Yesterday’s downtime

Check our status page and Twitter for up-to-date information.

Asana had a service interruption for approximately 90 minutes on Wednesday. We want to apologize, as we know your team relies on Asana and lengthy outages can majorly disrupt your workflow. It is our top priority to ensure Asana is up and running securely for you and your team, and we take these issues very seriously.

Whenever Asana is down or experiencing performance issues, we immediately dedicate engineers to fix the problem. We also aim to keep you as informed as possible–you can always check our status page and Twitter for up-to-date information. We also work to identify the root cause, so we can prevent the same issue from happening again.

We’re still investigating this outage, but we believe the root cause is related to transient connectivity issues between our app servers and database/cache servers. The most important complications we experienced yesterday have been resolved, so we don’t expect another serious interruption. However, the underlying network connectivity issue remains, and we are working closely with AWS to address the issue. This will be our top priority until it is fully resolved. Looking ahead, we do agree that offline access to Asana would be helpful, and this is on our long-term roadmap.

We apologize for the downtime yesterday. Thanks for your patience.

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