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Asana’s field guide to summer at work

Summer has a tendency to cause a dip in productivity. With vacations and the lure of the summer sun, it’s often hard to keep projects moving or kickstart new ones. You should take advantage of your summer months to recharge, so you are a more productive teammate all year long. But, with others out of the office, you can actually get more done at work by taking advantage of additional flow time.

Follow this field guide to make the most of the rest of your summer and still be a productive teammate at work.

Fig. 1 – Sunshine: Enjoyed most when outside of the office

Work more productively with these 4 scheduling techniques, so you can get out of the office to enjoy the longer, sunnier days.

Fig. 2 – Vacation: Key to recharging, but can slow down team projects

Delegate tasks to teammates in Asana before leaving, so they can keep things moving and you can unplug without worry.

Asana Tips

Set your status to away in Asana to let your teammates know you are out of the office. Click on your profile photo at the top right corner of Asana. Select "My Profile Settings", and then the "Profile" tab. Check "Show me as away".

Fig. 3 – Afternoon stroll: Good for the circulation of ideas (and your legs)

Take your 1-1 meeting out of the conference room. Prep your agenda in advance and access it from our iOS or Android apps while strolling around the office building or sitting on a park bench.

Fig. 4 – A good read: Sharpens leadership skills; pairs well with lemonade

Get a fresh perspective on teamwork with lessons, stories & ideas from great leaders on Asana’s Workstyle blog.

Fig. 5 – Lounge chair: Highly recommended for unwinding

There’s no better time to simplify than now. Read Leo Babauta’s recommendations for bringing mindfulness to your team, work, and life.

Fig. 6 – Dog days of summer: A period of unproductivity; often accompanied by heat

Re-energize your team by adding a little fun to your work. We find that unicorns can be surprisingly motivating.

Special thanks to Amanda Buzard, Kasey Fleisher Hickey

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