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The New Asana Help Center

We’ve launched an all-new version of the Asana Help Center, where we post content to help teams get the most out of Asana. If you’re already familiar with the Help Center, you’ll love the new version even more – lots of new articles and videos are waiting for you. If you haven’t seen the Help Center before, you need to check it out now – it’s the best support we can provide to your team.

Here are a few reasons why we think you and your team will love it (we could have come up with 50 reasons, but we think you’ll get more benefit out of visiting the Help Center than reading 50 reasons why you should visit it):

1. All new content and design

New articles, new videos, new images, and a new design. We’ve made it easier to discover new Asana content, while keeping a relaxing reading experience.

2. One place for our best lessons

We want the Help Center to be a single site where we combine articles and videos about Asana features, examples of ways to use Asana, and lessons on leading teams. To achieve this, we’ve added two new sections to the Help Center – Explore and Aspire – and grouped our already-great product content into the Learn section. With every visit to The Help Center, we think you’ll stumble upon new ideas that unlock more of your team’s potential with Asana.

Here’s what you can expect within each section of the Help Center:

  • Learn what Asana does.
    Visit the Learn section if you’re new to Asana, have a question about how something works, or want help with Asana features.
  • Explore how your team can use and benefit from Asana.
    Check out the Explore section if you want to discover how to make the most out of Asana – no matter how your company or team works.
  • Aspire to do great things & discover why great teamwork matters.
    Read our best lessons and advice on leadership, teamwork, and reaching your goals.


3. Share it to get your team on board more quickly

The Help Center is the best thing to share with your team to help everyone get the most out of Asana. There are suggestions on how to improve teamwork for people who’ve never heard of Asana, ideas for novice Asana users to become pros, and suggestions for people who are creating their first project.

4. New content every week

Bookmark the Help Center, because you’ll want to check back often. Our team is adding new videos and articles all the time. As your team masters Asana, there will always be something to new to learn.

Behind the scenes

To create the new Help Center, teams across Asana – Marketing, Support, Design, Customer Success, Sales, and Product – contributed ideas, feedback, and writing. We (obviously) used Asana for our content roadmap, design and feedback process, and development work. We also built a system that makes it simple and fast for any asana to add content, whether they’re technical or not. The Help Center is truly a labor of love and a great example of Asana teamwork.

Please visit the Help Center, and let us know if you have suggestions for articles or videos – we’re here to help you and your team get the most out of Asana.

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