Update to Asana’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Subscriber Terms

As we expand Asana’s service across the globe, we’ve published updated versions of our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Subscriber Terms. The main goals of these changes are to ensure our policies are easier to read and align with the growth of our Service. These changes will go into effect on November 14, 2017.

An overview of the major changes

Terms of Service: We’ve updated our Terms of Service to meet the local requirements of different countries.

  • Made formatting and organizational changes to enhance readability and bring terms in line with industry best practices.
  • Clarified that all users, not just users of the free service, are subject to the Terms of Service.
  • Localized the Terms in accordance with global legal requirements.
  • Added an explanation of customer’s rights with respect to end user data.

Privacy Policy: To better explain how our Service uses your information, we’ve clarified several sections of our Privacy Policy.

  • Made formatting and organizational changes to enhance readability.
  • Added details regarding the opt-out options that are available to users with respect to our data collection and use practices.
  • Added detail on Asana’s collection and use of information for analytics and advertising purposes.
  • Added provisions for compliance with global legal requirements.

Subscriber Terms: These updated terms govern our commitment and relationship with your organization when you subscribe to a Premium plan.

  • Clarified that Asana’s Terms of Service (which include the Privacy Policy) apply to Customer’s End Users.
  • Clarified seat counting and billing requirements.
  • Made some general wording changes to clarify or simplify concepts.

We hope you’ll read the full Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Subscriber Terms. Please email us at with any questions.

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