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Your back-to-school guide to Asana

Back to school with Asana

Are you heading back to school? Be it high school, college, or graduate school, Asana’s here to help you be the most organized student on campus. Thousands of university students around the world have used Asana each year to keep track of deadlines, run their student organizations, plan on-campus events and coordinate group projects. Asana is always free for teams under 15 people, but we also provide free premium organizations to student groups, regardless of their size.

Start your year off right with Asana. Here are some resources to help you get the most out of Asana throughout the school year and beyond.

Asana for students

A comprehensive guide for using Asana on campus, including ways to collaborate with classmates and staying on top of personal deadlines.

Planning a hackathon with Asana

Large-scale events involve a lot of moving parts and Asana is a great tool for staying organized and coordinating with your classmates. Together with Readyforce and ChallengePost, we’ve developed a detailed guide for planning and executing a hackathon with Asana, specifically with student-led hackathons in mind.

Quick Start Guide iOS

We recently launched new mobile apps for iPhone and iPad to help you keep all of your work in one place, even if you’re running between classes, your dorm, and the library. Review your newest tasks from the homescreen, quickly add new tasks, and communicate with classmates wherever you are.

Asana's back to school guide

If you’re already using Asana on campus and would like to take advantage of Asana’s premium features, fill out this brief form.

And if you’re already headed toward graduation, you’ll want to listen to these tips from our co-founders about how to find the best job after college and make an impact.

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