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Add Tasks from any webpage with the Asana Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension

We strive to make Asana work seamlessly with the other tools you use on a daily basis, and many of you are avid users of Google products, so we recently created a Chrome Extension. Our Chrome Extension enables you to add tasks to Asana from any webpage with a simple keyboard shortcut, “Alt+Shift+A”. The Chrome Extension is just one of several Asana integrations with Google products. Earlier this week we announced file sharing integration with Google Drive, and we also offer Google Account Single Sign-On and the ability to sync tasks with your Google Calendar.

We’re excited that our new Extension was featured by the Chrome team on Tuesday, as part of their celebration of National Small Business Week. The curated list of Chrome’s favorite business apps available in the Chrome Webstore also featured some of our favorite tools, including Harvest, Hootsuite, and Zendesk. Noah Weiss, Director of Product Management at Foursquare, spoke to Chrome about our new Extension:

“Asana’s new Chrome Extension makes it really fast to add tasks to Asana with a keyboard shortcut that you can use whenever you’re in Chrome. Our team at Foursquare puts everything in Asana; the Extension helps lower the bar for inputting new tasks.”

Thanks Chrome and Noah for the support!

Not only is the Asana Chrome Extension a great way to input new tasks you think of while using Chrome, but we also recommend using it anytime you want to share or save a link. Just install from the Chrome Webstore, type “Alt+Shift+A” or click the Asana Extension icon in your Browser, click the link icon next to the task field to add the page title as the Task name and URL as the Task description, assign the Task, and click “Add to Asana”. To save personal links or add personal tasks, select your “Personal Projects” Workspace from the dropdown at the top of the Extension. At Asana, we’ve been using the Chrome Extension to save links to read later, share interesting articles with our team, and create tasks from emails. We are looking forward to hearing how your team uses the new Extension!

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