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Top 11 integrations to keep your remote tools and teams connected with Asana

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Ready or not, we’ve entered the age of remote work. As the physical distance between individuals has grown, so has the need to keep remote teams and tools connected. To do so, we recommend integrating your favorite business tools to help limit toggle fatigue and maximize visibility into the work happening across your organization.

Here are the top integrations that remote teams use daily to keep their work connected, from anywhere, with Asana.

File storage and sharing

Connecting your file storage applications with Asana is a quick and easy productivity win to keep track of documents, slides, and other files you work on or reference for work. 

Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box are all natively integrated, which means adding files to your Asana tasks is as easy as dragging and dropping them there. Once attached, your team will always have the latest version of a file and all the contextual task information they need to keep work moving forward.


Whether you’re an inbox zero hero or struggling with inbox overload, connecting your email applications with Asana will help reduce distractions and keep every conversation actionable.

The Asana for Gmail Add-on and Asana for Outlook app are both great integrations for turning emails directly into tasks and assigning them to teammates. You can even set due dates for your email tasks and add them to existing projects, all without ever leaving your email inbox. 


There’s a reason folks love using chat. It’s great for bringing teams together for quick pings, conversations, and one-off questions, but with so much activity, messages can easily get lost in the mix.

Asana integrates with both Slack and Microsoft Teams. With the Asana for Slack integration, you can easily track conversations and keep ideas actionable by turning messages into tasks. You can also get notified when a task is created, completed, or commented on, and take basic task actions—all directly from Slack. And with the Asana for Microsoft Teams integration, you can chat with teammates about a project while looking at the full list of tasks including who they’re assigned to and when they’re due.

Bonus: If your team uses Zoom for remote communication, you can install the Asana for Zoom Chat integration in the Zoom App Marketplace. This integration allows you to subscribe to Asana projects and receive chat notifications when tasks are added or completed.

Team-specific integrations

Of course many teams rely on tools beyond the basics of file sharing, email, and chat. Asana has hundreds of function-specific and specialty integrations that you can browse on our Apps page.

Some of our favorites include Adobe Creative Cloud for marketing and creative teams, Salesforce for sales and account management teams, and Tableau and PowerBI for operations teams. 

All of your work, all in one place

No matter where your team is working, staying connected on projects and tasks is only a few clicks away with these helpful integrations. For more remote work tips and insights, check out our remote work resource guide. Or, to see these integrations in action, try Asana for free today.

Special thanks to our partners at Slack, Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Box, Dropbox, Tableau, and Zoom.

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