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Find your flow with these work from home playlists

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If you’re used to working in a bustling office, you might find the newfound silence of remote work deafening. On the other hand, if you’re sheltering in place with a house full of family or roommates, you might be looking for a way to tune out. Thankfully there’s a quick, remote, and social distancing-approved solution to both scenarios: music! 

Various studies have shown music’s power to lift your mood and help you maintain focus—two things many of us could use right now. So whether you’re sick of the crickets or looking for new tunes to help you crank through your to-do list, look no further. Here are some of our favorite playlists, curated especially for remote workers, by team Asana.

Lo-fi focus

Lo-fi is a non-lyrical genre of music that blends looping hip-hop beats with jazz or electronic samples to create relaxing, moody melodies. 

Why we love this playlist: The minimal lyrics and chill vibes make it great background music for work that requires deeper focus.

When to play it: When building projects, coworking in common areas with your housemates, catching up on inbox updates, creating status reports, or doing any kind of writing or journaling.

Nostalgic 90’s and 2000’s

These throwback goodies need no introduction. They’re the songs you play on a road trip, at your best friend’s wedding, or when you’re dancing alone in your living room.

Why we love this playlist: These songs make us happy! They pump us up and provide positive bursts of energy when we’re feeling stagnant.

When to play it: While brewing your morning cup of coffee, baking yet another loaf of bread, in the awkward gaps between video conference calls, and every time you complete a big task.

Classical deep cuts

Sometimes only a little Mozart will do. But seriously, the benefits of classical music can’t be overstated. It’s been shown to promote everything from healthy blood pressure to increased memory and creativity.

Why we love this playlist: The playful piano runs and soaring strings of classical music make this playlist great for creative concentration and deep thinking.

When to play it: When scheduling work in Timeline, analyzing your team’s capacity in Workload, and brainstorming meals to clear your fridge. 

Bonus playlists

If none of those playlists strike the right chord, or you just want something a little more ✨Asanafied✨, don’t worry. Our friends from the Asana Together World Tour and Team Rainbow have a few more tracks up their sleeves.

Why we love these playlists: They’re happy, full of heartitude, and 100% yeti approved.

When to play them: When you need background music for your Zoom happy hour or want a little pick-me-up.

Get listening

These playlists aren’t the only way to hit your work from home stride. Check out our remote work resource guide for tips, best practices, and live help so you can work from anywhere.

Want to see more playlists from team Asana? Drop your favorite beat or genre in the comments below and we’ll see what we can do. Happy listening, everyone.

Special thanks to Our global team of Asanas for the music recommendations

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