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Visualize and share project progress with milestones

You probably have critical points in your project that are essential for keeping plans on track. Since tasks can vary in the amount of work required to complete them, you need a clear way to identify and share these larger project checkpoints so that everyone’s on the same page. These checkpoints are also a good indication of how your project is progressing to ensure you’ll hit your deadlines.

Today, we’re excited to announce that you can now add milestones to your projects in Asana if you’re on a paid plan. These new visual indicators mark important points in your project, keeping everyone aligned on progress and motivating your team with small wins throughout the execution process.

Clearly identify important work and critical points in your project

Tracking milestones lets you hone in on your most important work, the true status of projects, and share project progress more confidently.

A milestone marks a significant point in time. You can use milestones in your Asana projects to represent:

  • Critical tasks that must be completed at a specific time or the project will be blocked, such as a creative concept approval for a marketing campaign.
  • The end of a phase or stage of a major piece of work, like gathering budget requests from every department for company planning.
  • A major event or deliverable, such as finishing the build out of a new office your company is opening so you can begin moving people into it.
  • Project goals and key results (KRs), such as hitting your three-month revenue target for a product that was recently launched.

You can set a milestone for any critical checkpoint in your project. Just make sure to get alignment across your project team, so that everyone is onboard with the major milestones in your plan.

Milestones in an Asana Timeline

How to add milestones to projects

  • From your project’s List View, click the dropdown arrow next to Add Task and select Add Milestone.
  • To turn a task into a milestone, select Mark as Milestone from the task actions menu.

You can also add milestones to your templates so teams work towards the same checkpoints for projects you run frequently. Milestones will be visible in your project Timelines, calendars, and boards as well.

Motivate your team and update stakeholders by sharing project progress

In addition to aligning everyone around critical points in your project, milestones help your team know what work to prioritize and serve as a motivator for the next goal they’re working towards. While looking at all the work that needs to be completed for a project can feel daunting and overwhelming, milestones help break the work down so you can achieve small wins and goals as you go.

Asana milestones in a status report

Motivate teammates and share updates with milestones by:

  • Aligning everyone around major checkpoints in your project.
  • Breaking your project down into manageable phases to celebrate.
  • Sharing progress with cross-functional teams so they know how the project is going.
  • Monitoring critical points so you can spot risks early and adjust the schedule or scope to keep your project on track.

Add milestones to your projects in Asana today

Ready to add Milestones to your projects? If you’re on a paid Asana plan, you can add milestones to your projects and templates today. Over the coming months, milestones will become available in our iOS and Android apps.

For customers on Asana Business and Enterprise plans, you can now monitor project progress based on milestones in Portfolios as well.

If you’re currently using Asana’s free plan, start your free 30-day trial of Asana Premium today to add milestones to your projects.

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