Asana features we can’t live without

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We think it’s the details, like adding a task to multiple projects or having kittens rain on your workspace, that make communicating in Asana so magical. Discovering hidden functionality can inspire a personal productivity hack or add a new level of delight in day-to-day communication. Since we geek out over product details as much as you do, we thought we’d share some essential Asana features that our team just can’t live without.

Hearts – Isaac, Engineer
Hearts are deceptively simple. When you have a face-to-face conversation with someone, there are all these non-verbal gestures — nods, grunts, smiles — that we sometimes miss in digital conversation. In true Asana fashion the ♥ can be a symbol of appreciation, an “Amen!”, an “I hear you” or just a “Good to know”. Its ambiguity is actually what makes it so powerful, because it adds a dimension of kindness to even the most efficient, streamlined interactions.

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Chrome Extension – Kenny, Ops
The chrome extension lets me grab pages from across the web throughout the entire day. I grab articles, blog posts, or even specific gmail messages I need to reply to. Using the extension, I add them directly to my task list, so I can decide to read, respond, or assign to a teammate when I have the chance.

Multihome chrome

Chrome Extension (left) & a task in 2 projects (right)

Tasks in multiple projects – Ed, Finance
Picking a favorite feature is like picking your favorite kid. But since I have to pick, adding tasks to multiple projects is one big reason that Asana is so much more efficient for getting work done than email. For a given topic, you don’t have to manage multiple threads with different people. It’s simple to make sure everybody on your team is on the same page.

Search Views – Jerry, Customer Success
I couldn’t live without Search Views. It’s powerful and delightfully designed. I can find almost any set of tasks that I might need by creating a search view. I can also save that view so I only have to build it once. AND I can even share it by sending a teammate the URL to that exact query. Basically, anything I’d want to do with search, I can do it. It’s a beautifully designed and built feature.

advanced search hacks

Search Views in search bar dropdown (left) & Hacks tab in Account Settings (right)

Hacks tab – Cliff, Engineer
I love the hacks tab. It’s got useful stuff like the “Create followup task” which lets me stay at inbox zero – and it’s got EVEN MORE useful stuff, like filling my screen with kittens (Tab+B), whenever I need a pick-me-up!

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 5.02.32 PM.png

Enable Tab+B shortcut in Hacks tab, under Account Settings

Profile photos – Emily, Marketing
I like profile photos because I use a picture of my dog, which makes me smile every time I see her, plus I get to advertise that I have a cute puppy to my coworkers. I’m still advocating for a puppy keyboard shortcut “Up+P” to match our “Tab+B” cat shortcut that Cliff mentioned. It’s also a quick way to make sure the right teammates are following tasks or to know who a task is assigned to.


Click on your photo in the left pane to update

Auto-promotion in My Tasks – Caitlin, Executive Assistant
My Tasks, specifically the Upcoming (Tab+U) and Later (Tab+L) keyboard shortcuts, allow me to manage my task list and prioritize each day with just the tasks I need to complete. Having the option to hide tasks that I’m not ready to tackle (in the Later list) keeps my day-to-day workspace manageable and less distracting. I love that I can create a due date for these “Later” tasks and they will automatically be brought back to my attention when it’s time.

To discover more Asana features, visit the Asana Guide or come back to the blog next week–we’ll share another round of our favorite features. What’s the one Asana feature you couldn’t live without? Share with us in the comments.


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  • Tim
    Thanks a lot for your product! It just user opinion in similar list below:

    Features we are waiting so long:
    – usable iPhone app
    – iPad app
    – Notes

    Features we are ready to extra pay:
    – Gamification

    Features allowing to get more than just a todo-lists:
    – Progress bars / Workflows / interactive Roadmaps
    – Icon sets for projects/tasks
    – Trello-style project view
    – Advanced due date (reminders not only at “judgment Day”)
    – Folder view for Box/Dropbox integrations
    – Planning tool / Sandbox
    – Link tasks

    p.s. hope “all you need is tasks” not the best solution from great Asana’s product team, keep on going!

    • 7Tomass
      – Advanced due date (reminders not only at “judgment Day”)

      reminders would be amazing
      a ‘snooze’ feature to make something return to your asana/email inbox after x days would be so useful.
      existing service examples:
      inbox by google snooze feature
      boomerang for gmail
      there’s a massive usecase for highly productive people!

  • Jerry Harrison
    Love the product. An enhancement that would be nice would be the ability to drag a project from one team or workspace to another. I would like to develop a project plan, and then move it into a team space once it has been created.
    • Brice
      I’ll second that. Due to the natural progression of work, I had the need to divide the contents of one Workspace into two and because I was not able to move Projects between Workspaces, I spent a fair bit of time recreating Projects and their Tasks in the new second Workspace. A major inefficiency.

      Keep up the good work otherwise!

  • Hayley
    I’m new but in love with your product. My only wish so far would be the ability to create recurring tasks.
    • Peter
      You can create. When you set the due date next to them there is a button “set to repepat”.
    • Jim Renaud
      You can set recurring tasks! For how, check out our guide.
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  • JIm Carent
    It will best if you can make Task like a spreadsheets no like now which its just a Document. To add colums for what ever we wont. After it will be the best even managament.
  • denny
    only 2 things i need to see in asana is
    1. Gantt chart
    2. ipad app with full feature like desktop
  • Tom
    The thing I can’t live without, which is not available, is the ability to see all tasks due today across all workspaces. The “overview” view is, frankly, useless. Overview should be like the workspace view, but with data from all workspaces, from all inboxes and so forth.
  • ilyse kazar
    I second Tom’s request, we need an überview! I need to know, for example, what I am doing today across my personal tasks and organizations I am part of. (As an independent contractor I am hoping to sell clients on using Asana, and to be able to manage my workload for all of them in one space.) I realize that in programming terms this is a tall order, to pull a view across tenant accounts… but the ability to search and save views across everything I am part of, so I can see the totality of what’s happening in my day, would be AMAZING. The way it is now I need to click through several views and have no ability to prioritize my tasks across everything I do.
  • Justin Broglio
    Is there a way to create dependent tasks. There should be a way to create a task completion date that is dependent on the completion of another task and the relationship between those tasks should be clearly displayed. This is similar to adding extra layers but implemented in a different manner.

    And can singular tasks that are collaborative in nature should have the ability to be assigned to more than one person.

  • SSS
    Chrome Right Side Task Panel Request
    I have been impressed by Google Tasks when used along with, “righttasks for gmail”, gtasks android app.

    I would want to start using Asana if there was a chrome extension like “righttasks for gmail” where in your chrome/ browser or gmail window, there is always a panel on the right hand side showing me my task lists and allowing me to modify it

    Even better would be a windows OS widget that kept an ansana panel always visible on one side of the screen no matter what programme is open.

  • Dammacx
    Not sure if this is available in Premium but one option I would love to see is the ability to hide specific task from Guest or others. That way I can have a client be in on a Project but if I have say an email that I have forwarded to Asana to make a task from a supplier or other team member I do not want the client to see I can hide that “task”. That way I can keep all project related “task” in one place but hide the internal documents I do not want the client to see. Would be good maybe if it tied in with the Project Overview where you have the feature to not include sections in the overview they are also hidden from guest? So I could have a section within the project called “Internal Documents” and everything under that section would not be visible to Guest?
  • Gene
    I was able to organize my Workspaces before new update by dragging them around in the left column. However, now I can’t change order which makes it very inconvenient and now all my projects are mixed up and I can’t drag older projects to the top. Why is Asana losing useful features like this?