1. avatarFrancisco

        That is awesome.Could you also work on triggers. The capability of designing tasks within projects that will trigger once previous task is completed?

      2. avatarahue

        Awesome! The lack of a beautiful and efficient Android app is the only thing that keeps me (and my collegues) form using asana in a productive environment. Keep up the great work :-)

  1. avatarАртур

    Переведите asana на русский язык. Очень нравится!

    Translate asana in russian, please!

  2. avatarCamden

    Great video – thanks for doing this.

    I would love to be able do this from the iOS app — that’s my best way to process a task queue like this.

    Thanks for all you do!

  3. avatarScott Rubin

    Thank you for this video. It really helps to see all the possibilities of Asana and to see examples of a possible workflow.

    1. avatarEmily Kramer Asana Team Member

      Thanks Scott, we will be creating similar videos regularly so you can see even more workflows and use cases. Anything specific you’d like to see a video about?

  4. avatarJoseph

    a developer has released an ipad app that syncs with Asana and the user interface is very similar to the native web app asana. While asana boys are developing their native app for ios and android, I think it’s a good alternative for those who use ipad. You can find it in the app store.

  5. avatarDaniel

    I would like to see a time stamp as well as the due date. I am using tags right now but something to put due by 10am.

    Another option is I use the link to calendars a lot to assign work to guests. If the task is going to take 2 days I have to put in two seperate tasks to account for the 2 days. It would be great to be given the option to say how many days the task will take so it would populate multiple days on the linked calendar.

    1. avatarAlex Zlatin

      You can use subtask to track it (i.e. subtask1: Day1 & subtask2: Day2).
      You can also use headings (or priority tasks, as this is the strange name given to them by the Asana team (-:) outlining hours if you need hour tracking.

  6. avatarDaniel

    The blog and the updates are great!!! Asana has really organized my office and we finally know what everyone else is doing. Keep up the good work.

  7. avatarTim Stringer

    Thanks for the video!

    It would be great to have the ability to specify start dates in Asana. Among other things, this would make it possible to have things automatically appear under Today when appropriate.

  8. avatarBarry Whitlow

    The only hold-back from me making ASANA my “rest of life” task-project management tool is a quality iPad mobile app.

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