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Software usually makes life at work a little easier and widens the possibilities for what teams can achieve—but first, you have to learn how to use it. We hear from customers that they aren’t always sure if they’re using Asana “the right way.” And while there isn’t just one right way to use Asana, we do know some of the best ways to use it, and we want to show you how. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of Asana Academy, our set of in-depth online video courses.

What is Asana Academy?

Asana Academy is our new learning platform of on-demand courses that give you step-by-step instructions on the best way to use Asana, so you know you’re “doing it right.” You can follow along with our video lessons to create a polished project or process in Asana to share with your team upon course completion. (Not to mention the awesome certificate.)

Asana Academy is our new learning platform of on-demand courses that give you step-by-step instructions on the best way to use Asana, so you know you’re “doing it right.”

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Asana Academy is free—all you need is an Asana account. Once you authenticate your account, you’re ready to register for as many courses as you’d like. The best part? You can work on each course at your own pace.

What can I learn with Asana Academy?

Whether you’re just getting started, or want to become an Asana expert, we have the course that’s right for you. The courses show you how to use Asana, from just getting started, to mastering specific workflows for your team. You can follow the instructions with the video right in Asana to see results immediately (and set your team up for long-term success.) You can even reinforce your knowledge with quizzes and worksheets.

To start, we’re offering 15 courses across four categories that teach the Asana essentials and how to build better workflows on top of them. We’ll be adding more courses on a regular basis to offer something for every team.

  • Learn Asana: No matter your skill level, you’ll learn how to set up and manage your work the right way in Asana.
  • Master Asana: Learn our most powerful features and how they’ll speed up and simplify your workflows, regardless of what team you’re on.
  • Company-wide use cases: Give your team the clarity to achieve their goals by tracking anything from big objectives down to work requests.
  • Marketing use cases: Turn marketing strategies and ideas into action by building better processes and projects with Asana.
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Master Asana at your own pace with our thorough and interactive curriculums.

How can you learn Asana your way?

No matter what kind of learner you are, we have a path for you and your team to learn Asana and use it successfully. Check out all of our learning resources, and share them with your teammates to help them learn their way.

  • Academy: In-depth video courses about specific topics that walk you through every step, and offer quizzes and worksheets to check your knowledge.
  • Blog (What you’re reading now): Your go-to resource for feature and company announcements, customer stories, and tips roundups. Subscribe to get the latest posts emailed to you.
  • Guide: Our online library of team onboarding resources, feature how-tos, examples, and tips to you learn the how and why of using Asana.
  • Community: A forum for anyone to ask questions, discuss ideas, and connect with peers about how to use Asana.
  • How to Asana: Short videos to give you quick tips on one specific topic so you can try it out and get up to speed in a couple of minutes.

Enroll in Asana Academy today and let us know what courses you want to see next!

Special thanks to Trish Tormey, Kristen Lee, Kaitie Saballus, Jenny Thai, Jessie Beck, and Logan LeVan

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