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More updates from Polish Week

Polish Week at Asana is a week-long company-wide effort to identify and make small adjustments that make a big impact. In late February, we rolled out the first batch of new Polish Week features, and this month, we launched Dashboard Views (another Polish Week project). But we still have a few more tricks up our sleeves! Check out another round of our Polish Week improvements.

Attach files in Quick Add

Creating a new task with Quick Add is an easy way to jot down a to-do or reminder from anywhere in the app. Now you can add attachments to the task, right from Quick Add.

How to attach a file from Quick Add

  1. Click on the + button in the top bar.
  2. Select Task from the drop-down.
  3. Click on Attachments.
  4. Attach files from your computer, Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox.

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Asana Tips

You’ll see a preview of your attachment before you create the task.

Change Project Owner from the header

Every project in Asana has an owner. By default, the person who creates a project is the Project Owner. Their photo will appear larger than any other project members in the project header. The Project Owner is the only member who can update the project status.

Previously, you could only change the Project Owner in Progress View. Now, you can change the Project Owner from the header. Just click on the Project Owner’s profile photo from the header and enter a different name in the Project Owner field.

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Asana Tips

The Project Owner can get automatic reminders to update the project status every week.

Project due date on Calendar View

Project due dates now appear in Calendar View in addition to Progress View and your Dashboard. Setting a project due date is an important step in tracking your work. Having major deadlines (alongside task deadlines) on your calendar will help your team stay focused on getting results. It’s a visual reminder of your project completion milestone.

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How to add a project due date

  1. Click on Progress in the project header.
  2. Click on Due Date to set or change the project due date.

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Delete comments on mobile

Our final Polish Week change addresses a frequent request from our mobile users—the ability to delete comments on mobile. We’ve all had some embarrassing autocorrects or pressed “send” before we meant to, but never fear, you can now delete comments.

How to delete on mobile

On iOS or Android, long press a published comment and it will trigger a menu with options to delete or copy. Press delete and your comment will be removed from the task.

While Polish Week usually doesn’t extend beyond a week, this time around we took on some bigger projects and ended up with features that we thought were well worth the effort and we’re excited to release these new, helpful features to you. What’s your favorite Polish Week update? Let us know!

Special thanks to Zennard Sun, Paul Velleux, Jackie Bavaro, Dominik Gruber, Steven Rybicki, Marcos Medina, Sarah Chandler, Theresa Lee, Jennifer Nan, Alex Smith, Adam Butler, Katie Schmalzried

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