Wufoo & Asana: Connect forms to your tasks


The process of collecting structured information — from users needing support, partners requesting to work with you, candidates applying to a job, and even from teams within your company — is often tedious and difficult to manage. We wanted a simpler way to get this information into Asana, with the rest of our work and communication. So, we decided to build an integration using our API, with our favorite tool for building beautiful custom forms, Wufoo.

With Wufoo and Asana, data you collect through web forms becomes actionable. With little work on your end and without any coding required, you can gather custom information that feeds directly into Asana tasks. Then you can add assignees, followers, due dates, and attachments, and connect data with other relevant Asana tasks and projects.

We’ve already started using the integration on multiple teams; here are some ways we suggest using Wufoo and Asana:

  • Input bug details for bug/issue tracking
  • Capture sales leads and manage them in Asana
  • Collect support tickets from users
  • Collect orders or requests (for swag!)
  • Manage and categorize a list of event attendees
  • Feed job applications into Asana
  • Build a system for collecting employee referrals

How it works

1. Set up a Wufoo form: Go to Wufoo and create a form. These forms can be added to any webpage.

2. Link the Wufoo form to an Asana project: Set up a Wufoo webhook notification that points to an Asana project (http://wufoo.asana.com/project/[project_id]) with your Asana API key and the Field and Form Data checkbox checked.  The data entered into the form will go directly into Asana.

3. Set up a deeper integration (optional): If you want to take your integration to the next level, we’ve also added functionality that allows you to create custom routing. Your form’s submissions can appear in Asana with a specific tag or assignee based on the selections made within the form.

For detailed setup instructions and to explore more ways to use Asana and Wufoo, check out the Asana Guide. To see what other tools connect with Asana, visit our apps page. Let us know how your team is using this integration!

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  • Hans
    I would love to see this kind of integration with http://typeform.com :)
    • Terri Ann
      I agree
  • Mohamed Mansur
    I already using gravity form… perfectly suite with asana… love this integration.
  • Jessica
    Two of my favorite tools, now hitched… swoon! Thanks for making my day! :)
  • Selina
    I like all of your app add ons, however Asana seems to be perpetually missing a few features I’d like to see, the main on being adding TIMES for tasks. It would be very helpful when viewing on a calendar and when I plan my day.
    • Dean
      Totally agree, been wanting times since I first started using Asana. If the can also make it sync with Google Calendar that would be the cherry on top but I would be happy to just have it in Asana.
    • Tim
      They just added this feature!
  • Martin
    Is there anyaway I can add auto sequencing “numbering” to the tasks – looking to use ASANA to track Corrective Action Requests/Tasks (CARs)


    • Kylie Flaskos Jensen
      havent found anything yet
  • Tomi
    Agree with Selina. Asana is very helpful, except in that particular area: task time by hour format. Please add it up to make us easier to manage our daily schedule.

    Thanks a lot,

    All the best,


  • Nicole
    Integration works great, but the Due Date field always comes through in the notes section and does not actually assign the date within Asana. Any tips?
    • Chris
      I agree, I’d love love love to have a way to plug Wufoo dates into my Asana dates.
  • Djundi Karjadi
    I would love to see the ability to just link within asana, i.e. from different project…
    like I created a “project” called Purchase Order, where I dump all PO By year and PO number… these are all the PO we generate to suppliers
    Rather than replicating some of the info in the Real Project, It’d be nice just to “link” those to all the Purchase Order related to a particular Project…