Asana for Nonprofits is going global

At Asana, our mission is to enable the world’s teams to work together effortlessly. For nonprofit organizations with small teams and limited resources, this is all the more challenging. 

That’s why a year ago, we launched Asana for Nonprofits to help organizations with big missions (and not-so-big budgets) accelerate their impact. The program offers eligible nonprofits a 50% discount on Asana Premium or Asana Business so they can focus on the work that truly matters to their mission. 

Today, we’re excited to expand the program globally by making the Asana for Nonprofits discount available worldwide. 

Achieving big missions with the help of Asana

Since launching Asana for Nonprofits, we now have over 1,000 participating organizations that are seeing success with Asana. Here are a few of their stories. 

Together We Rise helps 9x more kids in foster care with Asana 

Together We Rise is a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of kids in foster care. Founder Danny Mendoza focuses on the organization’s vision and strategy and leads a team of 35 split between Brea, California and Austin, Texas. “Before we started using Asana we were limited to helping around 10,000 youth in foster care per year. Asana helped us grow that number to more than 90,000 kids annually,” says Danny. 

Islamic Relief Canada increases its impact by 75% with Asana

With over two hundred projects in flight and more than three million direct beneficiaries, Islamic Relief Canada provides aid to communities affected by emergencies and disasters. “We saw the results of our streamlined collaboration process for emergencies immediately after the earthquake in Pakistan,” says Yusra Rizwan, Human Resources Manager. “Asana played a huge role in helping us communicate and collaborate 75% faster with teams on the ground so we could respond to as many people as possible.” powers environmental advocacy with Asana

For, coffee cups, cruise ships, and jeans aren’t just consumer goods. They represent a massive opportunity to impact the environment in a positive way. Through their work, empowers corporations and governments to make more informed, sustainable choices—and they’re doing it with the help of Asana. “With Asana, we’re able to identify 10% more new grant prospects and achieve 17% funding growth because our work is more centralized, coordinated, and efficient,” says Stephen Danner, Director of Development

San Francisco AIDS Foundation launches marketing campaigns and events faster with Asana

SF AIDS Foundation promotes health, wellness, and social justice for communities impacted by HIV in San Francisco through public education, healthcare services, and grassroots advocacy. SFAF’s small marketing and creative team supports the entire organization’s campaign and event experiences that reach over 25,000 people annually. Says Creative Director Roxane Chicoine, “Asana enables us to be aligned and communicate our priorities to other people because everyone can see all of the projects in flight at any time. This helps us collaborate more effectively with cross-functional partners because they can see where work stands in the production process.”

Young Survival Coalition fights breast cancer with Asana

Founded in 1998, Young Survival Coalition is dedicated to improving the quality of life of young adults affected by breast cancer. On the front lines of YSC’s engagement with their constituents is the Marketing Communications team, which oversees promotion and delivery of all content, events, emails, social media, and web experiences using Asana. “By managing our content and social media calendars in Asana, we’ve achieved a 190% increase in blog views and have seen a 175% increase in social referrals,” says Steph Poland, Operations Associate, Marketing

Your mission is our mission

Interested in learning more about our nonprofit discount? Visit our Asana for Nonprofits page for more information, including eligibility requirements. 

Special thanks to Erin Cheng, Aaron Williams, Audriana Vojkovich-Bombard, and Anna Hurley

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