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CIO Classified: Driving insurance into the digital future

With technological innovation accelerating faster than ever—and the pandemic entering a new phase—CIOs have never faced more uncertainty and complexity. That’s why we’ve partnered with Caspian Studios to sponsor Season 3 of the CIO Classified podcast. 

CIO Classified is a podcast for CIOs, decision-makers, and technology leaders that want to push their business forward and stay on the cutting edge. Each episode features candid conversations with leading CIOs discussing their most pressing challenges and how they solve them. 

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Episode summary

In this episode, CCC Intelligent Solutions’ Chief Product Officer Shivani Govil and Capgemini’s Executive Vice President Seth Rachlin discuss: 

  • How new tech and world events will transform insurance
  • Balancing internal innovation and external stability 
  • Advice to legacy companies undergoing digital transformation
  • The importance of innovating with a purpose and plan

Episode soundbites

“Consumers are starting to expect, request, and demand some of those consumer-type interactions, even as they go through their insurance processes. It’s having a significant impact on our industry overall. And as I look at this from a role of a chief product officer, my goal is how do I take advantage of all the opportunities that technology provides to deliver those business outcomes that our users want? And do it in ways that also deliver those user experiences that leave people feeling excited and happy about the engagement that they’ve had.” — Shivani Govil, Chief Product Officer at CCC Intelligent Solutions

“It’s more important to do something than to do nothing. That’s a change that will take a while to truly spread across the insurance industry, but it’s happening. It’s happening in a lot of the startups who are entering into the insurance business, and it’s happening with a number of traditional insurers who’ve woken up to the possibilities of digital technology, data, and innovating around things that seemed very common.” — Seth Rachlin, Executive Vice President at Capgemini

“In order to succeed at innovation, you really need a few different things to come together. One is there needs to be a culture of innovation. And what I mean by that is that people are encouraged to push the envelope, to take risks, to have a learning mindset. One of the things that we’re doing across my team is no meetings on Friday afternoons, so that people can take time to focus on innovation and experimentation.” — Shivani Govil, Chief Product Officer at CCC Intelligent Solutions

“I think too many people in our industry like technology a little too much. Many of us don’t recognize that there needs to be a business imperative for technology to make a difference. The secret is figuring out how to make technology relevant, how to make it meaningful, and how to make it resonate for customers, employees, stakeholders, and the ecosystem. Because otherwise it’s just cool technology.” — Seth Rachlin, Executive Vice President at Capgemini

Episode guests

Shivani Govil, Chief Product Officer, CCC Intelligent Solutions

Shivani Govil is Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer at CCC Intelligent Solutions. She is responsible for advancing the company’s strategic vision by delivering innovative solutions that help keep people’s lives moving forward and delight customers.

A technology veteran, Shivani has previously held leadership roles at leading software companies including Sage Software (UK’s largest publicly held software company), SAP, and Agile Software (now Oracle). Her early career included strategy consulting at Andersen and working at two Silicon Valley startups.

Shivani is passionate about creating products that delight users and solve real world problems. She is at the frontier of digital transformation and the use of technologies such as AI, IoT, mobile, data, analytics, and automation. She has built strong open partner ecosystems and is a recognized industry thought leader and frequent speaker at industry events as well as universities including Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, Berkeley, and MIT.

Seth Rachlin, Executive Vice President, Capgemini

Seth Rachlin has over 20 years of experience building and advising companies in the insurance, technology, and business services sectors.

He has founded, built, and negotiated the sale of two companies to publicly traded entities. He has extensive experience as a consultant to over 50 Fortune 500 and middle-market insurance companies in both the Life and Annuity and Property and Casualty businesses.

He has also advised numerous software, service, and hardware providers in the business application; data management; security, network and data center infrastructure; and information integration spaces.

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