Asana engineering is expanding to New York

Editor’s note: Asana’s New York office is now officially open. Meet the NYC team and browse job openings.

Asana was born in San Francisco, now we’re opening a New York office. The office will start humbly — likely in a co-working space — and grow mindfully. Asana New York will be a one-pizza team for a while. And the pizza will be good because they will be in New York, and Asana eats well.

Engineering NYCThe first remote product team for Asana

This will be the first remote Asana product development team (although we do have one engineer who lives primarily in Berlin) and will provide us the experience of using our own product to collaborate across a continent. We hope that we can learn from this experience to better design our product to make remote collaboration less challenging for all.

What we’re looking for

We’re seeding the office with a couple existing Asana employees who are proactive, resourceful, focused, autonomous, and passionate — qualities we think will make them excellent founders for this office — but we’d like to complement them with a couple of others. In particular, we’re looking to add an Engineering Leader who can be both an engineering mentor and an entrepreneurial partner to the rest of the team.

Connecting the two offices

Asana has really valued being one small team in one building, but I believe we can make the two cities feel close. We’ll fly every New York Asana out to San Francisco for Roadmap Week, and we’ll fly San Francisco Asanas out to New York regularly. It’s a big investment, but the potential reward is a more efficient global workforce.

Jack Heart
Asana Engineering

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