Let’s take this offline… with iOS!

Ever since we launched offline access for our Android app, our iOS users have been asking when they can get in on the offline action. We’re happy to announce your day is here! Offline is now available for Asana on iOS, so you can perform all your major workflows even without internet access. Track your work on a train, plane, or anywhere else life takes you.

Start using offline today

Download the latest version of the iOS app and start using offline today. Create tasks for yourself as you think of great ideas, check your notifications, add comments, complete tasks —and much more—on the go.

The addition of offline to your Asana mobile apps is one more reason Asana mobile is essential to tracking your work. With Asana you know who is doing what by when, and with our mobile apps you’re always in touch with what’s happening with your team. With Asana on iOS you can add and edit tasks, and keep up with conversations from anywhere. Now, with iOS offline, you can perform most of those same actions without an internet connection.

What you can do offline

Here’s a full list of actions you can perform offline:

  • Create a task
  • Complete a task
  • Archive or unarchive your inbox story
  • Change a task’s assignee and due date
  • Edit a task’s name
  • Add or remove tags or projects
  • Create a project
  • Add a comment
  • Invite teammates
  • Add or remove followers
  • Add or remove tags
  • Heart a task, conversation, or inbox story
  • Add subtasks
  • …and more coming soon!

What happens when you perform an action offline?

Here’s what will happen when you use the iOS app offline:

  1. You’ll see a banner at the bottom of your app letting you know “Asana is offline.”
  2. As you perform actions, Asana will tally items pending sync.
  3. For larger actions, such as creating or editing tasks, subtasks, projects, or comments, you’ll see a light grey cloud icon next to the item. This means the update is currently only visible to you.
  4. When you get back online, the clouds will disappear and the pending number will count down until the bottom banner disappears. The changes you’ve made will sync and your entire team will see the updated tasks, projects, or conversations


While offline, if you open a project or list you’ve never loaded in the app before, the tasks and conversations won’t load. But you can add tasks to that project while you’re offline.

No internet? No problem

Sometimes the most brilliant ideas come at the most inopportune times—like when you’re on the subway, or on an off-the-grid camping weekend. Now you can capture those ideas in Asana, even when life takes you away from an internet connection.
Where will you use Asana offline on iOS? Let us know in the comments!

Editor’s note: We’ve made even more updates to the Asana iOS and Android apps since this post was published. Read about the December 2016 app updates.

Special thanks to Dominik Gruber, Abishek Shroff, Yang Zhang, Niranjan Ravichandran, Chinmay Patwardhan, Lili Jiang, Sarah Chandler, Paul Velleux, Marcos Medina

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