The best advice I have for leaders and teams

Justin Rosenstein

Recently I spoke at Chicago Ideas Week, where I distilled some of the best advice I have after ten years of studying and leading teams. We’re excited to share the video.

The first half of the talk is about the purpose of work, and how I’ve found a deep sense of personal satisfaction from doing work in service of helping humanity thrive. The second half (starting at 7:10) provides three concrete strategies, which I’ve found make teams wildly more effective in accomplishing their goals – all by achieving clarity. I hope you enjoy it.

  1. avatarBrandi Leath

    I think Asana is absolutely amazing!! I’m so glad I stumbled on it a few months ago and am excited to be implementing it with my team. Thank you so much for sharing your vision with the world!!

  2. avatarJuan Martitegui

    really inspiring! it’s awesome to use such a good tool everyday but even more awesome to know what the team behind it stands for.
    everybody at asana should be grateful to have such great leaders.

  3. avatarJosephine Storek

    We at SREducation absolutely love Asana. Not only because it a fantastic tool for us but most importantly, because its matches our own philosophy. Thank you for trying to make the world a better place, Josephine @

  4. avatarLakshan

    Hey Justin, great talk. Agreed – “Clarity” is the key. Also, after watching this, I realised “why I work” too. Red blood cell analogy is great. And A BIG thank you to you for making ASANA which has transformed the way I manage my work. In my humble opinion you certainly is helping humanity thrive! Thanks ASANA team!

  5. avatarSumeet

    Hi Justin… Asana is a great product and the company culture is indeed mindful. What can a normal individual like me do to get the opportunity to work at Asana. I completed my Bachelor’s in Comp Sci in 2011 and been working as a SE since then. Any tips or technologies i should work on to get an opportunity to work at Asana?

  6. avatarRob

    Thank you. You and your company have made a big difference for us at Mariannhill Mission Press. We are proud to be 132 years old, the oldest religious Printing Press in South Africa but smart enough to use Asana!!! Just wanted you to know that we are grateful. We are still on the free version but as we grow we are ready to pay for the software with pleasure. Thank you.

  7. avatarChristiaan

    Given Google and Facebook’s roles in cosying up to the US government to create a world of persistent surveillance I don’t know that using them as examples of jobs that made him feel great about improving the world are apt.

  8. avatarKunal Nagar

    Hi Justin,

    I’ve seen a lot of your talks. And I just wanted to take a moment and tell you this. I might not be as experienced as you are, but what you say on stage makes absolute sense. The part where you say that you feel happy that someone is taking out the trash FOR YOU, it takes a lot to look at that particular activity from a different perspective. In a nutshell, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for building Asana. It has impacted a lot of people including me and my sincerest respect and regards to you for carrying out this amazing task.

    Greetings from India.
    Kunal Nagar

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