Best Practices

Getting Your Team Started on Asana

The launch of Premium Workspaces means that larger teams can now use Asana to manage their workflow. We’re honored that teams of all sizes—from one-person projects to companies with more than 100 employees—are all using Asana to eliminate “work about work.”

When it comes to using a new workplace product, both small startups and large corporations have something in common: change can be hard. While many teams adopt Asana after a quick introduction, some teams—especially larger teams—take more time to adapt to a new way of communicating.

Whether you’re a business owner who’s decided to implement Asana company-wide or you’re someone who wants to get coworkers to use Asana, we have multiple resources at the Asana Guide to help get your team on board.

We also recognize that you might want more in-depth guidance for onboarding team members. So, we’ve outlined a comprehensive list of best practices and tips for adopting Asana.

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