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Put some ❤️ in Asana this Valentine’s Day

Put some <3 in Asana this Valentine’s Day

A picture is worth a thousand words; we feel similarly about hearts in Asana. Hearting a task or comment can say, “Great idea!” “Awesome work!” or just “Thanks!” We’ve always thought there’s room for emotion in work (we also just introduced emojis in Asana). Using the heart icon is one of the easiest ways to interact with your teammates in Asana. Hearts are also a good way for teammates who might be new to the app to dip their toes into using Asana as a communication tool for their work (hint: share this with them).

You can heart tasks, attachments, comments, or Inbox stories from Asana on the web or mobile to quickly share enthusiasm, approval, or general. Not unlike the Like or thumbs up buttons you’re familiar with in consumer apps, a heart in Asana also generates an Inbox story, notifying task followers.

5 ways to use ❤️s in Asana

We use hearts as a barometer for popularity in projects like ‘Yummiez’ (for office snacks), and ‘Office Opportunities.’

  1. To build consensus.
  2. To high-five a teammate for completing a task.
  3. To say “I approve of this new direction.”
  4. To acknowledge a great idea, and let them know they’re being heard.
  5. To tell someone, “I really appreciate this feedback.”

If you haven’t yet hearted something in Asana, we think this week’s the perfect time to start. Let’s spread the love #withasana.

For more details about this feature, check out the Asana Guide.

Tell us about some of the fun ways you’ve shown appreciation for your teammates in the comments.

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