Welcome to the Asana Engineering Blog

Welcome to our new Asana engineering blog, a channel for our more technical thoughts. Every day, we work hard to help organizations be more effective. With this blog, we hope we can supplement our product by sharing our ideas, tools, processes, and code.

We love building Asana. We think that shows in the way we do everything, and that it’d be fun to share our joy with the rest of the world. We hope that some of you connect with the way we do things, and that maybe you’ll come join us to do it together.

Coming soon, you can expect us to cover a range of possible topics:

  • Infrastructure we’ve built, like our pubsub system  or our testing framework
  • Challenges we’ve faced, like migrating to new data models for Organizations
  • Ways we break down problems, like user adoption and retention
  • Processes we use to run smoothly, like Grease Week
  • Profiles of our team members

Let us know what you’d most like to hear about in the comments!

Jack Stahl, an engineer at Asana, believes deeply in transparency and collaboration.

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