A new day for Asana on iPhone & iPad

Today is a big day for Asana – the biggest since we launched a little over 2 years ago. We are excited to share with you a completely redesigned and rebuilt, fully-native Asana app for iPhone and iPad that is faster, more powerful, and much easier to use. It’s a major step forward in helping your team work together effortlessly, without the hassle of email, from wherever you are.


A totally new experience

Our previous iOS app was intended as a companion to our web-based product, something that you and your team used in between accessing Asana on your computer. But as teams increasingly rely on mobile devices in addition to (or instead of) their computers, our old approach was not enough. So, we started from scratch, focusing on how teams work from mobile devices. The result is a brand-new experience for iPhone and iPad that helps you run your day, your team, and your company right from your mobile device.


Start your day with the new Asana homescreen.
Each time you open Asana, the first thing you’ll see is a list of the work you’ve decided is most important, and your tasks that are due today. From here, you can tap to see your full “My Tasks” list or swipe to see your Inbox, where you can catch up on the latest updates from your team, on only the work you’re following.

Stay connected to your team’s work, with more powerful task and project controls.
Access your favorite projects quickly from the bottom bar navigation. Reorder and prioritize tasks with drag and drop, add subtasks, change due dates, view attachments, and update followers and assignees on any task.

Find the information you need with fast search.
Search tasks, projects, teammates, and tags to get the right information exactly when you need it.

Never lose a thought with the new Quick Add button.
A green “+” is always present in the bottom right corner of the app, making it easy to capture a new task for yourself, a to-do for a teammate, or an idea for a project, from anywhere in the app.

Designed for mobile teamwork

In addition to being faster and more powerful, we’ve made the app more beautiful and enjoyable to use. It’s the first product launch with our new, cleaner, brighter visual design – expect more of this style in the coming months. We’ve also added gestures for many of the most common actions in Asana, from swiping tasks complete to tapping to heart a comment or a task.

More on the way

Our mobile team is now the largest dedicated product and engineering team at Asana, and we have an exciting mobile roadmap planned for you. Next up is a major update to our Android app. In fact, check back here tomorrow for an early peek at our Android designs, as well as more background on the redesign process for the iOS app.

But for now, visit the App Store to download the new app. For help getting up to speed on the new app, we created an iOS Quick Start Guide, which is also helpful to share with teammates who are just getting started with Asana. Let us know what you think!

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  • Hexadezimalion
    Great news, but bring on the new Android app! :-)
    • Mike
      • Emily Kramer
        Check the blog tomorrow for a peek at the early designs for Android.
        • Tevya
          So does “early designs” mean it’s still in the early phases and won’t be released for a while?
        • Brian
          Definitely excited about the Android version. So, sneak peek tomorrow, but what is a realistic expectation for release… a month, couple of months, by year’s end?
        • James Kockelbergh
          Great news!!!
          • Daniel Patterson
        • blendahtom
          That’s great to hear!
        • Ian Patrick Hines
          I’d imagine you’re delaying the Android app re-launch because you want to fit the Material Design guidelines, but they’ll feel out of step with KitKat. No?
        • Martin Hof
          I’m looking forward to it!
        • OnengLar
        • JOrge Lozano
          Sure I will, Thank you for your every day effort!
      • Ross
        Ditto x2
        • Ross
          Looks amazing. Great work! (We’ve got a team full of very hungry Android users).
      • Martin
        “Next up is a major update to our Android app. In fact, check back here tomorrow for an early peek at our Android designs, as well as more background on the redesign process for the iOS app.”
      • Mark
        My thoughts exactly. Android sales surpassed iOS sales a long time ago. What gives?
    • Brandon Eley
      PLEASE update the Android app, it stinks.
    • Michel Hasenclever
      Great tip for you: To have a better android performance the software need to be different from the one for Apple. It should have more data downloaded and less data transmitted. Right the actual software has a very poor performance.
      • Jim Renaud
        The Android app we are working on is not a port of the iOS app like many other companies do. We are designing and developing a fully native Android experience from the ground up utilizing specific Android features. I think you’ll like what you see tomorrow (Wednesday) in our sneak peek post. We are just as excited about our Android release!
        • OnengLar
    • Steve Jobs
      Please abandon all Adroid development and stick with iOS. Android is for wankers.
      • Harry Fischer
        Hi Steve, that’s ok. Asana should be for work, not for playgroups.
    • Evan
      Since Android outsells iOS 4 to 1, why did you not do an Android App first? Go where the money is first not where your fashion ego goes!

      Please, need Android App ASAP!

      • Joel Brady
        I applaud them for thinking ‘fashion’ first. Not sure what you mean by ego in this instance.
      • Jim Renaud
        While that may be true about Android sales, we have found that users of Asana use the iPhone almost 4 to 1 and combined with iPad, that number is even wider. That being said, we love our Android users. We are designing and developing a fully native Android experience from the ground up utilizing specific Android features. I think you’ll like what you see tomorrow (Wednesday) in our sneak peek post. We are just as excited about our Android release!
        • Ed
          I’d think that a major reason Asana mobile users are mostly iOS users is that your Android app is unusable. Looking forward to the new app! Thanks for your work – the Asana website is awesome!
        • Jevon
          So did this blog post ever happen? I can’t seem to find it.
        • Aydin
          Correct, beacuse Android app runing in web. We need run with local db please :)
    • Peter G
      Ditto… Please create for Android too. I use a Mac and an iPad but the battery on the iPhone was killing me and I switched to Android.
      Thank you!
    • yunus
    • Kevin Albrecht
      I love the look of the iOS app… I hope to see the Android app very soon!
    • Daniel Camargo
      Nice improvement!
  • Chet King
    Will the iOS and Android apps now work offline? That is the biggest hindrance to full Asana adoption for my organization.
    • Vicky
      Agree with this! Would be fantastic to be able to work offline, then sync online!
    • Dave
      I understand that Asana’s key purpose, connecting users with the most up to date information is critical. However it would be nice to have a backup function that could be offered to premium users that prevents downtime if internet connectivity has been lost. Without connectivity, the appearance is different until the full sync has been updated. Having a parallel backup system to an organization’s network would really answer some of the concerns my organization currently has for the software.
    • James Kockelbergh
      I am also waiting for this feature…
    • George
      Nope, still no offline function. It really boggles my mind that they haven’t instituted this feature considering it’s been requested for about 2 years now. There also isn’t an “All-in-One” or summary view. I’d love to roll this out to my organizations, but can’t yet. The lack of offline access is just a killer.
      • Tony
        Agreed – the new app is beautiful and I really want to use it, but until there’s offline access and a summary view, I’m sticking with Hill88, even if that means paying for their app next month…
    • Tim
      Offline access is what is keeping us from implementing this firm-wide. Such a great product with such a gaping, unexplainable hole. This page on Luna has been up for quite a while and make specific mention of offline access: https://asana.com/luna Why has it not yet been brought to production? That would, by far, be the biggest improvement to Asana, and more worth the while than even a native app. I love the performance increases, but what’s speed worth if you can’t use it in the subway or on a plane?…
    • daniel
      I agree, asana would be the perfect tool with this addition!
    • Pranav Sharma
      I wish there was better offline support. The best focussed time I have each morning is during the commute on the metro (underground). Incredibly frustrating to not be able to use asana offline and get organized for the day during the commute. I guess Hill88 will continue to be my backup for that purpose. Please add this to the roadmap Asana!
    • chris
      +1 for offline support.
    • Markus
      It’s the #1 missing feature on mobile, all the other announced changes are nice-to-have
    • ChikaraMike
      Really want to move to Asana but spend a lot of time on international flights and need offline access. I really like the layout of Asana but Until offline access I’ll continue using Nozbe.
    • Libin Varghese
      +1 for Offline Support
    • Adam Beh
      Yep – until the offline functionality is available, I’ll continue working with other software. This is a deal-breaker as we’ve got too many people working in remote locations for Asana to be useful. Will switch once you guys start listening to your users….
  • Bob Clark
    Yes, what about the Android app? When will it be upgraded?
    • Emily Kramer
      Next up from the mobile team is an Android app. We will give a sneak peek at the designs in a blog post tomorrow.
  • Alex Lehner
    I’m not seeing a change in the app store yet. Link still goes to the older version of the App
    • Parmeet Shah
      Same! I guess it’s going to take a day or so as they mention in the post. Cannot wait!!
      • Emily Kramer
        We released it early this morning, but yes, it takes a while to be rolled out. It will be available today for everyone! Thanks for your patience (we’re anxious to see it up there too)!
  • Nate Sanders
    Not update available and no change in the app store
    • Emily Kramer
      It can take time for the App Store to update for all users. It was updated early this morning, and will be available today for everyone! Thanks for your patience.
      • Nate Sanders
        Thanks for the reply! I had no idea it took a while to update.
  • Kevin
    Looks great…does it have offline support? I really hope the answer is “yes”.
  • Jeremy
    Android please??
    • Martin
      “Next up is a major update to our Android app. In fact, check back here tomorrow for an early peek at our Android designs, as well as more background on the redesign process for the iOS app.”
  • Kinto
    Long shot but… would like a windows phone app please.
    • Aaron
    • Nick
      Same Here!! , Ditto, +928
      • Richard
        Same here. Need a windows phone version badly!
      • Greg
        Windows Phone 8 definitely is needed, especially since they come with built in enterprise support.
    • Martin
      Yes, please, think about Windows Phone too!
    • JK
    • Devon
      OMG! Yes! Please! Show the windows phone users some love too. :)
    • Nate
      I would also like an “official” Asana app for Windows Phone, but in the meantime, I’ve enjoyed the competition among “Asana WP,” “Winsana,” and “Asanother”. At the moment “Asana WP” seems to be the best for me.
    • Chad
      Yes, a Windows Phone app would make me use this service.
  • Jorge Pinto
    I am happy that Android App is coming!! :-)
  • Ishmael
    You guys rock. Just last night I was looking at alternative task management apps, and although many had a better mobile app (for iOS), none had the comprehensive, easy to use desktop interface I love about Asana. I’ll be grabbing this update as soon as it is available, and based on the look of it, possibly transitioning away from the mobile apps I was using (any.do, for example).

    One feature I would like to have is easy switching between accounts. Gmail for iOS does this well, and lets me quickly jump between work and personal accounts without typing a password. If it’s not on your roadmap, I’d be interested in alternative ways to make that happen (merged accounts, etc.).

  • Francisco Cervantes
    Is there a Calender View for iOS?
    • Jim Renaud
      We do not have Calendar View for iOS. Thanks for the question. We will be working on even new features for our iOS and upcoming Android app.
      • Devin Elliot
        You guys must have been reading my mind because the app has crippled my interest in using Asana. I was searching all night last night for a replacement with a halfway decent mobile app. Unfortunately I am an Android user
  • Daniel J. Lewis
    Amazing! This will make Asana much more useful to me now!
  • Francisco Cervantes
    Can we get Customization and Better Print options for Calender View on the Website?
  • Chris Booth
    So was the app pulled down or something because I only see the old app?
    • Reigan Combs
      It can take time for the App Store to update for all users. It was updated early this morning, and will be available today! Thanks for your patience.
  • Joey Lei
    i only see the old app as well – problems with Apple App Store?
    • Reigan Combs
      We released it early this morning, but it takes time to be updated for all users. It will be available today for everyone! Thanks for your patience (we’re anxious to see it up there too)!
  • Carsten Lange
    I hear it loud and clear: MOBILE :) Is the offline access with the laptop coming up? Desperately need that for working out of house at a clients place.
  • David
    Not there yet, can’t wait!
  • Manuel
    I got the notice of the iphone-app in my asana web-interface – yet it is not available in the appstore as of now. I think a lot of people are experiencing this right now…
    • Reigan Combs
      It takes time for the App Store to be updated for all users, but will be available today. Thanks for your patience!
  • Bhumir Patel
    Now the only thing left to do is complete all the tasks that have been assigned to me :-(

    Thank you for the update.

  • Justin
    Really excited to see this. I was just talking to our CTO about how much we love Asana, but how frustrating the mobile experience is.
  • Jean Johnson
  • daniel
    Still no app update on my side but it seems AWESOME.

    Is a new website client also in the works? The app now is MUCH user friendly than the web version :D

  • Joshua Pinter
    Great work, guys! You’re constantly pushing things forward, keen to use the new app and to see the brighter, simpler design across the web-app as well.

    Keep it up!


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  • Dean
    Awesome, having been waiting for this! Now just add due times to dates and I’ll be 99.9% Happy. Gotta leave the .01% since I still have to do the task myself :-)
  • jd
    Not there yet, can’t wait!
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  • AP Orlebeke
  • Version Number?
    What is version number? I’m not seeing in the ad. Handy to identify when the new version is in.
  • Manuel
    now, it is there : )
  • James R
    Very excited about this release thank you! Keep up the great work.
  • Sarah C
    The app store now shows a pic of the new app, and the app keeps saying “downloading to the newest version” when I open it…but then it opens the old version. I don’t see anything different. Do I need to delete it and start over? Thx!
    • Jim Renaud
      Several of us at Asana got the same results. However, currently we are getting much better hit rates downloading the new Asana app. Thanks for being patient. Rolling out an app worldwide takes a bit of time!
      • Sarah C
        Thanks – I deleted and re-downloaded, and it looks great now! So excited I can sort tasks by due date now!
        • Jim Renaud
          Yeah! Glad you like it.
  • Raphael
    The new app is amazing. A really awesome update. Only thing I did not like is the fact that “Sections” are listed as tasks too. But that ok. Really nice.
    • Joe Fletcher
      @Raphael: I agree. They should not count towards the # of tasks I have for today. They’re not tasks; they’re sections.
      • Raphael
        • dim
          some of us use the “section” tasks to keep notes :)
  • Jay Medley
    Had to delete and then download the app again to get the latest version. App looks wonderful. Nice job guys (and gals)!!!

    FYI…I had to download the iPhone app to the iPad. Don’t worry. It looks like a native app on both. Very cool.

  • Stas Ushomirsky
    Lots of Android users here! We are all very disappointed your prioritized iOS over Android. We need a great Android app!
    • Jim Renaud
      We’re working on a fully native Android app with custom to Android features. I think you’ll be pleased. Come back to the blog tomorrow for a sneak peak on our Android app.
  • Miguel Peralta
    I downloaded the app. UI looks great however I noticed issues when trying to see the tasks that are under my team members. we get error 500 … Everything else looks good , but this is a major problem as you need to be able to interact with projects while they are assigned to another team member
    • Jim Renaud
      Thanks for the feedback, Miguel. We have a couple mobile engineers looking into this issue. However, it would be really helpful if you contact support for any issue, so we can make sure it’s addressed fully.
  • Patrick
    Looks great! I am not being prompted to download the new version on my phone yet, though?
    • Jim Renaud
      It’s rolling out across the world right now. Hopefully you will get access to the app on the Apple Store very soon.
  • Aaron
    Why are Android users always last. It’s like we’re being picked on for having the best phones
    • Justin Rosenstein
      Our stats show that we have 3x as many users on iOS than on Android. If we ever have more Android users, we will release features for Android first! :-)
    • Jim Renaud
      We are working on some nice features for Android. Please check the blog tomorrow for a sneak peak.
  • Trevor
    Good job guys!!!
  • Morten Evjen
    I just for the update on my phone i Norway now. It looks very good
  • Parham
    Finally! Looks awesome. Seems to work fairly fast too. Worth waiting for.

    Now, please give us the new look on the main application too :-) Seems sooo much fresher. And while you do it, maybe release a native client for the desktop as well? Pretty please? Or a widget for the new notification center in Yosemite.

    Go team Asana!

    • Emily Kramer
      Our new design will be in the web app in the coming months.
  • Lubomir Zrnecko
    I love you!
  • Greg
    Thank you guys, you did a great job. indeed the experience is now “21st century like”. but if you dig deeper it seems as just an UI update and there are still some deeper issues, p.e. the non-offline-functionality as others mentioned.
    will there be the possibility to add tasks in offline mode and then sync them when a connection is established?
  • Roland
    Hi team Asana the new app is looking really great and snappy!

    5 seconds from cold launch to task list! Instant if app is open in the background.

    Plus I can hit the green + before I even see the task list – it is instant! Love it.

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  • Bole
    great job! I have one question. How can I delete task?
    • Lisa
      I have the same question of how to delete a task from the ipad app. Can’t find any way – as of yet. Seems that’s another major missing element to Asana.
  • Rami
    The new app looks great – one shortfall that I’ve noticed however is that you can’t access a parent task or a project from a subtask. If I have a subtask assigned to me, the only way it seems that I’m able to view the associated parent task or project is by searching for it rather than having the a link to access them directly… Not a deal-breaker of course, but definitely would be a “nice to have”.
    • Bernhard
      Same for me: great-supa-fantango app! Love it. But in the subtasks, I can not see the parent-assignment. May you fix it? BR from Berlin
  • Mostafa
    Thanks for the effort in designing and delivering this new app. It’s really fast (specially compared to the old app), easier to use, and provides more almost all the features on the mobile too.

    Only two points: archived projects are being shown for me among current projects (and of them has a gray bar on its left) and tags are not listed (though it’s almost enough that I can easily access them from search).

  • Mehul
    Just downloaded it. So far it looks great. I love the web app, what you guys do and what you stand for. But I had difficultly navigating the previous version of the IOS app. This one looks straightforward, mirrors the functionality on the web site and looks fantastic. Really appreciate the time, thought and development effort put into the all aspects of the design!
  • Philippe Dame
    Well done!
  • Johnny
    This we have waiting for! Looks nice! :) I heart Asana. <3
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  • Aaron
    Really like the new design and additional functionality, but it seems there’s still no way to view previously completed tasks on mobile?
    • John Salzarulo
      You can with a “Saved Search” I have one that’s “Any tasks completed by me in the past 24 hours” – Then you can “Favorite” this task by selecting the star, then it will always just push to the mobile app. It works perfectly.
      • Aaron
        That’s a pretty clever work-around, John — thanks. Still seems like a pretty basic bit of functionality that ought to be included in the app, though.
  • We Want Android App
    The People want new ANDROID APP!!
  • Gabe
    +1 for the android app! Willing beta tester here…
  • Andreas Pizsa
    I’m loving it – great relaunch, so much better than the old version – thanks! <3
  • Bala
    Nothing to say its perfect :) love you people soon we will seen on worldleaks interview
  • Alan
    Unable to find app on iPad.
  • Edson
    It would also be great to see a redesign of the webapp!
  • whulsbergen
    Great update!! Keep ‘m coming!

    *LOL @ Asana-staff ignoring the many offline sync requests in the comments.

  • wisebyte
    This is great! Can’t wait to try it out!!
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  • C
    Love it!!! But still no calendar??? :(

    I don’t want to sound ungrateful but I need me a calendar! ;)

    • Jackie Bavaro
      No Calendar yet, but you can sort by due date!
    • Meme
      Calendar view is a MUST MUST MUST. Changed life as we knew it when it became available on the desktop version, and now we are hooked. Round these parts, we probably won’t use the mobile versions too much until it has one.
  • Karin Nelson
    Awesome! This is so great!!! You guys are fantastic. Asana is one of my favourite apps in the world. And with the constant updates and improvements, it will stay relevant for me. Excellent!!
  • John Salzarulo
    Looks awesome. Worth the wait.
  • JL
    What about a BlackBerry 10 native app?
    • Jim Renaud
      Unfortunately, BlackBerry is not in our current roadmap, but I did add your request to potential opportunities.
      • Raffi
        Count me in for a BlackBerry 10 app.
  • Ed
    Is there a way to show just current (non-archived) projects? App is great, otherwise. :-)
  • Leann
    Love it! Can’t wait to see the new design elements alluded to for the web interface – “new, cleaner, brighter visual design.” You guys are really fantastic!
  • crispeto
    I really appreciate you all for coming out with new apps. I can’t wait for the android app. I hope it has offline access and reminder alerts. I’ve been looking for an awesome quality task/project system for a long time. I love Asana on the web but I need a complete web/mobile system. I can’t wait for the preview of the android app tomorrow.
  • Julia
    So as it’s iOS7 only, I don’t have to wait for any improvements to the iOS6 version anymore I guess? Too bad. I was hoping for a way to turn off the “downloading latest version” thing, which starts almost everytime I open the app. Downloading stuff without wi-fi is really expensive for me, and downloading updates without asking is not fair. And obviously I don’t need to use the app when I have wi-fi, then I use my computer.

    Might be different with the new app, but I only have iOS6.

    • Jim Renaud
      The iOS app is designed for iOS 7 and we are already working on improvements for iOS8. The new Asana app does not offer offline support. We do hope to offer offline capabilities in future versions.
  • Joao Marques
    Good job guys! Great app!
    Maybe you already know this but it’s crashing on my 5S with iOS 8 Beta 4 when I tap in any task to see its details. Working great on iPad with iOS 7.
    • Jim Renaud
      We did spot some iOS 8 bugs that we have already fixed and will update in our next push. However, we do not officially support beta operating systems, but we of course are working on iOS 8 features, so we will try to keep us as best as we can.
  • Jamo
    Had such high hopes! No offline is a deal breaker, gonna have to stick with omnifocus for now, you can add task and review task offline with them!
  • Andy
    Updated Asana on my iPad right after receiving email.
    UI is definitely better, but needs some time to get used to, because it looks entirely different from web app.

    Hope that you’ll implement widget for Android version.

  • Allan
    I just upgraded, it looks very nice. Congratulations!
  • Lauren
    Squealed so loud I wet myself a little (jk). Looks great, Asana! Nice work! I’m loving the speed and flow.
  • Mike
    Hi guys,

    First of all I love the new look – it’s great.

    Can I make a request – using the “All” tab on the projects screen shows archived projects as well as current ones – which means if you have a lot of archived stuff (as I do) the page becomes useless. Could you please consider perhaps putting a “current” tab for the open projects or just make all not show archived projects by default?



    • Emily Kramer
      The Favorites tab will show projects you’ve starred in the web app and recent projects, which should be helpful for finding the projects you need.
  • Vikash
    Love the new design but this App is unusable for me for one simple reason.

    The projects do not get ordered in the order they are ordered on the website version.

    • Jim Renaud
      Your favorited projects should be in the same order as the web version.
  • Tim Senkungu
    The app is incredible! My whole team just didn’t even use the app because it wasn’t functional for the way we did business, but many upgraded and are using it on their iphones or ipads. Offline access is all that would be needed to make the thing perfect.
  • Justin
    Is there a general timeline (other than “eventually” or “it’s being worked on”) for a refresh like this for the web-based Asana app?
    • Jim Renaud
      Not a timeline that we are ready to share.
      • Justin
        Fair enough. Thanks for the up front reply Jim!
  • Bobby
    Android please, please, please.
    • Jim Renaud
      We are working on a fully native and custom to Android app, and will share a sneak peek tomorrow (Wednesday) right here on the blog.
      • Matt
        Was there a sneak peak for android posted yet? I don’t see it in the blog.
  • Erik Osterman
    Lack of offline support is a deal breaker. I am constantly in the air and I find this to be one of the best times to organize and breakdown tasks. Fortunately, I moved on to Hill88’s mobile app for Asana in the iOS App Store long ago. The app is beautiful and works well. To anyone else looking for an Asana app with offline support, I suggest you check out their app instead. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hill88-pro-for-asana/id755457912?mt=8
  • Phil
    It seems you can add subtasks in the app if you already have subtasks created via the browser, but for a task that has no existing subtasks you cannot. Maybe I am missing something?
    It would be nice to be able to add subtasks on the app please.
    • Jim Renaud
      In a task, please click the three dots in the upper right hand corner and you can do 9 things to your task and one of them is Subtasks.

      Check out our guide for directions.

  • Jo Grimstad

    Will you change the iPad version so that more of the available screen estate is used?

    Now, the iPad version looks like the iPhone version: http://a3.mzstatic.com/us/r30/Purple1/v4/61/1a/fa/611afa71-29ef-0f42-c6f3-2430662c5915/screen480x480.jpeg

    But maybe it should be possible to select tasks, etc in a left column, and use all the available space to the right for task details, etc?

  • Chris
    How do we assign a new task to both a project and a section of that project ? On the old app you could do this by tapping on the project name inside the task without having to go to the project and drag the task into the correct section. Has this functionality disappeared from the new app ?
    • Jim Renaud
      Unfortunately, it has. I’ve added it to our feature requests. Thanks for your feedback and nice catch.
  • Ivan
    Great update :)
    I’m missing Project and sections headings when filtering tasks by tag. Are there any plans supporting this on iPad?
  • San
    Native OSX aaaaaaaaaaaaaaapp !


  • Briony
    Thank God!!!
    I have been waiting for something like this as I only work on my iPad and it has been so frustrating to work with when I can’t see my projects!
    It’s awesome – thanks guys!
  • kim huynh
    Thanks Team for good product! Love it. There is an request of export all Task to Excel for Report purpose. That’s should be a great function I am waiting for it.
  • San
    Still no offline support, still no native desktop client…
    Should I be jumping simply because my all-time former favourite app’s got a facelift?

    It’s cute. It’s faster.
    With the same problems.

    Come on lads..

    • Daniel Domit
      Try Hill88 Pro, its a beauty and i dont think asana is getting offline support any time soon :(
  • Karkuvel
    Easlily the most commented blog post on ASANA, that indicates how important this was, though it was late, any way better late than never, I am an Android user, dont want to get into the tussle ios vs android, just hope you could give us a timeline for the android app. I just HOPE, I kniow it is difficult to get a timeline from Team ASANA.
  • Artem
    Guys, thank you. That is great.
    You are listening to your users.
    Looking forward to a new Android app.
  • Vlad
    Is there ANY way to mark as read all my 309 messages? (or whatever it is :) I have badge with 309 on top of app. Browsing for tasks does nothing, number doesn’t seem to change. Sure I can turn this badge completely, but maybe its a bug, that needs to be fixed?
  • Daniel Domit
    Really?? No support for offline? Wow, yes the new design is better and faster but come on, offline support is the most important feature!

    Do you plan to bring it anytime soon???

    I hope you do!

  • Marek
    Do you plan app for Windows Phone??
  • Arun Shelke
    That’s so Cool and good move to ipad version.
    keep it up
  • KarthiKeyan
    Bring it on for Windows Phone as well. Thanks.
  • Andr
    Thank you!
    How to delete task?
  • serge
    finally! the old one was such a pain to use, I’ve been waiting for this forever! great job guys! :) keep it up! say hi to Dustin for me ;)
  • Torsten
    Where is the project description?
    I can see descriptions for tasks as expected but not the ones for the projects. What am I doing wrong?
  • Vladimir
    You know, it’s become worse then before:
    * How to delete task?
    * How to mark as read all notifications?
    * Why archived projects are shown?
    * Why moving tasks in the My tasks pane is so incovinient – tap and hold. move holding on the right side, then tap Ok. Why not like in the previous version – just tap, hold, move?
    * How to move sections?
    * How to hide Upcoming from the My tasks view?
  • Khasan
    Implement it with Xamarin C# Framework so you could effort less work on porting iOS app to Android and WP.
  • Jacob
    Who did the music for the video? It’s awesome!

    Also, it is a beautiful looking app…. for once I want an Iphone myself but I’ll just wait for the Android release.

  • Dominick
    I was so happy to hear about update, and can’t wait for the new android app. Mobile has been the one drawback in using Asana among my faculty, and the new app will make Asana the “total package” for managing workflow at our college. One request (apologies if this has been brought up already): could we see different work views like Gantt and swimlane?
  • Jörn
    BUG- seems like the app is no longer pulling updates!
    I kept my iPad in front of my screen to see if colleagues update something but while my android app keeps beeping the inbox on the ipad is only updated if i click on the organization & workspace selection and re-select the current workspace
  • Richard
    Still waiting on Android announcement….
  • Daniel
    amazing! Thanks guys, don’t know what we’d do without asana :D
  • Flávio Silva
    Awesome! it was a great decision, to do the new app with native code!!!! Congratulations guys!!! You rocks!!! Say hello to the marketing team too!
  • Jake
    I cannot tell you how excited I was last night when I arrived home from vacation and saw this post in my Feedly.

    Thank you all at Asana for working so hard to create an astounding experience for your users. Love the new app and I am excited for features to come!

  • Andre Q
    Big congratulations to you all at Asana on this native app!!
    Can’t wait for the Android version.
    You guys are amazing.
  • Mike Pope
    Looks great, but PLEASE get functionality for adding tasks when no service (IE: subway in the morning on way to work). Why can’t it just save and sync when connection is made (getting out of subway). Please!
  • Trent B
    Still looking forward to (ie: waiting on) the Android app details that are supposed to drop today (Wednesday 30 July). My whole team can’t wait!
  • Ricardo
    I Love the new app.
    Now please update the design of the web version. It looks so outdated.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Pingback: A fresh take on mobile - The Asana Blog()

  • Jim Renaud
    You all may be interested in our latest blog post about Asana’s mobile evolution and future including a sneak peek of our forthcoming Android app.
  • joseph
    can you mention to the dev team to enable copying text from the asana app such as hone numbers to call and address for gps input on the android please?
  • JCarter
    Sweet mother of monkey milk! This is awesome. Even though I’m not in the Mac/iPhone ecosystem, I know this means that the red-headed step-child (ie Android) will soon be graced with the blessing of an ASANA app that is native. I can’t wait!

    Thank you, thank you, thaaaaannnnnnkkkkk you!

  • Phil
    TIP In the old version app you could complete tasks from the task list by ticking a box. You now have to slide right.
  • amarlow
    For many reasons I, too, am converting from Android to a Windows Phone. I understand I am choosing the third horse in a three horse race, but the value is clear IF the app is native and written for WP OS. I am frustrated the applications world has defacto decided Microsoft is ugly, and they should not be allowed to play. It’s a Catch 22, or self fulfilling expectation. But I’m convinced the more major app developers who purposefully target the admittedly small Windows Phone/Tablet market with dedicated code, the more that market will grow, the more Windows devices will sell (Android/Google is so dang scary), and the more other developers will add to the pot.

    Yes, I vote for a native WP Asana app.

    • Steven T
      amarlow, it’s your choice to pick the horse you like knowing its advantages and weaknesses. I don’t think software developers have decided to go against Microsoft just because they don’t like the company, though it may seem that way. I’m a web designer, and for years, creating websites that play nice with Explorer is a pain in the a*ss. Most clients don’t understand the extra efforts developers go through to make their software work on all platforms in unison.
    • sesame chicken
      @amarlow, you’ve picked the third horse in a 2 horse race. It comes down to profits and ROI, and the Windows phone platform doesn’t get close to iOS and Android. As a dev, it makes no sense economically to write for WP.
  • Paul America
  • Fabian Mossberg
    When will the UI of the web app get a very much needed update?
  • Torsten
    Aonther try:
    Where is the project description?
    I can see descriptions for tasks as expected but not the ones for the projects. What am I doing wrong? Or did you forget those?
  • Pingback: Asana Launches Redesigned App For iPhone And iPad | Tropicalpost()

  • OnengLar
    So where is android app =((
    date release?)
  • Matt
    I love the update to the iphone app. One problem – if you and a teammate have the same initials, your tasks look exactly the same… Same initials and the same color.
    • Tom
      Agree this. Will you guys update the app eventually to differentiate? Can either allow people to choose their own initials, their own color, their own picture entirely, or just handle with an algorithm that picks initials/colors and makes sure there is no ambiguity.
  • Pingback: Data Over Everything | 3 Essential Productivity Tools All Marketers Need()

  • Pingback: New releases from Asana, Wunderlist, and Timeful — Gigaom Research()

  • Estrella Sarson
    Brilliant guide many thanks! Seems to do the job perfectly well with all the latest versions of wordpress as well (3.3)Made the code a lot cleaner as mentioned and seems to have made life less difficult when trying to implement the comments form into side areas ect. (Had a nightmare with previous use of the normal code)


  • M
    Fyi it crashes on yosemite when you open a task. Amy task
  • Smitty
    is there a way to delete a task in the mobile app?
  • Hugo Aguilar

    This is an amazing App! Honestly, without your product my work would be almost impossible to complete. Now with this improve App, I can do much more from my iPhone.

    Good Job. LONG TIME COMING! Thank you very much!

    From an avid Asana user

  • NoamH
    Can’t wait for the android app!!

    Please make it fast ^_^

  • JamesC
    I think that there is potentially a serious flaw in mobile app in that on the mobile app you can see all teams within an organization whether you are a member or follower of a task. In on-line version I think properly so, you do not see teams that you are not a member or follower. I think this applies to the free version also. Am I correct?
    • JamesC
      Asana confirmed and fixed.
  • T Lyons
    Hypertext links with “@” don’t seem to work on the iPad. I use this feature heavily and without it the mobile app is mainly only useful for browsing status and not commenting.
    • Gaurav Jain
      Any update on this?
  • J Smith
    Android app – been waiting. Crank it up and pass it along ASAP.
  • Dan
    Like the app but one question… How do I move a task from New to today/upcoming/later? I can get it into upcoming but that’s it.
  • Miguel
    Bring on the Android app soon!! The current one sucks!
  • Tobias.
    It seems as basic and very important function is missing – deleting a task….
  • Mike
    Is there a way to put a phone number in a task so i can call it on my iPhone?
    • Amy
      I would also love this feature! Would streamline my call time.
  • Pingback: Business Web and Mobile Apps, Which One to Choose? - EtonDigital()

  • Fi
    I can’t delete a task from mobile. This needs to be added back.
  • MS
    I was really excited to see the horrible app finally updated only to find the new app was only slightly less horrible. I personally despise the aesthetic. All that blue is just so awful. Lack of offline totally defeats the purpose of a new app. Not sure what you are thinking. The Hill88 offering is light years better. Lack of sorting/grouping options sucks. My saved searches don’t translate well. Instead of seeing them grouped by field as in the web version I get a flat list of tasks. How completely not helpful. Too many other apps are so much better that I can’t fathom how this was viewed as a triumph on any level. I’m at a loss as to how this new version improves on the original debacle. Sorry. I really like the web version and your development spirit which is why this just seems so off the mark. Guess I stl can’t make asana my go to.
  • Vincenzo Belpiede
    I’ll try it out but if you don’t have offline I will probably go use wunderlist
  • Cet Caldwell
    Congratulations on the launch! That being said, I really would love to help you guys improve your new apps category rank through ASO, Growth Mechanics, and Smart Ad Spending. Let’s connect at your earliest convenience.
  • Fabio
    When can we see or get the android app update. Currently using a third party app which is not really good. Really would love the apps to reflect the user experience on pc
  • Marco
    We running a big company and like to use asana for our workflow, but because of the missing offline support its not possible to switch to asana. Guys start with offline sync I we are with you!
  • Robert
    The lack of offline functionality is the reason I continue to use GoTasks iPhone app with a sync to Google Tasks instead of Asana. I will consider using Asana again when offline mobile functionality exists.
  • James Carl
    Good progress but Sort By Project is missing in the views. This is critically different than web version and very much needed.
  • Chris R
    Still no offline. All these long plane rides that are perfect to get work and planning done and after 4 years there is no native solution. I can’t speculate on how difficult of an engineering challenge this is, but clearly something is amiss when users have been begging for years (and not counting all the non-users who don’t even try it because of this). Heck, I’d pay for it as a purchase if you need to hire new people to get it done, just get it done already. Or at least EXPLAIN why you’ve intentionally decided to omit this feature and we can all get on with our lives.
  • James Carl
    Hill88 has a unified my task list for yourself and all team members for teams you are a member of. Very nice app but still hoping that Asana will put this in both their online version and mobile along with my previous comment about including a Sort By Project in Saved Favorites. In the end the native Asana app has some advantages and disadvantages and HIll88 the same. The perfect app would be one has the advantages of both
  • Hemantha
    Well done
  • Pingback: 5 Tools I Use to Stay Productive | I Tech, Therefore I Am()

  • Jon Weirman
    Asana has most definitely always been a great starting point for keeping offices connected and having remote workers organize tasks! With an Android App it should really stay high on the list of what users want, and keep them productive and dilligent. We have used the app as well!. Here’s one article we wrote about productivity apps for the Ipad:


    Jon Weirman, head blogger A and M Entertainment

  • Vincent
    Hope the Android version will be available soon.
    I would like to use asana on mobile device but the actual version for android is to slow and hard to use… I only use asana online with Chrome.

    Thanks for your work by the way !

  • Pingback: Asana: upgraded for iOS 8, built for teamwork - The Asana Blog()

  • Amnon
    I needed offline support now! so I did my research and found there is such a think, but it currently depends on external apps!

    So while we wait for native offline support (which is on the roadmap). we can use the following solutions:

    1. The nice myasana android app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pro.pronobis.myasana_final).
    2. The free but limited tapasana app (both Android and iOs)
    3. The beautiful iOS hill88 app (http://hill88app.com/)

    I am not endrosed with any of those companies

  • ChikaraMike
    Really like the layout of webapp. Would definitely pay premium to have offline access in a native mac app.
  • Ambert Rodriguez
    Is there any word on a new Web App UI?
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  • http://www.mobilepundits.com/ mobile pundits
    Great job guys.
  • http://www.cdnappcenter.com/ CDN Mobile App Store
    Thanks a lot for these nice updates. Asana mobile app is becoming more interesting day by day.
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  • Pingback: The Top 100 Design News Links in 2014 | Singapore Web Design()

  • http://www.thesagenext.com/cloud/quickbooks-hosting.html bob thomas
    Its nice post. thanks
  • Clayton
    Is it going to be possible to work with sub-tasks on the android app anytime soon? You can work with them if they are there, but you can’t create them from scratch.
  • http://flowtoys.com Sean von Stade
    really guys, get things working offline already! your users are feeling neglected!
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  • Andy
    As with the many others, the lack of offline access to my tasks is a complete deal breaker. I will use an inferior product as long as I can be productive during business travel or at sites that are too remote.
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  • kra8t
    I’ve been waiting for the offline option for years. I can’t wait any longuer, i’ll start using a new apps, Adios asana !
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