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7 Asana templates to start your projects on the right track

January may nearly be over, but there’s no better time to set your team up for success throughout the year. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the planning process, fear not: Asana can help.

We’ve just added a slew of new templates in Asana, so you can spend less time setting up projects and workflows, and more time getting work done. Whether it’s shipping new products faster, hosting global events, or tracking creative production, Asana has a template to get you up and running in no time.

If you’re using a free version of Asana, you’ll see templates for setting up a basic meeting agenda, team brainstorm, or project plan. If you’re using Asana Premium or Business, you’ll have access to additional templates for a variety of marketing, product, design, operations, HR, IT, engineering, and cross-functional uses. Here are just a few of the templates you can choose from whenever you create a new Asana project.

Nail your project plan, every time

No matter what your team tackles this year, you need a foolproof project plan to help you get organized and manage day-to-day execution. But what if you’re asked to run a project and your job title doesn’t include the words “project” or “manager” in it?

Our Cross-Functional Project Plan template is designed with people like you in mind. Use this template to organize all your project to-do’s into sections for Planning, Milestones, and Next Steps, visualize deadlines on a timeline, and communicate with project team members—all from one project.

Take the labor out of agency collaboration

Small marketing teams and global marketing departments alike collaborate frequently with external agencies on digital, creative, and research work. Between maintaining a regular schedule of updates, tracking the status of project deliverables, and managing budgets and approvals, there’s a lot of coordination that needs to happen for a successful working relationship. Important details quickly get lost in email threads or weekly conference calls.

agency collaboration project template

With our Agency Collaboration template, you can set up a project in Asana and invite your agency partners to collaborate. Create tasks for different deliverables and move them from the Upcoming Work to Work in Progress as work gets underway, and use custom fields to track priority, approval stages, and budgets.

Make creative reviews a breeze

If you work on a creative team, you know that the design process doesn’t end when you create an asset. Next comes the creative review and approval process, which can get messy fast when you have multiple stakeholders sharing feedback and changes over email, chat, or fleeting in-person conversations.

Instead, try our Creative Asset Feedback & Approval template to easily share designs and collect feedback. It’s set up in a Boards view, so you can quickly see what designs are in production, what’s in review, and what’s approved, without spending your lunch break chasing down files or stakeholders.

Tap into user insights

The best products are those that are designed with the user in mind. This is why user research has become such an important part of the product cycle. For product managers and user experience researchers, though, collecting and making sense of user input can be a cumbersome process.

User research project template

Rather than let research questions and qualitative feedback become buried in docs and spreadsheets, why not use our User Research Sessions template? Keep your research goals and questions front and center in Asana and organize observations and quotes so you can determine which user insights to build into your next product.

Make company-wide meetings count

“All-hands” meetings are a great way to bring your whole company together, share progress on objectives, and celebrate successes. These meetings can also be expensive: With every employee attending or dialing in, you want to be sure that these meetings serve a clear purpose and have an agenda that’s worthwhile for attendees.

All hands meeting template

If you’re tasked with planning your next company all-hands, use our All-Company Meeting template to plan and outline your meeting. Team members can submit topics and you can coordinate with your internal communications team to allot time for speakers and your facilities team to keep track of A/V needs.

Run better team brainstorms

Two (or more) heads are better than one. That’s why brainstorm meetings can be so effective for coming up with great ideas. Unfortunately, not all brainstorm meetings result in breakthrough ideas. The secret is to do a little bit of prep and planning beforehand so you can make the most of your team’s time.

Thanks to our Team Brainstorm template, it’s easy to do so. Use our template to set your agenda and goals, and come up with prompts ahead of time to get the creative ideas flowing. Team members can add their ideas directly to the project. And if you decide to take action on any of the ideas, it’s already a task in Asana.

Streamline facilities requests

All the work that goes into operating and maintaining a building (or multiple office locations)—from furnishing workstations to ensuring equipment runs properly—often comes in the form of a work request. Requests and questions can come from anyone in the company, at any time. Without a process in place, it’s a struggle to get a full view of all the requests for facilities work.

Facilities request template

Track everything in one place with our Facilities Requests template. You can also set up a form for team members to submit requests, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the right info. As a request moves through the workflow, you can set its status with custom fields so everyone knows where work stands.

Get started with template

Ready to create a new project in Asana? Choose from dozens of templates to find the right one for you and your team. If you’re not yet on Asana Premium or Business, you can start a free trial to get access to our project plan templateagency collaboration template, all company meeting agenda template, facilities requests template, and more.

Special thanks to Christy Roach, Amulya Uppala, Nikki Henderson, and Jessie Beck

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