Asana Search Views

Imagine if, with one click, you could answer the question “What work is due today for everyone on my team?” or “What are all the tasks that are more than a day behind schedule?” Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get that information without having to ask for it, even if you hadn’t been on the original email threads?

Today, we’re excited to announce Asana Search Views – a powerful new way to manage the work you track in Asana. Search Views take the power traditionally found in more complicated, specialized tools and deliver it with the same focus on simplicity, usability, and design that we bring to the rest of our software.

A New View Of Your Team’s Work

Search Views let you slice and dice tasks in Asana in practically any way you choose. With a few quick clicks (or keyboard shortcuts), you can, for example:

  • Search for all the tasks completed by one or more people on your team in the last seven days.
  • Search for all incomplete tasks tagged with “Customer Suggestion” ever created.
  • Search for all tasks that have attachments and are in a specific project.

Once you’ve created a Search View, you can quickly navigate between the tasks you’ve found to see their details, or select multiple tasks to change them all at once. You can sort the Search View by when tasks are due, when they were created, and how long it’s been since they’ve been updated.

And if there’s a Search View you expect to use frequently, you can quickly make it a favorite in the left pane, essentially creating custom reports that update each time you navigate to them.

Asana Advanced Search – HR Scenario

Accessing Search Views

You can get to Search Views in two ways: For a simple full text search, type any word or phrase into the search box and choose “Search Tasks”. For a more advanced, structured search, click the arrow at the right of the search box.

In the drop-down, you can now specify any or all of the following: Assignee, Projects, Tags, Attachments, Completion Status, Due Dates, and more.

To quickly see how it works, click on any of the suggested searches to go to all of the tasks you created, followed, or assigned. From there, you can focus the search by re-opening advanced search and narrowing down to incomplete tasks, those with attachments, or the ones not assigned to you (choose ‘Not me’).

If you’ve created a Search View you want to use again, you can click the star next to the Search title to save it. You can rename it if you like.

SIDE NOTE: We’ve also brought the Tag list back. Just choose “Show Tags List” from the Workspace Settings menu and they’ll appear at the bottom of the left pane.

Using Search Views

Search Views are designed to be flexible, and there are tons of ways to use them. Here are a few:

Find Any Task Across Your Company

Full text search looks across the entire content of tasks, including the notes, comments, projects, and people, so you don’t have to try to guess what someone else named a task. Simply type in any keywords and we’ll do the rest.

Manager Reporting

Add your teammates to the “Assigned To” field, then filter by project or tag to drill down to the information you need. See at a glance when projects are falling behind or when tasks are slipping through the cracks, and take action immediately.

Bug Tracking

In building Search Views, we focused on building a search powerful enough to contend with the best dedicated bug trackers in the market.

You can now slice and dice your Asana tasks to find exactly what you want, from stale bugs to new and unassigned ones. The saved Search Views enable new workflows, like having the QA team watch for completed bugs that haven’t been QAed yet, or the customer service team watching the bugs they opened to see as they become assigned and then completed.

Another Step

At Asana, we envision a future where teams work together as seamlessly as a guitarist’s left and right hands. Since we launched, we’ve been meeting with teams, listening to customers, and improving Asana to expand the scope and complexity of projects that teams of can take on. We think Search Views represent the next big step towards that vision.

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  • Chuck
    My search –> Completed tasks in last 7 days

    I’ve been waiting on a way to do this. Great update.

  • Jay
    Great update! Now can I please “sort by” tags?
  • Dan P
    Nice! Is it possible to search across workspaces? I’d really like to have a unified “Today” view – everything, work or personal, due today.
    • Albert


    • Josh
      Please please please on this … need a way to unify Workspaces!
      • Darwin
        is there any way to see all the tasks assigned in all workspaces?
      • Marshall
        YES!!! Unified View is 110% essential!!!!
    • Andrew
      Unified view + offline/mobile are my two biggest (remaining) asks. Thank you for what you do!
      • Charles Byrd
        THESE ARE CRITICAL!! Please, please, please!

        Great work on the latest updates guys. Keep ’em comin’.

      • AS
        THIS! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Offline mobile app and unified view are my two biggest pain points
    • Tadas
      yes, this is essential!
    • Ian S
      Yes please
    • Vladimir
      They won’t do this because it is the main driver of people converting to paid – just to get rid of continuos switching between workspaces…
      • JT
        Does paid solve this problem? How? I also would like to search across workspaces.
        • Glenn
          because paid option allows private projects, thus eliminating much ( but not all ) of the usefulness of separate workspaces.

          Also, I think that 30 free users is a great deal, but $100 per month as the first step for premium users is a little steep. I agree that $50 range for say, 10-15 users, would make it easier for some groups to jump to premium ( I would immediately. )

      • Bob
        I’m not unwilling to use a paid option, but I’m not ready to start at $100. I currently pay $49 a month to Basecamp and this would replace a lot of that functionality. Maybe $1 per user/collaborator.
      • Glenn
        I think you are correct.
    • Harry Zurita
      this is the 5% that missing to be a perfect application!
    • Mike B
      This, along with an offline mobile app, would really complete Asana!

      Great update! Your team does an awesome job!

      • Daniel Stewart
        This is essential that the iphone and Ipad apps be full function as the website is. Otherwise, the program is only of use when one is at their computer – which for someone who is busy enough to need Asana is rarely.
    • Sean
      Good update … being able to view a single list of tasks across all workspaces is critical …. hope this will happen very soon …
    • Jessica
      Hear, hear!
    • Rob
      This would be awesome.
    • JB
      Using workspaces like this isn’t the right way to use them – I only have two: Work and Home. Work has all work projects, Home has all personal projects.

      This of course relies on the fact that my Work workspace is paid, so I can permission various people into projects.

    • Darren
      I too echo this. It seems such an obvious need: show me *everything* that is on my plate, no matter what the project.
    • Paul
      And here’s my vote for this feature!!! My biggest ask by far. I’d also like an ability to work offline. With these 2 features Asana will take over the world!
    • Brett J
      +1 for unified view across workspaces please.
    • Sebastian
      Totally! For this feature I have been waiting a looong time. Please, make it possible.
    • Barry
      Yes yes yes yes yes please give us a unified view!
    • Mathew
    • brad
    • Matt
      I like Asana but our team isn’t adopting until we can search and view across workspaces.
    • Josh L
      Here’s the easy hack to solve this –
      Assign all of your tasks – to you. (Holding ctrl shift and the arrow keys definitely comes in handy here.)

      Then just click on ‘my tasks’ and you’ll see everything in chronological order, or by tags, or whichever filter you want.


      • Mart
        We are asking for see all my tasks in different workspaces. This just shows tasks for one workspace…
    • Josef S
      +1 This! I have to be able to view ONE TASK LIST or else worry I’m missing something.
    • Andreas Wagner
    • Brian
      For gods sake! Just make this a feature!!! I am a free lance programmer and get pooled into many other peoples workspaces/organizations in asana and it is so crucial to be able to see all the tasks on my plate for a given day and not have to sort through every single of the 5 (at least) workspaces I’m a part of.
  • Matt Saunders
    This is a BIG step in the right direction for reporting!

    ONE QUICK NOTE: If you could also add context to the search results by allowing grouping of the results by project, that would be SO AWESOME!

    Or like Jay suggests, sort by “Projects” or tags could work too.

    Thank you though, nice step forward!

  • Brandon
    I can’t seem to figure out how to do a search for tasks that are overdue. What should the parameters be?
    • Jackie Bavaro
      Due within the next 0 days should work.
      • Brandon Wentland
        This shows things due today, and yesterday but not any older than that. If I go to some lists I can see tasks for April 4th for example and that does not show up…
  • rotsap
    Can you add print feature to this lists?
    • Ian S
      Yes please – this is very helpful – I currently use print with label search, or a way for export – i.e. to google spreadsheet. need to be able to create snapshop views for mgmt status meetings
  • Luca
    Pure awesomeness!

    There is only one single big step backwards: I often (like many others) list tasks by tag.

    Now listing by tag through the new search produces an unordered and ungrouped list!
    Is there any way (apart from searching per tag AND per project) to have the “old” task list filtered by tag and grouped by project?


    • Paul
      I think the tag cloud does this. Go to workspace settings and select to see the tag cloud. It appears under the project list on LHS.
  • Kamran Mackey
    I can’t seem to find the “Show Tag List” in the Workspace Settings menu. If you guys removed it again, please bring it back. If not, please tell me where I can enable the “Show Tag List” option. Thanks. And also, I love the new Search Views. You guys did a fantastic job once again.
    • Jackie Bavaro
      Sorry about that, the tags list is coming soon, not fully rolled out yet.
      • Kamran Mackey
        You should have outlined that in the blog post that the tag list hasn’t fully rolled out yet.
        • Jackie Bavaro
          If you refresh your page now, it should have finished rolling out – apologies for the delay.
          • Luca
            I don’t see the tag list anymore.
            Is there any way to bring it back?


          • Kamran Mackey
            Apology accepted. And Luca, you have to hover over your workspace name and then click the picture of the two gears. Then click “Show Tags List”. Hope this helps! :)
  • Luke
    Great new feature! Quick question though… how do you remove a quick search after you have created it?
  • Mike
    I like the new feature, but concur that the results of the search need to have the ability to sort by project.
    • Kamran Mackey
      You can. If you type the project name in the “In projects” field you should be able to sort by project. Hope this helps you out! :)
      • Amy
        This isn’t helpful when you want to sort all projects. Presumably, you could have too many projects to type all of them in. Unless I’m not understanding.
    • Jackie Bavaro
  • Paul Lumsdaine
    Great UI enhancement! Search is now even better and stronger.
  • Alverez
    add a “Save Search” feature. or Print/email view feature to have more “reporting” capability
    • Kenny
      If you click the star next to the search name, you can save it to your favorites in the left pane – and even rename it.
      • alverez
        cool! thanks
  • Tim
    Great stuff !

    Offline/mobile is now my most pressing need. With those implemented, Asana will fully replace the post-its on my desk!

    • Kamran Mackey
      Asana already has mobile applications. And I doubt Asana will ever be available without an Internet connection. Because Asana needs to always reach their servers or Asana won’t work.
    • Karkuvel
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  • Johann
    Fantastic work, you guys! Been looking for this a long time.
  • Alex Teterin
    Thankyou this is great!

    Please make DUE TIME in task!! not only DUE DATE

    • Ticiane Aguiar
      That would be great! I ask this a long time ago. Please add the DUE TIME, as soon as possible!
      • jwjb
        This would be a great addition as I tend to track a lot of things that are due at particular times on a daily basis as well as tasks that are due at particular times weeks and months in the future.
      • Kamran Mackey
        Please request this at and put this feature in the “Feedback & Feature Requests” category by clicking the dropdown menu beside “I want help with”. We don’t need a billion comments with feature requests in this comment thread. Thank you. :)
      • Ashley
        Yes, add time!!! That would be great!!!
  • Umesh Pandey
    Great update. thanks for the change.
  • Michel Triana
    Thanks for the new feature. I was playing with it and now my left pane is overcrowded with Search Views, and I can’t find a way to remove them. Please help, this is both annoying and confusing to everyone on our team.

    Need a simple way to Remove/Delete a search view. It seems it gets saved automatically for every advance search you make. I think it would make more sense to have the ability to “Save the Search View” after you have found it useful or not, depending on the results it brings back.

    Please help. Thanks!

    • S. Alex Smith
      These recent searches will go away on their own after disuse. We show the 5 most recent searches / users / projects that you’ve visited in the left pane (although we don’t show recent projects if your workspace has a small number of projects in total); so your recent searches should get displaced as you navigate.

      It’s also possible to save the search by starring it, in which case it will stick around as long as you like.

      • Paul
        Why not just have all searches listed at the bottom of the Search break out menu with little x’s next to them?

        Designing and coding the logic of when they should remain, and when they should finally disappear seems complicated in an attempt to interpret the comfort level of users with any given ttl.

  • Zlatko
    No possibility to edit comments :D
  • Yves Frateur
    Fantastic to see yet another improvement. Keep up the good work! <3
  • Alain Sturzenegger
    Nice improvement, BUT I would really like to be able to search over task notes and task comments.
    • S. Alex Smith
      This should happen if you enter text in “Contains the words”.
  • Paul
    Great improvement, Asana! Nice. Keep up the good work.

    New features make me hungry for more, though. My biggest problem with Asana (and that of many of my colleagues) is this: It is inevitable that a user creates (or is part of) multiple ‘workspaces’. Yet, there is NO overview of al my (due) task from multiple workspaces. This is a great impediment for us. For example, we use an internal workspace, but have several workspaces that manage complex external project with clients.

    • Jonathan
      I agree and have thought the same thing
      • Tom
        Yes please!
    • Paul
      To support scrum and agile, all work should be in a singular, managed, prioritized list. If some developers are on multiple teams, consider breaking them into a separate Team with their own backlog comprised of items pulled from other project backlogs.

      If you and your colleagues are on multiple Teams, the problem is not with the software tools.

  • Jörn Berkefeld
    lovin’ it!
    didn’t even know i wanted that all the time =)
  • Konda
    Can you please switch it back that the new comments/updates in the email notifications show on top instead of at the bottom. This is very frustrating. It was much better the initial way.

    Or at least give users the choice in their settings so they can choose themselves what order they want them to appear in the email notifications.


  • Kartik Ayyar
    Is there a way to run a search with an API to automate report generation ?
    • Dan Kaplan
      Not at the time, but that’s an interesting idea!
  • Vladimir
    Some of the hotkey are not working in search views. For example I can’t archive completed tasks with Tab+Z.

    Guys, search is great but please improve the [notepad] editor you are using for the comment. Add at least markdown or something!

    Telling us that you care about developers means we need proper ways to share and collaborate on source codes. At least we need them to be formatted!

  • Manuel
    Great update! Now the search is really fast!!
  • Nia
    is there any easy way to make all the each subtask can be group follower.. im found very waste of time to make enter each subtask and make one by one follower on it..
  • Jonathan Brumfield
    Thank you so much for the update. With these changes, you have removed a few major points of frustration for me. Tasks are no longer slipping through the cracks and I am now able to see today’s tasks on the Android.
  • Jordan
    THANK YOU for the tags list!
  • Matt Rainville
    Being able to do an “OR” search by tags would be helpful in addition to the “AND” search. Searching via RegEx would be great, as well.
  • RE
    Search still doesn’t search descriptions for a task?
    • Dan Kaplan
      If you use the “Contains the words” field, it will search across task notes and comments.
  • Santhosh
    This is really an awesome update!!! …. sooooperb
    Keep the good work guys,.
  • Ben
    Nice! Useful querying and searching is really helpful. Thanks good feature improvement!
  • Philippe Dame
    This is a great concept and it’s well executed.

    The keyword search function, however, seems to strip out all non-alphanumeric characters. If I search for a “[QA]” it returns all tasks that mention “QA” without the parenthesis.

    We use the square bracket as a prefix to the task name so we can work some bugs through a process without relocating them (as the sub-headers are important categorization for us”.

    I tried {QA} and #QA hoping that a search for those would not just find any “QA” in the task. No luck. Any suggestions? Tags don’t work as we use those for a different purpose (e.g. tracking the clients impacted by the issue).

    Also, it would be nice to have a way to limit the search to the task summary (excluding the description).

  • Emilio Cecconi
    Great work! This is awesome!
  • Frank
    Bravo Bravo (actually I stood up)
    You keep improving your tool, but this kind of changes make the difference versus other tools.
    Unify Workspaces would be such a great thing.


  • Hide Harashima
    Big improvement on search. Thank you! Curious to hear which technology was used for the search feature if it wasn’t built by Asana?
  • jwjb
    Awesome addition to an already awesome app which is becoming awesomer with every addition.
  • Mike
    This is a great improvement to Asana… at this point, you guys are really unstoppable and I’m almost considering using it as my own personal task manager (I currently use Things for Mac/iPhone because it conforms to the GTD system very nicely)… keep up the great work. If you can somehow model this or shape it in some way to conform to the GTD style of work, my god… this would be a revolution. Not that it isn’t already. ;)
  • Miguel
    Great update! Thanks!!
  • Maxim
    Awesome update!
  • Mark
    Is there any way to create a search for tasks completed within a time window. I would use this view to manage my weekly team updates, highlighting recent achievements.
  • Chris
    How can I do an OR? i.e. show me all tasks in either project A OR project B
    • Jarrod
      I second this. This feature is amazing, but allowing ‘OR’ as well as ‘AND’ would really expand the possible uses of this.
      • Jackie Bavaro

        The Project Field now does OR (you can choose “In Multiple Projects” if you still want AND)

        • Christian Rodriguez
          But why just the project field? Why not tags (specifically I’m looking for tags!) or other sections as well!?
  • Jonathan
    How about integration with Box and We use those two and Asana, but that means we now have tasks in three different places. Could there be a way so Box and Salesforce tasks are seamlessly included in Asana, so Asana becomes the single and comprehensive place to track tasks?
  • Jeremy
    Great new feature … with a small ‘but’ : the new search function does not make it possible to search through archived projects when you want to find one through its project title?

    Which is a little frustrating for us: we often search for and “restart” (=unarchive) archived projects when new tasks for those projects appear after all the original created ones already had been completed.

    This way, we avoid making “double” projects, and as such, we avoid having a endlessly long list of projects.

    (the new search function does find archived projects, but only when you enter key words of a task that has been linked to the specific project – which of course is not the same thing …)

    In a word: a “Find Projects”-view would be equally useful!

  • Victor Gardea
    How can I remove/delete a search view???
  • seth
    Question – I’m trying to create a search of Incomplete Tasks, assigned to me, within a certain project.

    It seems that if you choose within a certain project, it doesn’t pick up the subtask assignments within that project.

    we use seperate projects for each area in our department, then add tasks to a ‘sprints’ project to manage the next two weeks. We add the task, which may have subtasks, but the subtasks don’t show up in the ‘sprints’ filter.

    Any ideas here?

  • Jessica
    Need. Unified. Workspace. Please. Head. Exploding.
  • Ashley Masen
    Great Feature… However it’s severely lacking due to a limitation in the subtask system. When you create a subtask, it doesn’t have a project assigned to it. So when I go search for tasks in a specific project, none of my subtasks show up.
    • Ashley Masen
      Subtasks are still broken. Ever since this change our Asana has been a mess. Please fix this as it’s becoming slowing overwhelming rather than helpful.
  • Paul
    Great! I was waiting for this since a long time. Good job!
  • Leonard
    Great stuff guys!
  • Jörn Berkefeld
    +1000 for the subtask issues mentioned

    and a little bit off topic: just got word a “Trello” and really liked their voting-for-tasks feature. Taking another look at Asana it turns out that’s already available with “Hearts” AND you can even sort by Hearts… =) keep up the good work

  • Carlo
    I thought this would have solved the need of knowing the tasks closed in a specific date, but unfortunately it is still not there.
    Can we have the option to search tasks closed in a particular date? This would be amazing to help with Daily Standups as the answer “What did you do yesterday” would be immediate and the curent function is limited to “the last X days” but it is not actually working perfectly

    Thanks guys for the continuous updates and the great work!

  • Don
    I’m just impressed with the commitment of the Asana team to listen, innovate, and continuously improve, as demonstrated by new features like this. Thanks to each one of you for your commitment to excellence in what you do.
  • Clive
    This new search view doesn’t work on Personal Projects
    • Monojoy
      Same issue. Asana, could you please help? Thanks.
      • David Braginsky
        It should be fixed now, thanks for letting us know!
  • Gearóid
    I don’t seem to be able to delete searches that I’ve run (free version). these are clogging up my left pane.
    maybe I’m missing something completely obvious.
    • Monojoy
      Same problem. :(
  • Khaja Peeran
    Awesome and Interesting idea
  • Monojoy
    How do I delete the Search View listing that are clogging up my left panel? Many of these are one-time searches which I do not need again, but they have become fixed within the project.
  • hr88
    Can we create saved searches which are emailed to us at set intervals, for example, email me overdue tasks by x person once a week, so that i can follow-up with them.
  • Anees
    Greet Work
    But the main problem is anyone in my project can delete my tasks or edit my replies

    Please Solve this issue, it will be greet

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  • Luke H
    Add me to the list of users who want to be able to immediately delete a search. Actually I would prefer it if the searches did NOT automatically get saved unless I explicitly choose to save them.
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  • Julia
    I, too, dream of being able to delete searches (and choose whether or not to save them in the first place). It is confusing to see searches that are no longer useful to me whenever I look at the left panel.
  • Adam Lundquist
    Is there a way to filter the search. For example I don’t want any of the search results to come up that contain the word “organize”
  • Brian
    Hi All,
    Anyone figure out how to search for tasks that do not contain a due date?


  • Daniel Rasmuson
    This is my favorite feature.

    Asana Team… I love you

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  • Roberto Guckes
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  • Gabriele Ribichini
    I am not able to search for Projects description.. any hints ?
    I’m using Sections to organize my projects workflow, I’d love to be able to create Saved Searches using Sections. Do you have any plan on adding sections to the Advanced Search? BTW keep up the good work. Asana really ROCKS !
    • Sara Himeles
      Thanks for the feedback, it’s on our list of suggested features!
      • Dan P
        I second this! This is a great way for us to collate objectives
  • Ricado Fiel
    Hi, good work! Asana’s really awesome for task management.

    The feature I miss the most in Search Views is the ability to export them (excel, google spreadshet, …).


  • Laura North
    Scrolling up and down this page I can see a huge amount of requests for a unified list of all tasks across the workspaces. Has this been added/resolved? I really love Asana but this feature is essential for me — could someone from Asana give an update on their plans around this? I’d be happy to pay a reasonable fee ($50 a month is too much) for this function. But I’m not even sure if paying allows you to do this. Would be grateful for an answer. Thank you! (Apologies if I’ve missed any answer from Asana above.)
    • Josh Torres
      We don’t have global views for tasks across Workspaces planned right now, but we are noting the requests. Thanks for the feedback!
      • Ayron
        Is there a philosophical reason why there is no global view for workspaces?

        I would pay for this feature too – it’s my major pain point using Asana.

        • Josh Torres
          Global views are something we are exploring as a possible feature in the future. We don’t have any timelines to share, but we are noting the requests for this function. Thanks for the feedback around this!
          • Eduardo Williams
            +1 ( and everyone in my company ) to this feature, PLEASE =)
  • Laura North
    Hi Josh – thanks very much for the response, and it’s really good to hear that you are noting the requests for this function. As Ayron says above, I think it’s the major issue with the service. I also hate to say this but Hill88 have developed a really effective iPhone and iPad app that provides a unified task list and I am now using that, alongside Asana on my computer. But I think it isn’t so great for you if an alternative app does more than the official one. I think Asana is the best task management system I’ve used so far (and I’ve tried a lot!) and I really want to support it and pay. It would be great if you thought seriously about developing the unified task list really soon! Thanks again – Asana overall has made life a lot easier.
  • Ulf
    Missing wildcard search. You always have to know exactly how the word to search for, is exactly spelled.
  • David Thrale
    The ability to share a saved search would be great. Perhaps a search could have followers, with followers being able to use the same custom search. It would help avoid having slightly different searches trying to achieve the same thing. It would also simply save time of everyone in the team creating their own similar searches.
  • Steve Lacy
    I could also really use a wildcard search. Would be very helpful.
  • Andrzej
    WIldcards please!!! English is a piece of cake, think about flectional languages. I’m feeling like in early 90s.
  • Pingback: How to Search by Section in Asana()

  • Johann
    Wildcards Please!!! I always wonder if the search box shows results which no longer appear in the saved search (after hitting enter) afterwards.
  • Roman
    Wildcards please!!! I can not find “finding-beautyland”, which is the URL “”.
  • jonathan rodwell
    No widcards – a big setback!
  • LeslieHenry
    AND is the sole boolean operator supported in searches on tags? What about OR on tags? NOT would be super, as would parentheses to specify evaluation precedence. Then, can I save some views?
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