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New for Boards: filter tasks and view project description

Back in November, we started rolling out the first version of Asana boards to give you and your team another way to plan, prioritize, and track anything you’re working on. Since the initial launch, we’ve listened to your feedback and are excited to share we’ve started rolling out the ability to filter tasks on Boards and show or hide your project description. Now, similar to List layout, you can filter Boards to show incomplete, completed, or all tasks.

See the work that matters to you

When your board becomes crowded with all of a project’s tasks, it can be hard to see which work you need to focus on. To help with this, you can now filter tasks three different ways:

  • Incomplete Tasks: See the work that still needs to be done. In this view, once you mark a task complete it will automatically be hidden.
  • Completed Tasks: See all the work that’s been completed in this project.
  • All Tasks: Shows both complete and incomplete tasks. Completed tasks are greyed out in this view.

To filter tasks on a board:

  1. Click “View: All Tasks” in the top right of your board
  2. Select “Incomplete Tasks”, “Completed Tasks”, or “All Tasks” depending on the work you want to see
  3. To save the selected view as the default for all project members, click “Save as Default View for Everyone”. This means everyone visiting the project will see that view. They can always use the drop-down to see other views if needed.

Kanban board


Show or hide your project description

In addition to changing your task view, you can now quickly show or hide the project description. Previously in a Board, you would have to click in to project actions to see the project description. Now, to see the purpose of the Board, just click on “Show Project Description” in the top left corner. To hide it again, just click  “Hide Project Description” in the same place.

Start using Boards today

To learn more about how to use Boards, check out the Asana Guide.

We hope this new functionality for Boards gives you and your team more clarity around your work. We’d love to hear how you’re using Boards. Share with us in the comments!

Special thanks to Sam Goertler, Will Mitchell, Beebs Chhetri, Steven Fan, Scott Cheng, Mat Stevens, Kwame Thomison, Jerry Sparks

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