Our 8th feature in 8 weeks: due times

This January, we made a resolution to help your team have its most productive year yet. And, we’ve kept it – in January and February, we marched out 8 new features. We started the year launching Attachments View, then Android, and yesterday we told you about convert task to project. And today, at 10:59am, we checked off the task to launch due times.

Get all the details below, then take a spin through Asana to check out these features that make communicating with your team in Asana smoother and simpler (and more emoji-ful).

Due times

When getting things done at an exact time is crucial to your team, sometimes a due date just isn’t enough. Due times make scheduling, planning, and prioritizing easier and can now be added to any Asana task. We think hitting your next deadline will be even more attainable with this level of detail in Asana.

How it works 

Add a due time where you set a due date in the task pane. Your due time will show up everywhere a due date shows up: in the center pane with your lists of tasks, on the task itself, and on Calendars. Or, you can still add just a due date if that’s all you need to get the work done on time.

Due times has been a highly requested feature; here are some of the ways teams are excited to use them:

  • To indicate if clients, customers, or partners require support or service by a certain time.
  • To indicate a task’s time sensitivity to teammates.
  • To get more granular when planning your day by dividing tasks up by morning and afternoon, or even hour by hour.
  • To include the times of important meetings on Asana Calendars.

But that’s not all…

We’ve launched many other new features since Jan 1st:

Attachments View attachments_view
Every project now has a gallery-like view, which puts all the files related to a project in one place. Whether you attach a file from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or your computer, you’ll be able to browse the attachments from every task in your project, in one beautiful view. You can even open the relevant task without leaving Attachments View.

Comment Pinning
We are continuously improving comments to make…

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