You and Asana, Together

At Asana, our mission is to help humanity thrive by enabling all teams to work together effortlessly. To reach this ambitious goal, we want to create a space for everyone to do their best work and achieve their goals. Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of Asana’s brand new community program: Asana Together. It’s designed to give you lots of ways to connect with Asana and other customers, so that we can accomplish great things with each other.

What is Asana Together?

Asana Together brings together like-minded people, both online and offline, around shared interests in teamwork, productivity–and, of course, Asana. There’s a place for everyone in Asana Together. Here are some of the ways you can get involved and a few of the people who’ve helped shape the program:

Forum Champions

Our Community Forum is a great place to ask questions, discuss ideas, and connect with peers about how to use Asana. Anyone is welcome to participate, and you can lead the conversation by becoming a Forum Champion.

Joel Charles is a Forum Champion in Lancaster, Pennsylvania who actively answers questions for other Asana customers on the Community Forum. Upon joining the program, Joel told us, “I’m interested because I like the product and feel it can bring a lot of value to all people in all industries. I also believe strongly in knowledge sharing with others so that we all improve, together.”

Asana Ambassador Stacey P. from Melbourne shares a snap of her Asana Together pin on Instagram

Asana Ambassadors

Ambassadors are the go-to Asana enthusiasts in their networks. They’re sharing success stories on social media, leading Asana meetups and trainings, and are known for having all the Asana answers. Are you your team’s Asana champion–the person everyone at work asks about Asana? If so, become an Ambassador.

Stacey Pringle is an Ambassador in Victoria, Australia. Working in design and marketing, she uses Asana to keep things organized and moving forward for her team. “I introduced Asana to our company and have become the biggest advocate, as it has completely changed my day-to-day workflow for the better,” Stacey told us, “Asana Together gives me the tools and support to be able to educate and motivate my team to use Asana in the best possible way. I am looking forward to sneak peeks of new features and receiving lovely surprises and delights in my mail!”

Certified Pros

Do you have a consulting practice and want to offer Asana consulting services to your own clients? Complete our official Certified Pro training program, and we’ll empower you with resources, training, and support to help you show your customers how to get the most out of Asana.

Larry Berger is a Certified Pro in San Francisco, California. He helps individuals and teams maximize their productivity with Asana. When considering becoming a Certified Pro, Larry said, “The resources available to Certified Pros will enable me to become a better Asana helper and user. I’m looking forward to the various training and community resources in the program.”

Find your spot

There’s a sense of belonging, inspiration, and support when joining a community – you’re part of a movement. Side by side, we can do great things together. Months in the making, we’re thrilled to announce Asana Together and build connections with Asana customers and enthusiasts across the globe. There’s a spot waiting for you, so find your place in Asana Together today.

Special thanks to Joshua Zerkel, Tim Tieu, Marie Tomasi, Stacey Pringle, Joel Charles, and Larry Berger

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