Going global: #teamasana in 2019

2019 was a standout year for Asana. We continued to grow our global teams with more than 670 employees worldwide across nine offices. We made huge strides internationally and opened four new offices in London, Munich, Tokyo and Vancouver. And we continued to work towards our mission by supporting our 70,000 paying customers around the world.

To celebrate 2019, members of #teamasana from all over the world shared their favorite memories, biggest learnings, and how they connected to our mission this year.

Highlights of the year

San Francisco
“Our Business Kickoff in February was an incredible moment that I’ll remember for the rest of my career. After years of building increasingly impressive features, and growing our customers, suddenly everything that we’ve set out to accomplish as a company seemed so much more in reach and the energy and momentum was incredible.” – Greg Sabo, Engineering Manager

New York 
“Watching the New York team grow this year in terms of overall size, number of teams, and a new office space has been amazing to see. It’s brought an amazing energy to the office every day!” -Olivia Eckert, Technical Recruiting Manager, New York 

“Talent is such an important part of every organization. In our case, the first employees on the ground in Munich have built the foundation of how Asana will look and feel in Germany. My highlight is our first hire this year to our Munich team, Thomas Gronbach, Field Marketing Manager.” – Alexander Zipp, Enterprise Account Executive

“We launched our brand new Tokyo office, which is now home to an amazing team of Asanas. We also had our CEO Dustin Moskovitz visit to Tokyo in October to meet with local customers and participate in the Nikkei Global Management Forum to activate the market.” – Hiro Yamada, Business Development Manager 

San Francisco
“Asana has helped me grow in my career while giving me space to be an artist; taught me how to run a business without compromising colorful, queer identities like mine; and provided mentors, coaches, and sponsors, while helping me be all of those things to others.” – Nikki Henderson, Marketing Writer

How we connected to our mission

“As a company we share common values and goals, so it’s easy for us to put the mission and the customers first when making decisions and going about our day-to-day work. We believe that building this collective consciousness is what helps everyone be as involved with the business as we can and helps Asana grow.” – Daniel Iversen, Solutions Engineering

San Francisco
“This fall, we held our second ever customer tasting dinner. It was amazing to be involved so directly with people who do great things using Asana and share a special part of our culture, which can only be expressed through food.” – Amy D’Auria, Executive Pastry Chef

“I had the honor and privilege of facilitating 12 Asana Together World Tour sessions this year in four different cities in the United States. The feedback was incredible and my experience connecting with customers and empowering them to do great things with Asana was fulfilling.” – Terri Burden, Customer Success Manager

“Prior to joining Asana, I spent time volunteering for nonprofits. I saw the hard work that the people behind these organizations pour into their cause every day, and the limitations that affect them. By enabling the world’s teams to work together effortlessly, we are making these teams more effective and are able to efficiently reach the groups that need our help the most.” – Francesca Gentile, Community Program Manager

Biggest learnings

“Reflection! While it’s easy to get caught up with day-to-day logistics of work and life, it’s important to take a moment to look back and think about how far I’ve come, not only personally but also professionally since joining Asana two years ago.” – Sean Kavanagh, Office Manager, Dublin 

“As we build out the APAC region, we have a huge opportunity to experiment. I feel empowered to come up with creative solutions and share them across the organization. I’ve learned to take more risks, be open and welcome to change, and not be afraid to fail fast.That’s where the biggest learnings come from.” – McKenna Farrar, Enterprise Account Executive

“It’s okay to lean on others. Asana invests in its company culture, in and outside of HQ. In Reykjavik, we’re always included in everything global, whether it’s flying leaders or mentors out here, doing Conscious Leadership Group training onsite, or being featured in blog posts. We feel the love.” -Bjorn Swift, Engineering Manager

“It takes a village to make things happen seamlessly, When you have a well-functioning organization, things just happen and it’s easy to take some of that for granted. Setting up our new office in Vancouver helped me develop loads of extra appreciation for how much happens behind the scenes to run a business and office smoothly.” – Niranjan Ravichandran, Site Lead

We’re always looking for mission-driven people to be a part of our journey. Kickstart your year by exploring our open positions around the world. 

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