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We’ve designed the Asana culture to not only build great products but also provide a space for curious, mindful people to come together in exploration of interesting ideas. One way we embody that is through Learning Talks, a regular speaker series open to both Asanas and members of the general public. Learning Talks to date have covered a diverse range of subjects – from climate change to nutrition best practices to equal pay for equal work.

With cryptocurrency as a hot topic, both in our office and around the world, we decided to host a conversation. But there is hardly one side of this to learn – in fact, experts disagree on the entire future of cryptocurrency. For that reason we turned this topic into a Learning Debate, featuring a robust conversation between one cryptocurrency optimist, one cryptocurrency pessimistic, and two very snarky moderators.

We wanted to share the debate here for all to enjoy. Please weigh in with any comments or opinions you have below.

About the panelists

  • Debater Shane Glynn bought his first Bitcoin in 2011 for $2.50 and promptly spent it on Bitcoin-themed merchandise.  Since then he has hosted nodes, mined coins, stored files, and participated in other generally unprofitable cryptocurrency endeavors.
  • Debater Kevin Fischer has followed the bitcoin markets actively since February 2011, when he started accepting bitcoin donations on behalf of the Singularity Institute, making it one of the first major non-profits to accept bitcoin donations.
  • Moderator Joshua Goldbard runs cryptocurrency hedge fund Crypto Lotus.
  • Moderator Malcolm Handley was the first employee at Asana, but his passion about climate change led him to start Strong Atomics, a small VC that invests in nuclear fusion startups.

Watch the debate on cryptocurrency

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