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Easily manage your team with the new Admin Console

Most teams today use software tools to empower their teams to do their jobs effectively and increase overall efficiency. While these tools are meant to help businesses run more effectively, they’re often hard to set up, manage, and monitor.

Between trying to find insights into how a tool is being used—and the most effective ways to use it—being the software administrator in your organization can feel like a full-time job. With everything else you have going on, the work it takes to manage a business tool can start to outweigh the benefits of using one.

That’s why we’re excited to announce Asana’s updated Admin Console. The Admin Console makes it easier for you to manage your team’s Asana account, enforce the security controls your organization requires, and understand how people are using Asana across your team. Plus, the new Admin Console makes clear the impact Asana is having on your organization so you can understand results and help additional teams adopt Asana.

What’s new about the Admin Console

Get insights into your organization’s Asana activity

When you’re responsible for a tool in your company, it’s important to understand how teams are using it. With the new Insights tab, you’ll see daily data on teams and individuals that are using Asana the most— as well as project and task activity over time—so you can understand where teams are succeeding. Using these insights, you can connect with other power users and share recommendations for using Asana across your company.

Simplify member provisioning

As an Admin, you need to have a clear and up-to-date view of who at your organization is using Asana so you can make sure the right users have access to work happening in Asana, and remove individuals who no longer work at your company. The Admin Console’s members view gives you an accurate count of registered members, pending invites, and guest users plus provisioning controls, so you can quickly add and remove users. From one central place, you easily gain visibility into and full control over your organization’s Asana members.

“With the new full screen Admin Console, we can visualize all of the information we need about our company’s organization on Asana in one place. These insights help us identify those who are experts at using the tool and who can provide coaching to others within the company.”

Stephanie Chiquette, Director of Project Management at Media Experts

Manage apps and integrations

Because Asana is the centralized place for all your team’s work, it’s important that it easily connects to the other tools your business relies on. Our Apps tab highlights integrations so you can easily connect Asana with your teams’ existing tools and discover new integrations to simplify work management.  

Easily access resources

On top of their full-time roles, admins often spend time fielding product questions from their teammates and helping teams get their work set up in Asana. The Admin Console now has a new Resources tab that makes it  easier to access training and resources to help your team learn how to use Asana. Watch and share video tutorials, read Guide articles, and find resources to help answer your questions—without ever leaving Asana.

Start using the Admin Console today

If you’re an Admin of a Premium, Business, or Enterprise organization, you can start using the new Admin Console today. Stay tuned for more updates soon—today’s launch is only the beginning. We’re excited to continue building Admin features to help you to power teamwork and efficiency in the weeks and months ahead.

For step-by-step instructions on using the Admin Console, visit the Asana Guide.

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