Yesterday’s downtime

Asana had a service interruption for approximately 90 minutes on Wednesday. We want to apologize, as we know your team relies on Asana and lengthy outages can majorly disrupt your workflow. It is our top priority to ensure Asana is up and running securely for you and your team, and we take these issues very seriously.

Whenever Asana is down or experiencing performance issues, we immediately dedicate engineers to fix the problem. We also aim to keep you as informed as possible–you can always check our status page and Twitter for up-to-date information. We also work to identify the root cause, so we can prevent the same issue from happening again.

We’re still investigating this outage, but we believe the root cause is related to transient connectivity issues between our app servers and database/cache servers. The most important complications we experienced yesterday have been resolved, so we don’t expect another serious interruption. However, the underlying network connectivity issue remains, and we are working closely with AWS to address the issue. This will be our top priority until it is fully resolved. Looking ahead, we do agree that offline access to Asana would be helpful, and this is on our long-term roadmap.

We apologize for the downtime yesterday. Thanks for your patience.


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  • Laurent Raufaste
    Thx for the update.
  • Chad Crosby
    +1 for offline access!
  • Jon
    Yay offline access!
  • whulsbergen
    +10 for offline sync!
  • dachs
    why did it take a 90-min-downtime for asana to react on the user feedback given on that offline-functionality since months? i think it would be great for the asana team not to work on asana to make asana better but to work on other projects and use asana to see how to improve asana ;)
  • Karkuvel
    +1 Offline Access
  • Tim
    Offline Access is a must-have feature! It’s the biggest issue holding Asana back, I think…
  • Troy
    Offline access would make Asana really shine. It works brilliantly for us, but the knowledge of knowing that at any time we can be locked out is troubling.
  • Sascha
    thank you for fixing this in such relatively short notice. i don’t know if this is the place to make such a comment, but your calendar view for teams seems to be missing / broken. May i assume that this is related to the mentioned connectivity issues, and will be fixed?
  • whulsbergen
    Yesterday during a meeting with Asana as agenda (it works great!), there was a connection error. Result is, that the meeting has to stop because the data freezes and the site blocks. Irritating!

    This would have been perfectly avoidable with offline-access. Please listen to your users and move it up the prioritylist.

    • Tim Morgner
      +1 offline access – preventing us from using Asana as a company
  • Christiaan
    +1 for offline access.
  • EdC
    +1 for offline access. Perhaps providing read-only access offline might be a logical first step? I deleted my account over this issue and would love to come back, but I won’t if I’m dead in the water again at the slightest hiccup.
  • Daniel
    It would be great if only asana listened to it’s users feedback and requested features and actually delivered them instead of mambojambo releases of sorting tasks…my excel does that 20 years ago.
  • JP
    +10 for offline access. Asana has some great features but without offline access/synching, we can’t depend on it exclusively. Please make offline access a high priority.
  • Oliver Neis
    Offline should be No 1 on your priority list!!!!
  • Oliver Neis
    And: I would gladly pay extra for the offline feature…. if this information speeds up the process. :))
  • Noel Furrer
    Guys, since over 1 year you promise for offline access. Trust us users, we will use ASANA even more if there is an offline access. Please think about the areas in the world which do not have 24 hours web access.

    thank you

    Noel Bali

  • anon
    Offline access please — charge if you have to but otherwise Asana is an incomplete project management solution…
  • Markus Forsberg
    Couldn’t agree more – offline access is a necessary addition for it to be adopted as a tool more broadly.
  • Native
    It has been three months since this post. Are you guys close to an offline access solution?
  • ANdrew Smith
    +1 for offline access. I really would have thought that ALL other feature requests would be dropped in favour of offline access.
    Even though it’s a web app, gmail can get me offline access in the same webpage so it doesn’t even seem to me to be a case of needing to change the interface too much.

    Enough talk about offline access. Let’s get it and I for one would be happy to pay for it!

  • evbart
    + 1 for offline access, I still think of Asana as a web only tool, but would love to be able to replace my task application on my phone with the asana app