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Asana features we can’t live without

We think it’s the details, like adding a task to multiple projects or having kittens rain on your workspace, that make communicating in Asana so magical. Discovering hidden functionality can inspire a personal productivity hack or add a new level of delight in day-to-day communication. Since we geek out over product details as much as you do, we thought we’d share some essential Asana features that our team just can’t live without.

Hearts – Isaac, Engineer

Hearts are deceptively simple. When you have a face-to-face conversation with someone, there are all these non-verbal gestures — nods, grunts, smiles — that we sometimes miss in digital conversation. In true Asana fashion the ♥ can be a symbol of appreciation, an “Amen!”, an “I hear you” or just a “Good to know”. Its ambiguity is actually what makes it so powerful, because it adds a dimension of kindness to even the most efficient, streamlined interactions.

Chrome Extension – Kenny, Ops

The chrome extension lets me grab pages from across the web throughout the entire day. I grab articles, blog posts, or even specific gmail messages I need to reply to. Using the extension, I add them directly to my task list, so I can decide to read, respond, or assign to a teammate when I have the chance.

Multihome chrome

Chrome Extension (left) & a task in 2 projects (right)


Tasks in multiple projects – Ed, Finance

Picking a favorite feature is like picking your favorite kid. But since I have to pick, adding tasks to multiple projects is one big reason that Asana is so much more efficient for getting work done than email. For a given topic, you don’t have to manage multiple threads with different people. It’s simple to make sure everybody on your team is on the same page.

Search Views – Jerry, Customer Success

I couldn’t live without Search Views. It’s powerful and delightfully designed. I can find almost any set of tasks that I might need by creating a search view. I can also save that view so I only have to build it once. AND I can even share it by sending a teammate the URL to that exact query. Basically, anything I’d want to do with search, I can do it. It’s a beautifully designed and built feature.

advanced search hacks

Search Views in search bar dropdown (left) & Hacks tab in Account Settings (right)

Hacks tab – Cliff, Engineer

I love the hacks tab. It’s got useful stuff like the “Create followup task” which lets me stay at inbox zero – and it’s got EVEN MORE useful stuff, like filling my screen with kittens (Tab+B), whenever I need a pick-me-up!

Profile photos – Emily, Marketing

I like profile photos because I use a picture of my dog, which makes me smile every time I see her, plus I get to advertise that I have a cute puppy to my coworkers. I’m still advocating for a puppy keyboard shortcut “Up+P” to match our “Tab+B” cat shortcut that Cliff mentioned. It’s also a quick way to make sure the right teammates are following tasks or to know who a task is assigned to.

Auto-promotion in My Tasks – Caitlin, Executive Assistant

My Tasks, specifically the Upcoming (Tab+U) and Later (Tab+L) keyboard shortcuts, allow me to manage my task list and prioritize each day with just the tasks I need to complete. Having the option to hide tasks that I’m not ready to tackle (in the Later list) keeps my day-to-day workspace manageable and less distracting. I love that I can create a due date for these “Later” tasks and they will automatically be brought back to my attention when it’s time.

To discover more Asana features, visit the Asana Guide or come back to the blog next week–we’ll share another round of our favorite features. What’s the one Asana feature you couldn’t live without? Share with us in the comments.


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