Dublin Down: Spotlight on Asana’s EMEA Business HQ

Last month we were excited to start welcoming our European customers into a world of more productive and efficient collaboration with the announcement of the Asana product and customer experiences now available in German and French. And just as the European demand for Asana has grown this year, so has our EMEA business HQ based here in Dublin, Ireland.

From customer success to sales and user support, Asana’s EMEA HQ helps customers as varied as the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation and Bord Bia here in Ireland to Trivago, AB-InBev, Santander, and Spotify all across Europe get more done together with less effort.

It’s certainly been an exciting year, and we’re only investing more in our European customers next year as we continue rolling out the product and customer experiences in new languages (such as Spanish and Portuguese), and begin localised pricing and billing experiences.

As our CEO recently told The Irish Times, “We expect to see further hires in Ireland as Asana increases its presence in EMEA. The platform is currently available in 192 countries worldwide, and more than 40 percent of our revenues are now coming from outside the US; sign-ups in Europe are growing especially fast.”

A little-known fact is that Asana has been developing its EMEA Business HQ quietly, starting with an early investment in local user support about two years ago. As Tatiana Armstrong, who has built the EMEA customer success team in Dublin remarked, “In the past few years, I’ve been impressed by the international presence and customer loyalty outside of the United States. I was immediately drawn to the opportunity to help found our Dublin HQ in order to foster our relationships with international customers and recognise them as a valued part of Asana’s success.”

We’ve come a long way since opening our doors as a three-person operation; now, with a staff of more than 20 and an outlook that will see the office growing significantly in 2018, let’s meet some of the team and understand what makes Asana Dublin tick:

Meet some of the team that’s taking Asana global

Asana Dublin Team

Asana Dublin is primarily revenue—and customer- focused. Our EMEA business is led by Robbie O’Connor, a software sales veteran who most recently led Dropbox’s EMEA sales development as that company globalised its B2B revenue over the past 5 years. Our EMEA customer ops focus on everything from support and insight around product launches and features, to developing the Help section of our online Asana Guide and working cross-departmentally to engage in social support and handle customer requests in real time.

Charlotte O’Neill – EMEA Inbound Sales Representative

“The overarching goal of expanding Asana internationally creates a shared focus which is unique to the Dublin office. I can attest to a culture of cross-functional collaboration, creativity, and a constant willingness to experiment as we navigate new markets. Combined, these factors have made joining Asana Dublin a thoroughly exciting experience, with infinite opportunities to learn and develop professionally.”

Erwan Jacquereau – EMEA User Operations Strategist

“I’m first and foremost a product expert, but I specialise in mobile, QA testing and being the first French Asana in Dublin!

Every single day, we are really proud to provide the same level of exceptional service to all our users regardless of location—that’s what the Asana UO team is all about.”


Robbie O’Connor – Head of EMEA Sales

“It’s an exciting time for Asana and our ambitious company mission to help humanity thrive by enabling all teams to work together effortlessly. From Dublin we are supporting our ever growing international user base by unlocking the value of Asana for teams and businesses in EMEA.

Building an international business to fuel this growth is fun and inspiring work. I am incredibly proud to be part of the team making this happen in Asana and excited for what the next few years have in store.”

Cosmina Sipos – EMEA Customer Success Manager

“My favourite thing about our Dublin office is the great mix of exceptionally talented and interesting people.

I also love that we are very open, we value honesty, equal partnerships, exploring, experimenting and growing together. My role is to help teams gain clarity and collaborate more effortlessly thanks to Asana. I am looking forward to working with our amazing EMEA customers in transforming their business processes, team collaboration and communication so they feel empowered and enabled.”

A “bustling, multicultural workplace”

In 2018, Asana Dublin will continue to grow across the business as well as product and engineering teams. Interested in joining Asana Dublin? Please get in touch! As Gearóid Ó Cúláin, UO analyst, says, “It’s been incredibly exciting to watch the Dublin office grow so quickly into the hustling and bustling multicultural workplace it is today. We hope to keep welcoming more great teammates as we grow in 2018.”

Special thanks to Emilie Cole & Yujian Yao

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