A better approach to teamwork

At Asana, we value transparency and working together as peers, and these values are reflected in the Asana product.  For instance, everyone can assign tasks to another team member, whether it’s your first job or you lead the company.

Based on what we’ve observed about effective teamwork, we created a video to show what happens when people work with one another, instead of for one another.  Check it out below and let us know what you think about this approach to teamwork in the comments.

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  • Chad Keck
    Great video guys, thanks for sharing.

    By the way, who did the video? It was done very well.

    • Emily Kramer
      Thanks Chad. Joey Dello Russo, one of the authors listed on the post, created it. He works here at Asana!
  • D
    Hey Asana, great message and from experience, that is definitely how teams should work. Great quality video as well. I would just suggest to try to synchronize what is shown in the video a bit more with the audio. Many additional features were shown that kind of draw focus away from the narrator.
    Great job guys, keep up the good work!
  • Bobby Wills
    I couldn’t agree more with Asana, very TRUE. Are there Commercial/Business Development/Sales positions in your organizations? I will be interested (to hear from you).
  • jwjb
    Great video and would love to see a compilation video along these lines of a project that is somewhat complicated and involved to see even more of the ins and outs of how Asana does Asana.
  • Ben Drucker
    I’d love to see more “How We Use Asana” posts. My biggest hangup is usually not Asana itself, but how to intelligently manage projects. For example, the “GOALS” section shown mid-video with people assigned to each is a brilliant idea. I’ll definitely be using it. Having a peek into other people’s workflows more often would be awesome.
  • Tintin
    Love the video. Thanks!
  • AJ
    Hi! I just discovered Asana and it’s simply great. The video really helps in getting glimpse of what is possible with Asana. However, due to my over enthusiasm with asana, I have the gigantic task of convincing my manager and team to adopt this awesome tool. I would really like to help everyone in my team see how this tool can help us do better while making our [work] lives easier. So far I have been pitching it as ‘It is not a yoga pose, but it does increase your productivity and peace of mind’! :-)
    Based on a brief search on google I am not able to find any video that explains how to use Asana all the way, there are bits and pieces, but it seems one would need to have used Asana for a while to understand everything or all possibilities. So my question, or rather request is, can you produce one single video that can explain it all for a beginner, which can also be used to ‘sell’ it to a beginner team [to the manager]? Is there such a video out there?
    Thanks a bunch for considering.
    • Justin Krause
      Hi AJ,

      We’re ramping up our video production here at Asana, and we have many more on the way.

      There may not be “one” definitive video that will explain everything, but we are working on a new “intro to Asana” video which should cover the main points. We are also working on a variety of smaller videos to highlight features and best practices. Stay tuned, and subscribe to our blog (top of the page, on the right) if you want to stay updated on the latest videos we produce.


      • AJ
        Thanks a lot Justin. This definitely helps and looking forward to more.
    • Roman
      Well, I am surprised that Justin didn’t link you up to this hour long asana live seminar called “how we use asana in asana to run asana”.
      I found this video very helpful and ispiring, it might be useful for you too http://asana.wistia.com/medias/1mxnk374f3
      and some shortcuts from full length video can be found here http://blog.asana.com/2013/10/best-practices-event/
  • Eduardo Bedural Jr.
    Great video! Keep us surprised!