The NEW Asana Guide

We’ve launched an all-new version of the Asana Guide, where we post content to help teams get the most out of Asana. If you’re already familiar with the Guide, you’ll love the new version even more – lots of new articles and videos are waiting for you. If you haven’t seen the Guide before, you need to check it out now – it’s the best support we can provide to your team.


Here are a few reasons why we think you and your team will love it (we could have come up with 50 reasons, but we think you’ll get more benefit out of visiting the Guide than reading 50 reasons why you should visit it):

1. All new content and design

New articles, new videos, new images, and a new design. We’ve made it easier to discover new Asana content, while keeping a relaxing reading experience.

2. One place for our best lessons

We want the Guide to be a single site where we combine articles and videos about Asana features, examples of ways to use Asana, and lessons on leading teams. To achieve this, we’ve added two new sections to the Guide – Explore and Aspire – and grouped our already-great product content into the Learn section. With every visit to The Guide, we think you’ll stumble upon new ideas that unlock more of your team’s potential with Asana.

Here’s what you can expect within each section of the Guide:

  • Learn what Asana does.
    Visit the Learn section if you’re new to Asana, have a question about how something works, or want help with Asana features.
  • Explore how your team can use and benefit from Asana.
    Check out the Explore section if you want to discover how to make the most out of Asana – no matter how your company or team works.
  • Aspire to do great things & discover why great teamwork matters.
    Read our best lessons and advice on leadership, teamwork, and reaching your goals.


3. Share it to get your team on board more quickly

The Guide is the best thing to share with your team to help everyone get the most out of Asana. There are suggestions on how to improve teamwork for people who’ve never heard of Asana, ideas for novice Asana users to become pros, and suggestions for people who are creating their first project.

4. New content every week

Bookmark the Guide, because you’ll want to check back often. Our team is adding new videos and articles all the time. As your team masters Asana, there will always be something to new to learn.

Behind the scenes

To create the new Guide, teams across Asana – Marketing, Support, Design, Customer Success, Sales, and Product – contributed ideas, feedback, and writing. We (obviously) used Asana for our content roadmap, design and feedback process, and development work. We also built a system that makes it simple and fast for any asana to add content, whether they’re technical or not. The Guide is truly a labor of love and a great example of Asana teamwork.

Please visit the Guide, and let us know if you have suggestions for articles or videos – we’re here to help you and your team get the most out of Asana.

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  • Oren
    Dear Asana,
    There is no doubt that you have the best todo app out there. But you mobile app has to be the worst one i have ever seen.
    1. it tries to do too much… too complex and uncomfortable
    2. it is sooooooooo sloooooooow to load AND perform

    Please consider redesigning it as a NATIVE app that can QUICKLY review projects on the go and TICK\ADD tasks with ease. anything else would be an overkill.

    there is a desktop context usage and there is a mobile one. they are very different. dont try to do too much… stay with the basics

    • Emily Kramer
      We are currently working on new native apps….stay tuned! We think you’ll be pleased!
      • Alice Carback
        I would love for you and to have a love child.
      • Vincenzo Vecchio
        Any tentative release date?
  • John
    I 100% agree with the above comment. It really is cumbersome to use, and detracts from the overall experience. The desktop web interface is really nice.
  • Emmanuel Pacheco
    agree with the above comments. Horrible móvil app =(
  • denny
    I solve this problem by doing a desktop remote control from my ipad mini
    i work great! No barrier and don’t care and no need to wait for mobile apps.

    I have try a lot even hill88 or asana for android, suck!
    it slow and don’t have full capability as a desktop one.

    I think asana would take morn than year to make something good on mobile
    as the desktop one, so forget it. Use remote control to your pc instead.

    I currently use iTap mobile RDP for every desktop application
    never care any never wait for mobile apps.

  • denny
    if you want to see how i using asana from my ipad mini please email
    me then I will do upload some demo vdo on how and what im currently using.
  • jwjb
    The new guide is just great. Everything Asana in one place with great design and packaging to boot that is so easy on the eyes. It is now even easier to point new users to The Guide and have them quickly become engaged in learning and trying out everything Asana which is sure to get them on board ever more quickly as well as a great learning resource and reference too. Thanks for all that you do Asana. Just an awesome app, awesome team, awesome business ethos and awesome mission statement.
  • Joanne
    Asana would be perfect for us if it had the capability of assigning tasks within a certain time frame (duration). We are currently using Google Calendar to show timeline projections, it would be great to have it all in Asana

    Keep up the great work!

    • Stephan
      only feature we miss in Asana
    • Sean
      Timeline requires a start and end/due dates for tasks. Any thought about adding a start date to Asana?
  • Guto
    Great, guys!
    Any chance you’ll offer other languages for the guide? Or at least subtitles in Portuguese for the videos?
    I’d love to show the guide to my co-workers (instead of having to explain each one myself) here in my company in Brazil.
    (I could help you translate the subtitles to portuguese!)
  • James
    I would be very disappointed if the mobile app was to weak as many competitors are. You should be able to do functions i.e. add tasks, add a project, assign, etc. It does need to be an app not what I believe to be an applet now requiring web connection. Sync back to cloud when internet available.
  • Samuel
    I really want to know if you have any plans to provide some guidence materials, such as PPTs or PDFs which will help me a lot to introduce Asana to my colleagues.
  • Donncha Hughes
    I like the guide and I really like Asana. Started using it recently and have shown it to a few clients. My suggestion is to add a link to the Guide when you are logged in … Help link is there but there is no search functionality. Might suggest that you add a button to the Guide like Contact Support but will leave that design to you guys. It also raises question of difference between Help and the Guide and the overlap etc but probably not something that is huge priority!
  • Anousheh
    The guide is really great, answers almost all questions. but I was wondering what is the best way to contact u when we have some feedbacks (not just feedbacks but the ones we like to think is reasonable) , e.g. a counter number next to Inbox (as an indication of update) so we don’t have to keep checking to c if we may have any new updates,
  • Terry
    Which authoring tool did you use to generate the help output? The UI is excellent.
  • Blake
    No iPad app and a horrible iPhone app – seriously, this has to be fixed immediately. Looks like you guys have been working on this for a long time and it’s still a huge mess. What is the status and when will you guys roll out something great? I love the desktop version – but I hear complaints daily with my team about how difficult the tool is to use on mobile devices. With the resources you guys have, I’m completely disappointed. I would expect your customers to have already demanded something better. Either you are not listening or your customers are not very tech savvy.
  • Sam
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