Asana is now a recommended app for Google’s G Suite

Millions of teams collaborate at work every day using Google’s technologies, relying on popular business services like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, and Google Calendar for file sharing and creation, messaging, and communication. Many of those same teams improve clarity and accountability when they prioritize, manage, and track their work in Asana, integrated with Google’s applications.

So we’re excited to announce that Asana is now a recommended app for G Suite, a set of intelligent apps designed with real-time collaboration and machine intelligence to bring people together and help them work smarter. Together, Asana and Google are changing the way teams work and empowering businesses around the world to achieve great results.


The collaboration tools your team needs

We believe that in order to effectively collaborate and get great results, customers are seeking a set of solutions that work together seamlessly to drive team productivity.

Messaging and chat tools (like Gmail or Google Hangouts) help you connect and communicate with teammates no matter where they are located. Document creation and file storage tools (like Google Docs and Google Drive) let teams create, share, and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and other file types. These tools are critical for productive collaboration in today’s workplace, and G Suite provides solutions that are loved by businesses worldwide.

Asana complements these tools by answering crucial questions for teams: What are all the steps between here and accomplishing our goal? Who is responsible for each of those steps? When will they be done? By answering these questions, Asana brings increased clarity of plan, responsibility, and status to those same customers.

With Asana, everyone will know who is doing what, by when. And you can easily attach your files from Google Drive, sync your due dates to Google Calendar, and send work into Asana from Gmail. When you combine the trusted G Suite apps with Asana’s features for collaboratively tracking your team’s work, businesses like yours have the tools you need to get things done.

Using Asana side-by-side with G Suite has transformed the way we work. The combination lets us work more collaboratively and efficiently together. With Asana, we've been able to bring accountability and transparency to important processes like new-hire on-boarding and campaigns. We save so much time not wondering who is doing what by when. Kyle Coleman, Director of Sales Development at Looker

How Asana and Google work together

Asana customers can continue to expect a seamless integration between Asana and Google. Here are some of the many ways we work together:


Attach files from Google Drive

Add files directly to your tasks in Asana from Google Drive. Asana automatically updates to the latest version of the file for assignees and followers to review.


Portfolio reporting in Google Sheets

Build custom reports in Google Sheets using your Asana project data to get insights on progress across your projects.


Create tasks from Gmail

Turn emails from Gmail into tasks in Asana. Make your email inbox actionable, and track the action items to completion in Asana.


Sync to Google Calendar

See due dates from your My Tasks list or any project on your Google Calendar. Changes are synced automatically, so deadlines are always up to date.


Native Android app

Work on the go with Asana’s native Android app (compatible with Android for Work). Asana has home screen widgets and offers complete offline access.


Google Chrome extension

Quickly add tasks to Asana from any web page in Chrome. Add the current URL as a task so you can read articles later or share them with teammates.

You can also set up SSO through Google to enjoy the ease and security of signing into Asana with your Google credentials, and use Google Forms to collect data inside Asana too. In other words, there are lots of ways to use Google and Asana together, to do great work with your team.

With Asana and G Suite our team has become more efficient. We can make sure we’re not duplicating efforts and that we're always working on the right things. Asana and G Suite make it so much easier to be collaborative and build a sense of trust and empowerment within our team. Kelly Payne, Customer Programs Manager at Looker

To the future

This relationship only represents the beginning of the many ways that Google and Asana can help teams collaborate. We will continue to work with the G Suite team to deepen integrations between our tools to keep you and your team organized and productive.

As an increasing number of teams turn to work tracking software, we are thankful to have allies like Google helping us make it even easier for teams to do great things together. Explore our G Suite integrations (and more), and let us know what you think in the comments!

Editor’s note (March 2017): We’re excited to announce that we are in the early stages of collaborating with Google on an integration with Hangouts Chat – the new intelligent messaging app built for teams in GSuite. Stay tuned to the blog for more information!

Special thanks to Alex Davies, Alison Harmon, Trish Tormey, and Aaron Forman

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