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Your data, your way: Announcing Asana’s EU data center

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From day one, our mission at Asana has been to help humanity thrive by enabling the world’s teams to work together effortlessly. And when we say the world’s teams—we mean it. Today more than 70,000 paying organizations use Asana to orchestrate their work, from our headquarters in San Francisco to Tokyo. 

As we continue expanding our global footprint and supporting a wider variety of teams and industries around the world, we want to ensure customers have more control over where their data is stored. That’s why we’re pleased to announce the launch of a new data center in Frankfurt, Germany, available today to Enterprise customers.

“Data security and compliance are of the greatest importance to our team. We’re thrilled that Asana has launched this new data center to give us greater flexibility and control over our data, and we were especially impressed with the seamless migration experience and customer support we received throughout the process.”

Linus Sternberg, Head of Data Management, Team Beverage AG, the market-leading distribution, purchasing, marketing and service platform for the beverage industry in Germany

With this data center, customers will have more control over where their data is stored and how they comply with their own internal policies and external data residency requirements. Read on to learn how your business can take advantage of this new data residency offering.

EU data center FAQ: What you need to know

Where is Asana data stored?

Customer data stored within Asana—including tasks, projects, comments and attachments—can be stored and migrated to any available data region, including the new EU data center. 

Can existing Asana customers move data to the EU data center?

Yes, all Enterprise customers can move data to the EU data center, but the entire organization’s data must be hosted in one geographic region.

Will anything change if I move my data to the new EU data center?

No, your business will continue to enjoy the same great Asana experience that it does today.

Let’s do great things together

Launching this new data center is just the latest example of our continued investment into enterprise-grade features and security. To learn more about Asana’s security strategy, visit asana.com/security-statement or reach out to a member of our sales team today.

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