    2 Questions

    1. How can I move additional Workspaces over to my new organization? I was using mutliple Workspaces for my company the way they are now set up in teams.

    2. Is it possible to have multiple organizations? I LOVE how all the tasks are visible and the ability to collapse the projects under team headers. In addition to current organization, I also freelance on many projects and would like to group those as teams underneath a freelancing title.

    Thank You! Keep up the awesome upgrades!

  • sabooman
    Love the web version, the simplicity and the ability to break things down the way one thinks about the tasks…
    The app is the biggest limitation to asana.
    Would love our org to adopt it but need the resolve the app issues: App should have the following:
    – Offline ability and sync when online
    – Faster app, takes 3-5 seconds to sync and update with anything that you do
    – Ability to organize/re-arrange tasks quickly (drag and drop)
    – Adding subtasks to the tasks
    – Filtering from the app
  • Megan

    I have invited my boss but he can only see my project items and not my task list…any way to let him see everything? Thanks!

    • Mike
      Hello Megan,

      I suggest you make him a follower of your tasks. Like this, your tasks will still be assigned to you, and at the same time your boss will be updated on everything that happens with your tasks.

      Hope it helped.


  • JF Garsula
    I contacted Asana to set my account to have the organizations feature but it’s taking too long to set up?
  • Ryan
    We love this new feature. One question about tagging within the Organizations. We use a lot of outsourced freelancers within our company who do not have our company email address. We love having the Asana email alerts going to their main email inboxes, so we prefer them not to have our company email address. They are a part of our Asana organization now, but it seems like they are a guest now with limited privileges, i.e. they are not allowed to create tags within the organization.

    How can we give our team members without our email address full tagging privileges within the organization? Thanks for your help!

    • Jonathan
      This is a HUGE problem for us! I was the one who initiated the use of Asana within my client’s company, but with the change to organizations, I have now LOST all ability to see or work with Tags, which we have used to manage priorities.

      So now, since I signed up to Asana with my own email rather than an email from the company, I’m basically a guest, even though I’m the primary person who manages stuff in Asana, in particular priorities!

      We’re basically screwed right now, and all because we were forced to become an “organization”. When will this be fixed???

  • Jeff C
    FAIK, numerous companies may already be signing on to premium organizations at the current pricing, and this suggestion is moot.

    But, I ask that Asana consider scaling back the rates for Organizations. For my team, our company might be willing to pay $50/month to sustain the “up to 30 members free” option we’ve been using prior to “Organizations.”

    But $50 month only buys access for 15 members, which is less than the number of members we already have using Asana.

    $100/month for the original “30 members free” is a tough sell. Maybe it’s psychological, but going from ‘fantastic and free’ to ‘a bit more fantastic and over a grand a year ($1,200)’ is a bridge too far…


  • Dawn Nicole Baldwin
    Brilliant upgrade. However, I previously had two “organizations” set up to meet the need the new Teams feature is now serving.

    Is it possible to move projects from one organization to another without recreating everything?

  • Dawn Nicole Baldwin

    They were two workspaces, not organizations. Same question as Toni

  • Will S.
    I love the new Organization/Team concept. I’ve been hoping Asana implements a consolidated “My Tasks” list across multiple workspaces for some time, and the “Teams” view seems like a step in the right direction!

    I have a coworker, though, who straddles multiple Teams, and whose method of accomplishing tasks is to focus on one at a time. I know they’ll likely want to continue filtering their task list to show only 1 Team at once. I’m hesitant to convert our Workspaces into Teams until I have a solution for them besides “suck it up and learn the new thing.” Do you have any suggestions for how to filter the “My Tasks” list to 1 Team at a time?

  • Leonard
    Great stuff guys!

    Just one thing I cannot seem to find. I am looking for a search view that can show all the tasks linked to a team. I can get a custom search done that shows the tasks in a project under a team but not one that shows the tasks for all project under a team.

    Am I missing it somewhere?

  • New Premium User
    Hi, I have contacted support a couple of times to convert my workspace to an organization in the last week, is the support team backed up? Are there issues with the new features?
  • Karen McCamy
    I have the same problem as several others…Want to change the Organization name, as I am a freelancer and have several companies that are all mine…but I want to set up a single one as the “umbrella” org…I emailed your technical support the day Organizations went “live” but have never received a reply — except for the auto-responder that said you were “backed up.” This delay in technical support is NOT a very good way of doing business…I like Asana, but you really need to expedite your technical support…hire more people if necessary…PLEASE!
  • Mohan
    That’s good news.
    I wish that i get Asana Forms which will enable to make document distribution easy esp for auto industries with TS systems.
    There are lot of forms which has to be authorized by team of people and hope it comes true.
  • Adriaan Rijkens
    Dear Asana,

    Your tool really looks great, feels intuitive and has a lot of potential.

    If it comes to managing a program within a company the following structure might apply. There is a main Program, that concist out of sub programs. Underneath any program/ subprogram there are projects.

    It would be great if it would be possible to keep track of dependencies between projects and the subprograms. This would create awareness of task, project and busprogram dependencies!

  • Adam
    Guys, you are AWESOME!!!!!!!
  • Ney Duarte
    Gracias definitivament Asana a pesar de lo poco que lo uso me parece una herramienta muy util, lastima que muchas de las personas a las cuales les he comentado de ASANA no les gusta usarlo haciendo la traduccion, pregunto no se encuestra en español latino? Gracias Felicidades
  • Oskar Boethius Lissheim
    Really well thought out, you’ve taken most of the pains out for IT to adopt this in pretty much any-size organizations. Kudos!
  • Sergey
    What about CRM?
  • Johnny
    1) i have signed up for and i would not want to switch over accounts, and have all files under one screen. is this possible? if yes, pls advise how.
    2) if we have 5 people in our team, and i would like to create a project where only i and my brother can see. is it possible?
  • Johnny
    more power to u guys
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  • Sherry
    I work for the US government at an agency with over 60,000 employees and our division only has 150 but we share the same domain as the other 60,000 so I hope there is another option?
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  • Nathan Parker
    I can’t seem to change my organizations name – is this allowed for upgraded accounts?
  • Jason Miller
    Would there be a way to do multiple organizations with a single login? I would love to be able to do that.
  • pushpendra
    I like this very much..But i want a task number to track..Its not giving any track no ot task no..How can I get this..Please respond.


  • Harry
    This is a nice feature. one question, does it allow to create a team/organization hierarchy with multiple levels of teams? it is very useful when we have several sub teams under a big team.