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Meet Yev: helping customers succeed with Asana

We hear from a lot of users and candidates that they want to know more about the day-to-day lives of Asanas: what a typical workday looks like, what drives us…what we eat for lunch. We sat down with a few individuals from different teams to give you a more intimate look at the personalities who make Asana what it is: a collective of peers. We’re excited to get to know you and for you to get to know us.

Yev1Yev is widely considered to be one of the most stylish people in the office (we didn’t tell her this). Her thoughts on style: “It’s true, I do think about what I wear. Sometimes I’m very casual, but I figure, we’re in San Francisco, so we should dress to impress. Also, I walk to work, so I’ve gotta strut my stuff!”

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to Yevgeniya Goykhman, or “Yev,” as we know her in the office. Originally from Uzbekistan and part of our team of five Customer Success Managers (CSM), Yev is known for many things, among them: her elaborately printed outfits, devotion to her adorable mutt Rocco, and friendship with fellow CSM Shannon. Not only is she a smiling face and presence in our office, Yev shares her joie de vivre while visiting our customers’ offices, too.

As a CSM, Yev works with larger teams using Asana (100+ users), setting them up for success with on-site presentations, trainings, and support. Our CS team is crucial to the success of our product as it ensures customers have a smooth onboarding and user experience in Asana. Read on to learn about how Yev came to join Asana, what a typical day looks like in her role, and how Asana has changed her workstyle, as well as her lifestyle.

A day in the life of a CSM at Asana

yev6Yev lives a few blocks from Asana’s offices, so she walks to work each day for breakfast after working out and walking her dog, Rocco.

You get up pretty early each morning to work out and walk your dog before breakfast. What’s it like being a morning person working at a startup?

The office is pretty quiet earlier on in the day, so I’m able to get a lot done in the morning. It’s a time for…

Thankshacking 2014

Thankshacking is our most beloved tradition and one we collectively count down to the way we do actual Thanksgiving and the winter holidays. We’re pretty sure the event gets better and better every year. For Thankshacking…