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Start using Asana in 15 minutes

Learning to play the piano: a year of lessons. Becoming an expert in your field: a career’s worth of lessons. Learning how to use Asana: just 15 minutes of lessons—thanks to Asana lessons.

Learning how to use Asana: just 15 minutes of lessons—thanks to Asana lessons.

What are Asana lessons?

Asana lessons are short slides that show you the most important features and workflows to get you up to speed on how to use Asana. They’re animated and only take a few minutes for each lesson. Once complete, you’ll have all the information you need to get started with Asana. Best of all, there’s no big test or presentation due at the end.

Asana lessons

Who can take Asana lessons?

Anyone can take Asana lessons—the only prerequisite is clicking. They’re ideal for anyone new to Asana who wants to get up and running in a few steps. They’re also great to share with new teammates so they can get started quickly and feel confident using Asana. You can always find them (and other great educational materials) on the Asana Guide.

Get up and running in a few steps with Asana lessons.

Get started with lesson one, Tasks. There are also lessons for My Tasks, Projects, and Inbox.

Asana lesson: how to use tasks
Once you finish the lessons, let us know what you think of them and what you’d like to learn next. We’ll cue the “Pomp and Circumstance.”

Do you need some Asana lessons?

So, you think you’ve mastered the basics? Take our quiz to see if you’re a certified Asana expert, or if it’s time to take some Asana lessons.

You can assign tasks to anyone

Tasks can have more than one assignee

You can email tasks to Asana

Tasks can only be in one project

There are three ways to organize Asana projects

You need to organize your Asana Inbox

You can turn off Asana email notifications

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