New project Views have arrived in Asana

Today, we are changing the way completed tasks work and adding more project Views to Asana, as we mentioned in December. Completed tasks contain conversations, attachments, and notes that are essential to your team’s work and communication. Seeing completed tasks in-line with your upcoming work is often helpful, but sometimes you just want to see what’s left to do. Our new View options make it easy to see the tasks you want to see, when you want to see them.

Previously, completed tasks piled up at the top of your My Tasks list and Projects, completed tasks did not remain in Sections, and sorting across active, completed, and archived tasks was difficult. Now, you can customize your Views and organize your tasks (even if they have been completed) in more ways. For additional details on what’s changed and how this may affect your workflow, read our previous blog post.

Completed tasks main

Designing new Views

We’d like to share with you how we arrived at this solution through our design process. As with any new feature, we refer to our Design Principles, and often need to balance several factors when making decisions.

Flexible AND simple

We want Asana to be easy to understand and use, regardless of how many features you use or how long you’ve been using the product. In practice, this means we need to find the right balance between flexibility and simplicity. In this case, we found balance by creating both simple Default Views and flexible Customized Views. This way, every team, no matter what they use Asana for, can organize their projects in a way that works for them.

Team AND personal

Asana is built for teamwork, and making sure you can coordinate with your team in Asana is our top priority. But, part of teamwork is making sure you’re able to get work done and do your best work, which means setting personal priorities too. When updating Views, we wanted to make sure your team and personal workflows were improved, so we considered how this would affect both My Tasks and projects. As a result, we realized the My Tasks View menu needed fewer options, so we kept it simple.

Note: The way you order and organize your My Tasks list does not affect task order in Projects, and vice versa.

My tasks default views

Determining the “right” amount of View options

Based on these tradeoffs and principles, we made the decision to offer Recommended Views and an additional option to create a Customized View.

Pre-made, recommended Views

We built Recommended Views that make it fast to sort projects and My Tasks in different ways, without providing a daunting and confusing list. Default options projectWe asked some of our users what questions they wanted Recommended Views to answer, and these were the most important:

  • Did I forget to write anything down?
  • How close are we are to completing this Section of a project?
  • How much work are my teammates getting done?
  • What tasks have been completed recently in this project?

Customizable Views

We recognized upfront that all of the filters and options available didn’t have to be visible to everyone; we could move them to a more hidden “Filter and Customize View” feature. So, when you get more comfortable with Asana and add more work, you can select this option and easily organize tasks in any way that’s useful. For example, if a project has a lot of tasks, you can create a report View to show tasks that have been completed in the last day, week, or two weeks. The option to “Save as Default View for Everyone” enables Asana power users to select or customize the project View and have the rest of the team work from it.

customize project view

Throughout the design and development process, we internally called this collection of features “Sexy Completed Tasks”, and we hope these new Views and the improved functionality of completed tasks live up to the name!


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  • Adriano
    Cannot see this update yet :/
    Is it deployed for all Asana users?
    • Roger
      same with me.. can´t see any of the new features..
      • Josh Torres
        Contact for help with this! :)
    • Josh Torres
      Contact us at and we can help out!
  • Ken
    Great new feature. This will help a lot in project management – where it’s just as important to know what has been done than what is to come.
  • Dave Nattriss
    Great stuff, but again, no support for subtasks :-(
    • hellt
      Yep, this is very sad =(
      Dunno why they treat subtasks as a meaningless instance
      • Victor Arantes
        Guys, I am a fan of Asana and would like to learn as much as I can about it and ways of using it. When you mean “no support for subtasks”, what is it exactly you want to see? I know you can create subtasks for each task, but obviously this is not what you are talking. could you share what is it that you mean?

        Sorry for the silly question :/

    • Alex
      Work in progress. Please be patient.
    • David Khosroshvili
  • Péter Németh
    This is what I miss, good implementation, thanks
  • Kristoffer Gundersen
    Love it!
  • Andrew Nedelchev
    A great implementation! Thank you very much!
    I’m in Group 5.
    I steal waiting for the Group work Plan so we can work as a Team.
    All the best.
  • Roger
    Is this a premium feature?
    • Josh Torres
      This should be available to everyone. Contact us at if you don’t see new sort menu.
  • Laurent Gremet
    Hi, fine, but be carefull about too munch options make the tool uneasy to use.
    uneasy also for new users
    eg : microsoft Office applications with so munch options you never use, with an overstocked screen.

    i’m very satisfied about asana but one of the reasons that made me coming to it was a very clear interface with only a few buttons.
    it’s a personnal opinion of course.

    Best regards

  • Troy
    Is there a way to create a view that just lists the project names? I don’t want to see the individual project tasks, I would just like to see the name of all the projects we have (without having to scroll on the left hand side). Thanks,
    • Josh Torres
      No way to organize by project currently, but it’s a great idea and something we may consider. Thanks for the feedback around this!
  • Guilherme
    Cant see that yet.
    You know what I would love to see in ASANA??? Only one page, with all my tasks from every project. Its so boring the obligation of “walking” throught the projects views to see what tasks do I have. It would be perfect if I could see all the tasks from all projects, in only one page (my inicial page, for example). That would make ASANA much better than it already is!!
    • Sarah
      Isn’t that what the “My Tasks” page does? You can sort it by priority, date, or project, etc.
    • Wendy
      YES, me too, please — maybe when in Overview the central space could display all tasks from all projects in the same format as My Tasks within each project? I need to isolate projects in separate workspaces to keep the organizational lines clear and teams distinct. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what you are doing. I am sharing Asana with more and more groups with which I’m involved — even taught an introduction/overview session to 20 folks in a business networking work this week — they were all VERY EXCITED!!


    • H.S.
      Just do a search. Open the Search drop-down menu and click the Search button (without changing any options). A list of all your tasks will appear. You can then sort by project, assignee, due date, etc. Favourite the search by clicking the star at the top of the centre pane for easy access next time.
      • LB
        I tried this search workaround but still only get results specific to the most recent organization or workspace I was using. I want to see an overview of ALL tasks due today, across all workspaces and organizations – otherwise it’s difficult and time-consuming to try to plan my day and prioritize tasks from different areas, much less actually move through DOING them with any kind efficiency or flow. Am I missing something? This seems like a no-brainer.
        • Forest Parks
          Me too! It seems like a no-brainer to have a page where all tasks across all projects and workspaces can be listed. For now this is the one thing that will keep me from fully utilising Asana and still use Things for Mac…. As soon as this is implemented i’ll likely dump things all together.
    • Jeff
      I would love to see this as well. Going to “my overview” should list all tasks from all projects. If you have 8 or 10 workspaces going on, it’s too easy to miss something and time consuming to walk through each workspace every morning. Having all tasks on one overview page seems like a no brainer. @H.S. search suggestion is a good tip, but a workaround. Strong second to have this implemented.
  • Victor Arantes
    This was a great implementation! I was hoping to see my completed taskes along side my to do under the same section…

    Thanks much!

    • “>
      • Matt
  • Boris
    This is nice feature. Thanks a lot. I’ve also found that now when I add the project it shows me dropdawn menu with project name suggestions. some of them like Calendar have default calendar view. Is there any other difference between these projects except names?
    • Jackie
      Ahh, you’re in a new experiment – right now there’s no difference, but if people show interest in this we’ll build it out more.
  • Bettina
    Great stuff!

    I am patiently waiting for a way to see which team a task belongs too .. that confuses me terribly at the moment. I have a few different teams and some of the projects are named that same way. If I find a task in whatever weird and wonderful way I can’t immediately see which team it belongs to. I can see the project but even if I have the task “active” it doesn’t jump to the project on the left pane so I get lost all the time.

    • Jon

      Have you considered using TAGS to differentiate tasks to specific Teams? You could tag each task with TEAM A or TEAM B and by color-coding them, would make them stand out and be clearly identifiable. – and give you additional sorting options to boot.

  • Asmaa
    Great update!

    Still waiting more updates about the subtasks! We need some fun there! :)

  • Amoor Avakian
    MASSIVELY broke our work-flow. It’s not impossible to use as a SCRUM team as you can’t tell what “Stories” are in what “Sprint” and write release notes etc. Whole team is super bummed.

    Horrible update.

    • Jackie
      Try using “All Tasks” or Filter and Customize to keep things in priority order – that will keep completed tasks under the original sections.
  • Amoor Avakian
    Why not just make an option “Auto-archive”? It’s horrible to auto-archive.

    So many checks and quality checks and release notes, all processes just broken.

    • Ralph
      I agree. Adding new features as optional ( at least until you’ve gotten lots of end user feedback ) is always the best way to go.
      I like the old view. I can tweak this new view to at least show the finished items for the day, but they are then mixed in with my active to-do list, not out of the way at the top as in the old view. I guess I will create some pseudo-subcat to drag them to.

      If the developers want to tweak the archiving, the iPhone app could use an archiving fix. Right now, I have to log out of the app and re-log in before it will clear completed tasks. It would be nice if the mobile app could have a toggle to display and hide completed tasks.

  • Craig
    THANK YOU! You guys definitely have a pulse on what i’m thinking.
  • Dena
    Thank you, thank you, thank you. LOVE this update.
  • Brandi Leath
    Would still like to be able to sort by name of task and also by tags within a project. I like the filter option for tags, but it would be nice to be able to see all my tasks by tags.
  • Jeremy
    Is it possible to set the default view for the entire team and all projects within it all at once? I would like to see outstanding tasks and recently completed at the same time, and it’s a bit of a pain to do it for each project.
  • TQ Senkungu
    It would also be nice if for the priority view you could still see tasks without a due date.
  • Steve
    I love the innovation! One URGENT thing that needs to be addressed. When you want to organize your tasks on a given day, by priority there is no way to do that. For today, and any day in the future, users should be able to drag and arrange their tasks into the priority order in which they want to work on the tasks. I have a solution to this…. If when a person opens a day view asana opens it as if it was a project, so any task on any day can be dragged to whatever priority they prefer so they can work on their most important tasks first. In my opinion, not being able to prioritize the things you want to do today and on other days is a major issue. Everyone needs to work on the most important things first, so a power user or very busy person who has 20 tasks or more in a day doesn’t have to constantly read all tasks in their ‘due today’ list to decide which to work on next. Anyone at asana can contact me at any time with any questions on this use case or my suggested solution.
    • Josh Torres
      This is an interesting idea. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Task priority by day isn’t something we have planned in the near future, but it is something we may consider!
    • Liam
      There is a way to do that. Just create your own sections. I use “Today” “Tomorrow” “Later this week”, “Next week”, and “Sometime this month/year”.
  • Jason Hill
    I actually much preferred the old view. When I had to write my weekly status reports, I could see what I’d accomplished, and then archive those events.

    Now, I have to set it to view “completed in the last week” which is then interspersed with current projects, and it’s not obvious to me what was completed on the last day of the last week and what was completed during the current week.

    So, all around sadface.

    • H.S.
      Hi Jason,

      You should be able to do this with Search. You can choose search criteria like “Assigned to me”, “Due within the last 1 week”, “Completed task”. Then sort the search result by due date or whatever order you need. You can favourite the search result (click the star at the top of the centre pane) to easily re-run the search with a single click whenever you need to write your status reports.

  • R.A. Beverly Hills
    its funny that they thought of doing this feature which is nice but I still think placing the due time together with the due date is more useful for all project managers like us.
  • Tyra
    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for that comment. It’s actually exactly what I’m looking to do as well. I easily have over 20 tasks for today and 20 for tomorrow, etc. I want to be able to prioritize my tasks for today, tomorrow, and so forth.

    Thanks Asana for the improvements that you’ve already provided. Please share how we can prioritize within the task by due date view.

    Also, I understand that I can use the “1,2,3” view and move multiple tasks to prioritize the tasks, but it becomes a bit much having to reprioritize every time I add a new task.

    Please help! This would be a great feature to allow!

    Thanks again,


  • Jeff
    This is something I was hoping for and glad to see it become a reality. Looking forward to increased functionality in Flowbs. Please continue to improve this outstanding tool!
  • Karen Dua
    Just completed your feedback request. Forgot to mention it would be nice if checked off tasks showed date and time check-off without having to click through. Thanks!
  • BT
    Can the ALL TASK view be made default at your system level? Makes more sense for that to be default than having to manually click on all projects to see that view (or have a “all new projects will be ALL TASK view” setting)
  • Sean
    Amazing update!! Asana just keeps getting better!
  • Ana Mariela
    Gracias asana!
  • gelson
  • Fabricio
    The update was great. Congratulations!
    Please add option to Sort by Task Name.
  • Liz
    Great update! Just wondering if you’ll be adding an “export all tasks” type feature? I want to have a hard-copy record of my completed tasks.


  • Sheeba
    Hello there,

    I find this tool is very simple to use and has a good trace-ability of the tasks each person is working on.

    Can we have calendar option available to project also so that we can set the target completion date to project on the whole along with the tasks/sub tasks? This will help to track the timelines set and achieved as per project .


  • Cedric
    Love this
  • Cedric
    This tool is a lifesaver
  • Joseph
    I love this for projects – getting to see completed tasks in-line with the right headings etc. However, I really liked having my completed tasks stack up on my personal task list so I could see my productivity (or lack, haha) at the end of each day.
    • Joseph
      The “Tasks Assigned to Me and Completed within the Last 1 Day” comes close, but it doesn’t really do “Tasks Completed Today.” Can we add that? Or a list view that breaks it out by completed today, yesterday, last week, etc.?
  • Will
    I use asana on daily basis, and I like everything about it. However, the *NEW* auto-archived feature is actually very annoying. Is there anyway I can disable it? Thanks!
    • Joseph
  • Rog
    Hi – this is a great update thanks for all the work! – I really love the video as well – how do you shoot the screen casts? – this looks way better that standard demo vids! – is it all done with effects or are you actually shooting it with a camera? You guys are really setting standards – awesome!
  • Scott
    After a couple weeks of this new view, I have to say I preferred the old view better for “My Tasks”. I really liked it that items I completed popped up to the top, out of my way, but were till visible for the rest of the day. I often think of comments I want to add later in the day, and having them right there at the top was handy. Plus I could see at a glance what I’d gotten done so far that day.

    I can accomplish both of those by with “Filter and Customize View…Show All Tasks…All Complete and Incomplete Tasks…Today”. However, the completed tasks are now intermingled with incomplete tasks, which is cluttered and extremely distracting. I much preferred when they automatically popped to the top – instantly accessible, but out of my way.

    Is there a way to return to that functionality?

  • Eric
    I use asana on work, and I like everything about it. Specially, the search feature is awesome.
    But, I am not sure if there is a way to search tasks with multiple tags with “or” not with “and”.
    • LS
      Plus one on searching tags with “or”- this is essential!
  • Rob
    Keep up the good work, you’re doing great!
  • Alex
    It would be very useful if a task could have “task length” or in another words, how long this task should take. Especially if this feature is accompanied with a proper display in the calendar view so that team members will be able to know when they should start working on the task and when it is due.
    • Stephan
      Asana needs a function to set a start date. At the moment you can only set the due date. But nobody knows, when they have to start.
      in addition it would be really comfortable to see tasks that need 3-5 days of work in the calendar as one bar. So you have full information if one person is “blocked” with a task which needs more than one day.
      • Andre
        Very yes, but I have a different reason for needing a start date.

        My manager likes to assign projects and tasks weeks or months before they’re actionable (in addition to actionable near-term work), like seasonal email blasts and new product announcements. Every day I end up looking at a list of things I can work on and things I can’t, so identifying the imminent tasks can be labor intensive. As a workaround, I manually copy the lists into my desktop task manager, 2Do, where I can apply date filters. In 2Do, you can assign start dates and/or due dates, and hide items that fall outside those parameters.

        Since Asana can’t hide items by start date, I have to treat it as my inbox whose contents I process into 2Do for managing work throughout the day.

    • Vince
      Yes!! Start dates would be great! Please add!
      • Angelo Louis
        Start date feature will be very helpful. Please Add!
  • Lauren
    Any thoughts on bringing completed tasks view to mobile? It is difficult to operate on-the-go without being able to access or get details on completed tasks unless you already have a direct link.
  • Rabs
    Nice !
  • Rabs
  • Rabs
  • tEBy
    A little improved ! 7/10 :)
  • Rui Alves
    Hi very good creation and i’m still discovering it.

    Is it possible to merga all “teams” projects so we can have only one calendar – when we have 2 or 3 main team-projects that would be very helpfull to check all at once and to see how all goes and adjust all our work and task?



  • Michelle Almquist
    I was wondering if you can assign a due date for a whole project? We have thousands of tasks with due dates and it tends to clutter the “my tasks” section. It would really be nice to have the option to add a due date to a project and/or tasks within that project so that I could use due dates for things that truly have deadlines, otherwise get an alert that the project itself is coming due, and there are X uncompleted tasks. Just an idea :)
  • Javier
    To Dr. KingDisc bulge on my L4-L5. Injury recieved at work as a Kitchen Manager. Have been off work for about 6 mhonts. Tried physical therapy,accupuncture,massage, chiro .cannot find relief to get me back to work.Addicted to bikram yoga. 200 classes within 200 days. Have done doubles and triples. Forward bends suck since injury. Currently on day 20 on the isagenix 30 program.On day 4 for treatment with spinal decompression using the drx 9000. Disappointed that my physician will not let me do yoga for the next 3 weeks. Currently wearing a lumbar brace for 23 hours a day.As a chef I am interested in your freshetarian life style. Also in your yoga classes.I only practice Bikram Yoga. It has been just over 1 and a half years since i found bikram. It is a new found passion that is just growing. I love the healing room. I have had such healing experiences in that room. I am trying this spinal decompression because I am desperate for relief.I have compassion for anyone that has similar problems. I am not able to run, or skip rope. Cannot comfortable hold my baby niece.I am determnined to live healthy and interested in your programs.Sincerely,Melvin
  • Dorian Benkoil
    I’m on more than one team. Is it possible for me to see a project calendar that includes calendars for both teams in one place, so I can see ALL deliverables in one calendar?
  • Laura
    Can you add a scrolling bar to the project list on the left? I can’t see all of my projects if I want to switch between them for work within each of them that’s more than just “my tasks”.
  • nagibtharani
    Would be useful to have incomplete AND recently completed views, eg: Yes to incomplete tasks and Yes to recently completed, say within the last week. Otherwise too many completed tasks may overwhelm views.