Asana Workdance

Shortly after Avi moved from Israel to California to join Asana, we discovered we share an intensity for music. Every few days we would cloister ourselves in a meeting room with our laptops to share our favorite tracks on the office speakers, and dance around in our chairs while we coded and answered email. We dubbed this practice workdance. And it was fun.

Unfortunately, this meant that we had to be in a separate room from our coworkers to avoid disturbing them. As this became a daily occurrence, we started looking for ways to make our marvelous musical journeys even more magical — and share them with other asanas who craved the beatz, without distracting those who wanted quiet. So we set up a room on the wonderful Web app Mixapp, which lets groups of people listen to the same music simultaneously. Then we elevated our sit-stand desks (which we have at Asana for ergonomics), and…. victory!!

Now anyone in Asana (and our many friends in other companies — some on the East Coast) can experience our musical escapades at the comfort of their own desks without distracting those around them.

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