Asana iOS app: Updates and the future

A few weeks ago we celebrated the first birthday of our native Android app with cake :birthday: , streamers :tada:, and the launch of celebrations on Android devices. We know those of you with iOS devices might already be familiar with celebrations, so here’s a run-down of the latest improvements to the iOS app—and a sneak peek of what’s coming up next!

New and updated features

Conversations: Catch up on team and project conversations, and chime in, on the go.

Attachments on new conversations: Add attachments from your device when you start a team or project conversation.

Thumbnail images: See the big picture. Attachment thumbnails in comments. Bonus: You can heart attachment stories in the app!

Videos: Attach videos (cat or otherwise) to tasks and conversations.

Improved rich text: Expanded text formatting—like bold and italic—in tasks or conversations. Double tap for all formatting options.

Notifications: Archive notifications directly from a push notification. No need to open the app. What will you do with the time you save?

Due times: After you set a due date for a task, add a due time.

Pull to refresh: Quickly refresh your notifications or task list and pull down the screen to initiate an app refresh.

iPad split view:  Use the split view option to have Asana open alongside other applications on your iPad.

Asana links: Get directly into Asana from other apps. With Universal Links (new in iOS9), Asana-oriented links will now open directly in the Asana app, instead of in Safari.

Accessibility improvements: Improved voice-over navigation and adjustable text size.

A whole new Asana app design

Our entire app was redesigned in conjunction with the new Asana. New colors, animations, layouts, icons, illustrations, and more!
task details asana ios app

Coming soon: Task editing made easier

We wanted to make it easier to take action on tasks from the app. So we’re adding icons to the task details header that let you complete, heart, or edit a task in a flash. You’ll also be able to follow or unfollow tasks in one tap, right from the bottom of the screen.

Stay tuned for more updates to come, including offline functionality and performance improvements.

Thank you

Thanks for making the last year of mobile one to remember. Be sure to download our iOS or Android apps to keep track of all your work on the go.

Special thanks to

Sarah Chandler, Tom Brow, Yang Zhang, Dominik Gruber, Paul Velleux, Marcos Medina, Chinmay Patwardhan, Tim Bavaro, Niranjan Ravichandran, Kevin Do, Devon Watts

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